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  1. 2/10 for me. Went every weekend to Wildcat but I didn't realize how spoiled I have become without lift lines. Between Epic pass people and only 1 or 2 people on the lift, lines were absurd and cut into time on the hill.
  2. I will put $150 toward the effort. Are payments monthly or pay for year at once?
  3. How much are we talking about needing for fundraising each year? I am up for straight up contributing toward that. Mostly I lurk because I can't think of something better to say. I am not sure how to get more engagement here, but I think Weatherman (and everyone else involved) with planning last year's Wildcat Lot C cookout was on the right path. What I mean is, coming to a message board should enhance the activity. Fishers go to message boards to exchange tips. Same with car forums. That doesn't really exist with skiing, mountain biking, etc. You need to be there and see if to really he
  4. @JimKCool stuff, Jim. The sunglasses on the right are epic. Strong shades and goggles all around. Some friends of mine make a picture book for each ski season with this: https://www.apple.com/macos/print-products/ You should consider making one with your old photos.
  5. The forum probably doesn't render bmp images. I converted to jpg for you. Cool Kneissl skis in the pic. I still ski on circa 1997 Kneissl M1 skis from time to time. Not as old as yours. I miss skis from that era.
  6. Director of Engineering for an aerospace startup. It's a blast working there, but when the weekends come I like to put the numbers away as much as possible.
  7. Skiing is a break from data for me so I go totally qualitative. A great season to me is one that: 1. Goes deep into April (or later!) with quality ungroomed and tree runs at Wildcat 2. Ungroomed and trees are skiing well early in the season (mid January is the goal) 3: Low to no weekends ruined because of rain 4. Minimal waiting for beer in pub after skiing
  8. Baby powder won't solve the smell issue. Forgot to mention that it will create a different smell issue (I don't care for baby powder smell). Baby powder is just for lubricating your foot so it can slide into the liner and also protects during the day against blisters. If your socks are basically panty hose then barefoot probably won't solve your issue. If you have "thin" socks, then it may because it did for me.
  9. Try pulling the liners out and giving them a good scrub on the inside with soap and a little water. You need to kill the bacteria in there. Also consider skiing with no socks. It sounds like your feet are sweating in the boots. No socks will help. I ski with no socks and put some baby powder in the liner before sliding my foot inside. My feet are warmer now because I don't sweat and the sweat doesn't cool down during breaks/lift rides.
  10. @CannonballerI am new to fat biking. What tire pressure would you have on a trail like the pictures above?
  11. I'm impressed you have already been out 18 times.
  12. Sounds like general consensus is: Pros: Tailgating Cons: Boot up at your car. Has anyone been to Wildcat? In all prior years the concrete ramp at Wildcat from parking lot to base area has been treacherous with shoes on never mind ski boots.
  13. Seeing this list really proves how bad the opening effort is at many mountains. Right now I feel duped buying an Epic Northeast Pass with the goal of skiing Wildcat.
  14. I am curious what mountain lodge and parking is like at everyone's mountain. Cannon has an OK description of what is allowed but Wildcat's website seems to be empty of information. A boots on the ground description for any mountain of what things are like would be helpful. On the lodge side, what is lodge access like? Can you boot up inside? Take a warm up break inside? Buy beer and drink it inside? Inside bathrooms or not? On the parking lot side, does someone scan you to get into the parking lot? Tailgating ok? Cooking with propane/other ok?
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