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  1. Umm, so this was released on Monday? Assuming it would be called the same in Quebec as in France --Poisson d'Avril
  2. Next up-- terrain park features. https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/d/terrain-park-features-for-sale/6769275012.html
  3. If you haven't found any yet, just saw a posting on CL near Sudbury. 67cm skis, recent. They are girly, not sure if that matters. https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/spo/d/youth-skis-ski-boots-helmets/6760541957.html
  4. Any guesses/ previous experience with how busy it will be on Black Friday for skiing?
  5. I noticed some discrepancies between the trail map and the trail descriptions yesterday, so asked Wawa about it. (They have Piece of Cake as a green, and a new green run listed.) They replied that they are still fine tuning the new website. The park will be on Frannie's Folly and Hitchcock this year, with Piece of Cake being a regular blue run. The newly named run, Shenanigans, follows the lift line under the Vickery Triple and is also blue.
  6. And the Senior and Junior pass prices stay the same all season, they didn't go up when the rest did. The GPS price for both is $10 less than regular pricing.
  7. I'm debating renewing mine through the home school group my daughter skied with last year or through your group. Are you close to any incentive levels where my joining through your GPS would help?
  8. As long as you are close to the store, it is worth going in for a look. I find that they have slightly different things in store than online (perhaps the items that they have less of?). Just got some Burton mitts in the Newton store that aren't online. They had a good sized stock of both goggles and helmets there too this week. It's good to look online first if you have a coupon code, but just because you don't see stuff online doesn't mean they don't have some in store.
  9. When you say affordable, what kind of budget are you looking at? My basement currently has a Rossi Experience 80, 176cm, I think '15 model. (There's also an Armada THall, 171cm, but it doesn't sound like he's looking for a park ski.)
  10. Got that email too. So they are shooting to open on Black Friday? Looks like it is time to open another "permanent" tab on my computer with the Wachusett 10 day forecast to keep an eye on things.
  11. And it doesn't look like they plan on downhill again any time soon- just saw this posting on CL https://nh.craigslist.org/for/d/snowmaking-utility-pump-motor/6734789152.html
  12. Poke, poke. Guess who wants to win some new skis ?
  13. The regular Gold, Silver, and Bronze pass prices go up after tomorrow, but the GPS price doesn't go up until Nov. 14. Also, previous years you could get the lower price still at the Ski Show. From what I can tell on the Wawa site the Senior and Junior pass prices don't go up. Still, always good to be aware of the deadlines.
  14. What skis are the hand me downs? Is it a kind of neutral back ground, or...? I had actually considered doing this myself several years back for my kid, but lucked out when said kid decided they liked what was on the skis. There are actually a decent number of youtube videos out there on painting skis or boards. But keeping in mind the artistic and quality control standards of your average 3 year old, you might be able to get away with just a huge pile of stickers and maybe a sharpie or paint marker or two, without bothering with spray paint. Tape off the edges, and let her have at it herself with a paint marker You know that look of pride a kid has when they hand you a macaroni necklace or picture frame? The "look, I did it myself, and it is beautiful" look? Personally I have had good luck with the stickers that are printed on see through plastic, they hold up pretty well to the snow and ice. I get mine at 5 Below.

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