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  1. Below is the response I received via email regarding the bathrooms: "We have had and will have the lodge bathrooms accessible this season. The entry will be a one-out-one-in situation, and the access will be through a side door only." I hope the mask enforcement gets sorted out.
  2. Thanks for the link! They are for my daughter so these will be great. Been having a hard time finding a 70cm ski, appreciate the help.
  3. Looking to buy a 70 cm ski in good condition for my 3 year old. Within a reasonable driving distance from Wachusett Mountain preferred. Thanks!
  4. MassNerd- I only have 2 people in a group I started. Received an e-mail that the group may not qualify for the discounted rate. Mind if I hop on to your group? Would be a +2.
  5. Jacket has been ordered on STP. I didn't see any ski gloves on their website. Do they pop up seasonally, or do I need to source them from elsewhere? I'm assuming there are similar benefits for ski specific gloves too. I've been buying general winter gloves from REI/LL Bean/Lands End, but will consider ski specific gloves now. My son is signed up for the Wachusett Dev Team, so he'll be skiing every weekend. Opinions on good ski gloves? I know mittens are warmer, but don't think my son will like them. Looking at Hestra and Swany, but it's $$$! Is there a Free The Powder equivale
  6. Thanks for the hot tip on STP! There's a store in Framingham not far from me, so should make returns easy too. Infinite Dreams, would appreciate if you DM a coupon. Thanks!
  7. Good points, thanks. Can I expect similar/better/worse warmth in the ski jackets vs LL Bean? Wasn't able to go to the Wachusett ski swap, so missed out on used jackets. Will have to buy them retail.
  8. I'm curious to know what the advantages are for a Spyder ski jacket vs a warm winter jacket from LL Bean? I've steered away from the more expensive Spyder/Kombi, etc brands. I've been using LL Bean/Lands End jackets for my kids. Most important feature for me is warmth. Am I missing out on Spyders or ski specific jackets? Thanks.
  9. Any weekend skiers with young kids? My son is 5 years old and we spend 80% of our time on the Minuteman lift. I think he would enjoy skiing with other kids. Will be there this weekend. Early release for school today due to the storm, too bad I only have the Weekender pass! Enjoy the fresh powder!
  10. Excellent point. He's a bit of both, he would love cutting lines, as the wait on the Minuteman lift is long on weekends, and would enjoy socializing. But he's also very attentive and would get a lot out of private instruction. At age 5, maybe he would get more out of socializing with other kids and having fun. Unfortunately, none of his friends ski, or are just learning for the first time this year at another mountain.
  11. My son is looking forward to Dev, he'll be 6 next year and old enough to sign up. Thanks for the feedback, I've heard great things about Dev.
  12. We ski there on the weekends, so looking for Saturday or Sunday lessons. Also trying to decide if he would get the most out of a 1 hour private lesson, or a full day group lesson.
  13. Hi Folks, first time poster. I'm interested in signing up my 5 year old for group lessons (Polar Kids?) or a private lesson at Wachusett. This is his 3rd season skiing and he's comfortable skiing the blue trails. The lessons aren't cheap, so I'd like to make the most of the lesson and find a seasoned instructor who is experienced in working with younger kids. There aren't any bio's posted, and it seems like they assign you to whomever is available on that day? Any suggestions on how to go about being matched with a seasoned and/or certified instructor, or specific instructors would be app
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