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  1. I'm there tomorrow but I honestly think the natural stuff is gonna be pretty dicey if even open
  2. They are blasting the front 5 and the temps are making for quality product. I came back to cannon last year after being gone for quite a few years and damn they get serious about laying it down these days. I think I'd rather ski a heavy dusting here tomorrow vs skiing down south.
  3. Crotched maybe tomorrow for a few laps and give Cannon another days to rebound. Plus the wind looks to crank. They sure do blow aggressive these days
  4. I've gotta imagine its a bit firm today lol. I'll give them to Wednesday to recover a bit.
  5. I'm in. Are we seriously talking december 5th opening? Maybe a midweek soft opening?
  6. I realize its totally needed but I had some good times skiing cheetah as a natural trail last winter.
  7. I bought it as the gimmicky can caught my eye. It tasted terrific but I was coming off a super long bike ride so I guess anything would have tasted good. I'll need to get more for a proper assessment.
  8. Tim was selling one for like 400 bucks that would suit you I think
  9. I got pretty fat over the winter drinking beer and riding chairs. I'm down 18 pounds since leaving New England..Would like to drop another 20 or so before ski season starts. My plan so far has been lots of mtb riding, less pizza and carby food, WAYYY less alcohol consumption (maybe a sixer a week at this point?), and a touch of poverty thrown in to keep me from overindulging in any one thing. I've got a mostly empty apartment out here and I really don't feel like furnishing my living room so I'm doing exercise ball/bodyweight fitness in my empty living room in the morning. Hurts like hell right now but I'm thinking it will get better. As the snow melts in the coming weeks I wont need to drive anymore to ride mtb and hike which will make things easier. I've done a couple skins but the snow is getting suncuppy.
  10. This is a fantastic idea and while maybe the season is short I think its a great way to utilize the forest and attract people to those forest and surrounding towns!
  11. Please let this come true! Way too good of a hill to sit vacant! I'm super bummed I didn't get the chance to get up there this past season
  12. I should probably post in this thread. I've had two pairs made for me. Both pairs I've beat the ever living shit out of but I suppose that could be said for any ski I owned. The first pair...the 110 there was some binding issues but we got that cleared up. I skied them just a couple weeks ago at abasin and was reminded how great of a western ski they are. Im pretty sure I've surpassed 100 days on these skis. I plan on skiing them lots more. The second pair are newer...mr95 and they were my daily driver at the cat this winter. These turned out to be a quite versatile ski for me....also they like to go fast and hold up during speed yet don't completely suck in bumps. I suspect ill get a couple more years out of these skis anyhow. Ill be honest I don't know jack shit about the technical stuff and various woods ect. ...I just told the man what I wanted and he made them. Im not some sort of super read skier but for my size I go pretty hard and like to think if anyone is gonna bust skis its going to be me...I've busted Rossi's and k2s and volants in the past. Basically what Im saying is mishka in my opinion makes really good quality stuff that holds up over time. Ill be ordering a pair next year most likely as I need to abuse these some more.
  13. Craigslist is a good start. Worry about fit more than anything. You will also want at least front suspension. Full if you really want to tackle hard chunky trails. Learn about components as this is a good thing to look for when purchasing used. If you buy new with say 1500 you will have to skimp on components and eventually it will cost bigtime. I say shimano deore or better. Tektro brakes and suntour front shock are a good sign of a lower end bike if buying used. I wish I was in the same shape during ski season as mtb season! Its hard at first but your body gets stronger fast. Padded shorts are a must imo. ...and that anti chafing cream really helps on my first couple long rides of the year. I just got done with a big ol interstate mtb session and this morning chose to ride still vs skiing (its still good at squaw and I could skin from my door). Its not so much that I like mtb more than skiing its just come April Im ready to ride bikes. Just like come December Im ready to ski. They complement each other so perfectly!
  14. The food at the bar is pretty good...overall I like the bar there a lot. They do need to fix up the lights. Little tip I learned this year. If you have mtb headlights for riding bikes at night they work remarkably well for skiing at night too
  15. Ski clubs make great sense as an escape from our ever-growing antisocial society. Also younger folks aren't buying a whole lot of second homes or camps so with the right marketing I could see a resurgence to be honest.
  16. I don't think I'm done but I'm with Cannonball in that I really like summer into mid October as the variety of stuff to do is awesome.
  17. ^^^^You should really think hard about what you want. I've had great results with these skis and quite a few days on them. I personally would suggest something a bit flexier than my current setup as you're a bump skier and shorter for those tight tight Wildcat trees. I'm pretty sure its a bonus to mishka if you know the binding you want to place on the ski ahead of time as this would have helped with my first pair . I plan on getting a another full season out of both of those models and likely reup next year.
  18. Just leave that upper section of the corner deck for the weed smokers!
  19. I went to Tricia and Phil from Pugski's wedding several years back. It was mid mountain during a raging snowstorm. That afternoon after the ceremony was quite memorable. I met a lot of epicski people that day and come to find out some of those folks are quite good skiers. I've worked quite a few weddings at resorts and overall it seems like a wayyyy cooler wedding than at the typical club or banquet hall.
  20. I unfortunately will not be able to attend Saturdays closing. Going by what I saw last week and factoring the wet we had this week I imagine its going to be pretty dicey. With the exception of Catatpult the top was a mess. Down low the snow was more consistent and deeper. It would almost make sense to spin Tomcat vs the quad but I'm sure they pushed things around to make it work for one day.
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