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  1. Was thinking of adding an Indy with Cannon an easy day trip from home and Pats an even easier afternoon/night run. Abram was the clincher for me as we own at Sunday River, but they just pulled out. SO the closest to the condo on it is now Black NH. Might just save those short $ for day tixs to Abram/Black ME/Saddleback for condo diversion days.
  2. I don't really see SR restricting flow from one side to the next. Even Killington, other than maybe Pico making it K or Pico for the day, I don't really see a need to restrict sides. Perhaps the Skyeship base might be a bit restricted due to likely riding restrictions in Gondi cabins and that is all they have down on the Route 4 base area. Sugarbush is interesting as they could not run Slidebrook or the buses and thereby keep folks at Lincoln or Mt. Ellen. The Castlerock question is interesting, but then the question of what MRG will do with the single is similar. Maybe they will institut
  3. Well, they are not totally independant now. Sunday River and Sugarloaf are still fully tied together, only Loon has been split off from the fall seasonal products. I believe this move fully has to do with Loon's vastly more limited Carrying Capacity, especially with the loading restrictions likely in play on the Gondola this winter. Both SR and SL have stated they will not be using a reservation system or other limitations on passholders beyond the normal restrictions of the various pass types. SR has also noted they do not plan on restriction Ikon guests beyond the restrictions of the dif
  4. Given The Cat and Attitash will be split, will that mean Vail will not close the Cat as often on poor weather days this season? Or just tell guests they are SOL and still close it on those days with no Attitash bailout option.
  5. It was back when they started that guarantee. Now that they are splitting Loon away from SR/SL for the next round of pass products, guess they had to do something for the Loon only folks who buy those after Labor Day. SR & SL dropped the Maine Passes today, Gold/Silver/Bronze levels that match the benefits of those levels of the NEP EXCEPT NO LOON Access. And they are pricey at 1399/899/649 for the three levels. There are Maine Pass 4 days available, both unrestricted and restricted at 349/279 and the nice thing on those is they are good during 20/21 as well as 21/22. Probably the bet
  6. So which part of my post makes you think I think they will fill chairs? 3 seats filled on a 6 is no a full chair, but a managable load IMHO. Two on the outside and one in the center, with a breeze, plenty of spacing. Similar on a quad, two on the outside plenty of space. Bubbles shouldn't be an issue at resorts with those either, just leave that up and open.
  7. Open air 6 packs don't concern me, if its 2 to a quad, it should be 3 to a six for spacing. The Gondi is another issue, but Stratton has large boxes at least, unlike anywhere else on the East Coast, so something should be managable there. And at least they upgraded Snowbowl to a Detach Quad, that may help alieviate Gondi issues for them.
  8. Win has now retired. He did great things at SB, keeping its unique character and vibe intact (or even rebuilt after the ASC years). However, not sure how much of his thoughts will carry forward now for this season. Time will tell how Alterra plays things.
  9. No, was suppose to say Native American, damn auto correct.
  10. Yeah, I don't think from an actual source, just K zone speculation. Kind of makes sense, not open 7 days a week as is, so if they are budget right, would be an obvious place to save on. But Mike has stated no plans for such as of now anyway. Might be needed as a reliever for social distancing needs anyway.
  11. Yeah, everyone goes inside air conditioned bars/clubs and spreads it rapidly. Don't think the heat itself does anything much.
  12. Problems down under for Vail due to virus surges. Hope we aren't tied up the same! https://www.mthotham.com.au/discover/connect-with-us/latest-news/covid-19-update
  13. Well, warriors is the leading new name. The team has stated they would keep their colors but the Indian image would be gone. Not sure what the new logo would look like, don't think they have indicated anything. Even if you change the name to "Washington Powder Puffs" and change the colors to pink, long time fans will likely still show up in classic team gear/dress. Go-to a Carolina Hurricanes game, guarantee you will still see green Hartford Whalers sweaters amongst the crowd. Traditions die hard. If Washington is to scrub fans from dressing in now non-appropriate gear, they will have to
  14. That is NOT a boneyard! That is the former components of the Sunbowl FGQ which are being stored and we're suppose.to be flipped to replace the North Peak Triple. Guess time will tell if Vail ever does that now.
  15. Read an editorial piece in USA today that wasn't even accepting of them changing the Skins to the Warriors. Main objection? White fans still might/would show up dressed in. Active American attire. Where will this all end? This country is on the verge of becoming quite boring and monochrome.
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