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  1. Maybe it was 15" where you post the stake. Probably another few inches to fall before it's over. Tenney is in the zone for maximum snowfall out of this recent storm. You can debate over inches but it's reasonable to assume they got a nice hit, considering what we've seen out accumulate in SoVT and the VT Spine. Agree the prices are steep and probably pricing themselves out of the market. I would like to learn more about their terrain before I make a final judgement.
  2. Never skied it but looks like decently steep and rugged terrain. Might have Magic-esque potential but to see that take fruition is another thing. Don't plan on paying $75 to ski anywhere so if they want to attract new customers they may want to start offering some values for ski club and card users.
  3. Saint Vitus Dance in one knee, that's a 6" storm. Both knees and it's over a foot. Don't mistake banter for serious predictions.
  4. Don't want to say "I saw this" 100%. It's been flipping on long range for a week or so. Recent record arctic sea ice and regional surface albedo (ground snow) are providing that extra push of cold air for now. We could see at least several days ago that the anticipated rain event prior was mostly a dud and the pressure drop timing seemed better aligned for the secondary rain/snow (now mainly snow) system. Could be a seasonal warm up Early/mid December but I expect a snowy season and more extreme cold than thaw.
  5. Early forecasts did not take surface albedo into account. Saw this coming and now high res / short term models agree. Where and when to go remains a question. Many resorts are still in early operations mode.
  6. Smugglers opening with close to 100% on Friday MRG all single chair terrain expected open
  7. The Light would not be posted as a blue square if it was accurate. Those are MTB trails
  8. 1 minute after I post this an email arrives saying they have all been mailed out in the last couple days.
  9. different thing but Ride and Ski card is great too Did anyone get Ski Vermont passes in the mail yet ? Still waiting
  10. Ride and Ski Card was the gem of the show. This year Mount Snow and Berkshire East were added with 50% off midweek. Next year I may just rely on this card exclusively. I work Saturday and most Sunday anyway so Ride and Ski delivers with the big mid week discounts
  11. Killington on Friday. Mini-terrain mini-powder day hopefully. Would prefer Mount Snow based on terrain options but no midweek skiing until after Thanksgiving. So probably Mount Snow on Friday after Thanksgiving.
  12. sometimes you just get lucky. Paid for 1, got 2 in the envelope. Bought before Gore and Smugglers Notch added on. double bonus
  13. Conti DWS 06 all seasons but best rated all seasons in snow , ice , slush I switch between summer tires and aggressive all seasons in the winter on subarus. Other more SUV type vehicles with 4WD and locking differential I use the same tire all year. In a Subaru its not a matter of getting stuck but more about increasing your traction radius as much as reasonably possible.
  14. picked up 2 for $150 total this year don't ask how. looking forward to some new destinations

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