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  1. No Boundaries offers some of the best weekend lift ticket deals in New England to their members. There is currently a campaign to gain 5,000 additional members (already at 4,200+). If they get to 5,000 by Oct 1, there will be a FREE day of skiing at a resort in Vermont this February for everyone. Click the link below to sign up and become a member (it's free and easy!): https://www.skinoboundaries.com/ski-for-free
  2. Do you have a link to that thread? I couldn't find it.....very curious to see what happened.
  3. Might still be too far out to know for sure. Right now it looks like sun and temps around 20, but there is some precipitation coming later in the week too. Looks like theres a good chance for some snow showers on Friday, but it could be preceded by rain on Thursday. Still TBD.
  4. Great deal at Cannon this Saturday: https://www.skinoboundaries.com/single-post/2018/02/02/Cannon-on-Saturday-Feb-17th-for-55
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