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  1. First North American resort to get an MND detach and it's a big one. Guess they need to compete with Loon's coming Kanc8! https://liftblog.com/2021/04/19/mnd-ropeways-to-build-first-us-detachable-at-waterville-valley/
  2. Definitely have had some warm days at Millington in May/June but I think my warmest day was probably my Birthday (March 22) back the year we had the big meltdown. Skied Sunday River that day, remember heading out first thing in a T-Shirt and already too warm. Literal rivers between the bumps on White Heat that day, you could literally watch the meltdown all day. 2019 we did Squaw and Mammoth end of June and into July 3rd. That summer ski stint actually wasn't too warm, nice with temps probably 50's/low 60's max on hill. We left early morning July 4th from Mammoth to head home, had to
  3. It's odd no mention of the two 6 packs put on hold out at Mammoth last year or the new stuff up at Tremblant. Vail basically went forward with all of their postponed plans from last season. Sugar USB is too early for Alterra to go all in. I would expect them to take there time there, Snowmaking could use a boost to pump capacity but like anything in VT, you have to navigate Act250. Alpine-Olympic (god forbid we call it Squaw for much longer) Gondola is cool, sure the drive CAN be faster when both roads are clear of snow and/or traffic. But it is the Sierra, getting vehicles off th
  4. I'd probably go 5/10, mostly because 2nd half of January through early March skied overall great, even if not deep. Great getting back to Cannon for first time in decades (lack of VT allowed that), had a great time every day there and even got some mini powder. Love the Mittersill side! Most of my days were at SR, started on a rainy Monday late November for their opening day which is odd. Got some Loon in, totally not impressed there this season. Snowmaking seemed weak and very disappointed with midweek Gondi lines and lack of consistent 7 Bros running. Overall, sitting at 46 day
  5. Maybe. They so are not offering the traditional ski maynia day of free skiing the last day. Probably don't want a big crowd to close this year out.
  6. Close, Friday the 23rd is the date. Still unsure why the final day is a Saturday and not a Sunday for full last weekend.
  7. I like some of the discussions on here and everyone seems civilized. That said, seems like it's home to Cannon fans and not much wider reach. Not sure how to push it further, AZ seems to be Message Board central now that their platform has been upgraded and not constantly crashing or down.
  8. Sunday River is holding in there pretty well. They will make April 24th, though whether they can maintain beyond Barker will be weather dependant. Some terrain still surprisingly well covered, Shockwave and Lost Princess were two of the best yesterday.
  9. Kanc Quad at Loon takes its final spins this Sunday so they can start the take down and prep for the new Kanc 8. Not sure South will survive beyond this weekend as well.
  10. Loon Today (Wednesday) Sunday River Thurs/Sat/Sun
  11. Sunday River saw mostly sleet Tuesday and heard Wednesday it was locked up hard on the ungroomed. Not sure what happened, but everything is skiing well now, even the nats and woods. Dropped into an extended tree line not touched and although they didn't report any snowfall, seemed to be a couple inches on top and the rest below wasn't bad. Need more snow as the lack of it is bringing back very boney conditions on heavily trafficked naturals.
  12. Adjusted due to the miss tonight/tomorrow to Sunday River Saturday through last weekend of Feb. May take a side day to Black or Abram depending on conditions or just stay on pass at SR.
  13. Not what I have heard on other forums, heard Jay is locked up now too.
  14. I cannot speak to Vermont since I cannot meet their travel requirements, but the other areas I ski besides Cannon this year haven't been all that much better. Loon, well they haven't had their best woods open yet and won't now for some time. Haven't even been impressed with their groomed runs this year, they kept snowmaking at a minimum it seems. Sunday River has done much better in the snowmaking and grooming department, and the natural was building. Seemed the Aurora west naturals and woods were finally getting to an almost beyond boney state prior to this sleet storm. East of Aurora, s
  15. Adjusted plans due to less favorable storm now on Tuesday. Likely Sunday River Thursday through Feb 28th with a couple possible excursions to Black ME and Saddleback.
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