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  1. I did read somewhere that they have a wait list for passes, in case they decide conditions are ok to add capacity. Nothing to lose by reaching out and asking about the possibility of "upgrading." I know they are usually spinning the lifts by Black Friday. Any idea what the earliest is that they've opened?
  2. Just to add to the Wawa passes-sold-out saga..... someone online is offering $500 for a pass. I wrote them and they'll even pay that much for a Bronze. So, any GPS groups that have a bronze earned that they are planning on selling anyways?
  3. It might come back to bite them in the butt if they don't open up more passes (assuming there won't be capacity limits again this year.) How many parents will sign their kids up for the dev team if they have to buy tickets at the window each week? I think the limited passes last year is part of the reason their numbers were so low for the women's clinic. I'm assuming the bronze pass won't work for your kid(s)? That would give you after 4 and any weekday you wish to play hooky with them. Pair that with an Indy pass for weekend adventures.
  4. Posted on FB this afternoon, opening day is tomorrow.
  5. Oddly enough adult Bronze and adult Gold are still showing as available with GPS. Possibly an oversight, but as long as it is on the site...
  6. I just took a look, and it looks like Bronze and Weekender are still available as well as the Gold, for both regular and GPS. The Bronze youth pass is sold out, but if needed you could just buy an adult Bronze for a little more. All the same, I'm glad I didn't procrastinate this year. Normally I wait until close to the ski show to buy, or through a home school program. But with no ski show, and no guarantee of school groups, I went with the safe bet and got the early bird pricing. Definitely buy now if you are considering Wachusett this season. The Silver sold out since just this morning. Also, they are offering full credit or deferral until opening day.
  7. Will most likely wait until the ski expo for my pass. Still debating between Bronze and Silver. What skis you get?
  8. Umm, so this was released on Monday? Assuming it would be called the same in Quebec as in France --Poisson d'Avril
  9. Next up-- terrain park features. https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/d/terrain-park-features-for-sale/6769275012.html
  10. If you haven't found any yet, just saw a posting on CL near Sudbury. 67cm skis, recent. They are girly, not sure if that matters. https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/spo/d/youth-skis-ski-boots-helmets/6760541957.html
  11. Any guesses/ previous experience with how busy it will be on Black Friday for skiing?
  12. I noticed some discrepancies between the trail map and the trail descriptions yesterday, so asked Wawa about it. (They have Piece of Cake as a green, and a new green run listed.) They replied that they are still fine tuning the new website. The park will be on Frannie's Folly and Hitchcock this year, with Piece of Cake being a regular blue run. The newly named run, Shenanigans, follows the lift line under the Vickery Triple and is also blue.
  13. And the Senior and Junior pass prices stay the same all season, they didn't go up when the rest did. The GPS price for both is $10 less than regular pricing.
  14. I'm debating renewing mine through the home school group my daughter skied with last year or through your group. Are you close to any incentive levels where my joining through your GPS would help?
  15. As long as you are close to the store, it is worth going in for a look. I find that they have slightly different things in store than online (perhaps the items that they have less of?). Just got some Burton mitts in the Newton store that aren't online. They had a good sized stock of both goggles and helmets there too this week. It's good to look online first if you have a coupon code, but just because you don't see stuff online doesn't mean they don't have some in store.
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