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  1. Very nice. At least @ABV didn't drop the beer. Was the glove recovered?
  2. I don't ski or bike with helmet tunes playing. Other than those 2 activities, music is *always* playing. Just ask my family.
  3. I currently have 98's and 88's underfoot, but there is more to it than just width. Length, rocker style, camber, stiffness all contribute. Try before you buy. Looking back at that last sentence, it looks oddly like one of those "that's what she/he said" comebacks. No harm intended.
  4. The Zoomer Bar and Grill would need to relocate and be renamed. New hats, new coozies and new beer mugs!
  5. Hank! Loves people, hates many dogz.
  6. Big Sky is looking good, Alyeska too. Just sayin.
  7. I thought that was happening. It may be a time consuming ride to get from one to the other, so might want to get a handle on that before you commit.
  8. I can do a demo day at Cannon sometime, Zoomer bar style, since I'm not using my carvers http://sandwichtechskis.com/skis/root-88-all-mountain-carving-skis.htm From what I remember, they are pretty sweet. Built by a Cannon skier.
  9. No XC or MTB yet. I need another surgeon follow up on Feb 12 before I try any of that. Looking forward to doing any of that. We are planning a trip to Oregon for late Feb, so far I am signed up for a snow cat trip. What fun.
  10. Nice run. Did you see his crash a week or so ago? Ouch!
  11. High West distillery, if you like whiskeys. Food, is good too. Egyptian Theater for music, depending on when you are there and who is playing. Can't say much about the best skiing, because when we went it hadn't snowed there for a few weeks and the temps were quite warm. Kind of like skiing the east. I liked the Canyons better than PC, and I think there is a way to get from PC to the Canyons. Ninetynine 90 for advanced.
  12. The knee is awesome, new (cadaver) ACL and repaired MCL in a few places. PT beats skiing any day
  13. http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/140137-AlpineZone-Summit-9-0

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