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  1. icon again 19/20 season. Worked well for me this season I read in discussion elsewhere where mentioned no more Costco discount. IIRC the discount was applied to already increased price and present to hundred dollar discount price was going back to our original early April price so it was no any additional discount.
  2. follow-up after e-mailing back and forth on complaint... Southwest will pay for damages enough to buy new sportube when time is come
  3. DIY is very simple and VERY effective. Take no more than couple minutes to dry boots or gloves. Take about 5 min. to dry soaking wet gloves. I am using a regular hairdryer with on and off switch for heat. 90° elbow inside the boots gloves dryer laying in front with half inch pipe to create circulation and 90° elbow so hot-air don't get to hairdryer to overheat it
  4. most of this article, is different form off marketing. and should be considered as such the only part is relevant to understanding skis and their performance… Subject I've been talking/explaining about for years "But now, we realize, it’s not purely about surface area. Now it’s about having the right rocker lines, the right taper ratios, the right construction—all of that has more effect on how a ski handles powder than anything else" Only now 🤣🤣
  5. my favorite custom skis .... Love the story how those skis got designed🤣
  6. I also didn't..... first time. But twice in a row. The only way imo to make airlines to change procedure or teach personnel properly handle this kind of luggage is to get their attention to the problem by make the claim every time. If they end up paying for the damage EVERY TIME. Eventually there will make some adjustments what's the point off Southwest convenience and 2 suitcases policy if I have to buy new box every time I'm flying with Southwest
  7. Did you make the claim? if you did what was the results? my experience only 2 for 2 flying into Providence. Find out hasn't been the problem. Damage was done only on return flights. One several years ago with connecting flight several Chicana and one this week connecting flight through Orlando.
  8. in the past several years. I went out West mostly from Boston and only twice fly Southwest from Providence. Each time my plastic case for skis busted. Not to mention my skis didn't coming back to Providence with me on the return flight .First, box they simply punched huge hole in front. Second, box have huge cut ... Not totally busted but need to figure out how to repair never had problems with others
  9. Yep ....missed him.we stayed at South peak. Left around one o'clock. Skiing was great. Snow was little on the heavy side lol but MR102 was build for this kind of conditions led for
  10. Will be with a friend on MR 102 and MR110 ... Will be hard to miss
  11. I will be at Loon tomorrow to. Hope for good conditions
  12. going to loon tomorrow on ICON New England stop
  13. thank you for reply. I went through purchasing to check out and couldn't find the place to put code in
  14. do you know this is for digital card and/or actual card from non smart phone users?
  15. I'm going with ICON pass and most likely not going to get Wachusett pass this year at all
  16. nothing more to say new MR95 and MR 107 finished and almost ready for snow.
  17. I'm glad decided to get on ICON. I synchronized the past with my friend to do Western trips together and maybe some New England. But at 30 days already paid Wachusett pass not longer needed. I wouldn't be surprised if they separate Alta and Snowbird next
  18. time to unveil new design for 18/19 season MR107. New MR107 which incorporated best from almost 10 years experience of designing and building custom skis. Features like 4.5 points sidecut for best performance in various conditions. Unique tip shape and profile so skis never get pushed around and always staying on top. very special tail shape and profile to help to maintain upright position in powder and effortless turning all day long into last chair

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