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  1. Is it currently 1,000 vertical feet? Are they going to add 750 to 1,000 vertical feet to the mountain? If they are going to offer under 1,750 vertical feet I still do not see the point of the whole project, especially with the expenses they're saying its going to take. Any details on that stuff that we can see?
  2. I asked for more details... crickets so far. Seriously, most forum issues take minutes or hours to fix, not days/a week!
  3. Wait... they're possibly going through all this trouble and want to build a "WORLD CLASS RESORT" for a mountain that offers 1,000 vertical feet for skiing/riding? If true... my follow-up question would be - WHY??
  4. I mowed my lawn Sunday... at least now the grass isn't too long, but it definitely highlighted that I didn't rake before winter and now I really need to rake. *sigh* Yard Work...
  5. Their Facebook says yesterday (May 6th) was closing day for this season... so I don't think they'll be extending to another weekend.
  6. Lately it seems like it hasn't been working more than it has been working.
  7. Website appears to be working and it looks like $39.
  8. I'm trying to decide if Saturday or Sunday will be better. Rain Thursday-Friday and then a high of 63 on Saturday and 58 on Sunday. Not sure how much of a difference there will be between the days since there won't be any real re-freeze I don't think.
  9. Well, that's a bummer. Sounds like we'll be doing Killington Saturday or Sunday for our last MAX day. I don't see a trip to Sugarloaf or Jay in the cards at this point.
  10. How about for us snowboarders? My wife and I both have boot fitment issues.
  11. Unfortunately we have a family birthday party to attend, so we cannot make it on Saturday 4/21 which is a bummer. Sunday 4/22 I think we might go to Killington. This is dependent on if my new BOA stuff comes in by Saturday though because my boot decided to eat another lower BOA lace. Annoying.
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