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  1. Machski

    Sunday River 2/13

    Jully, check out the SR Community page. Shockwave apparently opened at 920am to a pack of charging skiers. Apparently someone cut across one of the steep pitched sections and about a 1/3 of the slope released and slid several hundred feet, taking at least one skier with it. Luckily not badly hurt, but a rare event for an inbounds slide (nee, avalanche) on an Eastern trail. Sounds like it exposed the glare ice beneath, so not surprising they closed it again after that event with the ice above and a debris field below. Sounds like it needed a winch cat and looking at today's trail report, looks like it got it and is open today.
  2. Machski

    New Quad at Cannon?

    Yup, good point, different wind scenarios that effect the operation of the tram vs Cannonball. And often good reasons to run one vs the other. I was going to say, a Tram is much more wind resistant than a monocable ropeway any day of the week. But the alignments of the 2 do give differing crosswind exposures. The problem I have always had with Cannon is it is difficult to ski everything you want TTB if the Tram does not run. Currently without the tram, to ski TTB into front 5 or Tramline/Kinsman you must ride Zoomer to Peabody to Cannonball to get back to the top, two of those being FG. That stinks, with the added stink of the skate back from Kinsman/Tramline. I guess given this, I'm all for the new Quad, but only as a HSQ. And only if the Tram runs if it is wind capable when the Quad goes down for wind (Tram would be more resistant than any chair).
  3. Machski

    New Quad at Cannon?

    You mean like the current tram schedule? Crap, it's that bad now? Been years since I went to Cannon, that would put a damper on my interest. In that case, put the damn chair in. Shocked the install and operating costs would be less than just running the tram. Only reason I can think of why they would consider this.
  4. The one big thing that bummed me out about JetBlue is that when they announced the BOS-HDN service, they announced service to BZN too but only from So Cal. Would love a direct BOS-HDN flight!!
  5. Machski

    New Quad at Cannon?

    Yes, if I were a Cannon regular I would be affraid if this lift goes in the tram would only run weekends/holidays after it. Which means only Cannonball service the upper mountain, no thanks.
  6. Machski

    Tree skiing

    ^^^^This. I like tight trees but at times I get sick of them just because you have to dial the speed back. It is a lot of fun to just hard charge through Western open trees.
  7. Machski

    Planning to not open

    I like Peaks early call, being in Pinkham notch, winds are almost always worse up there. Obviously in this case, Attitash did not bail them out well. But as they market the two areas as joined at the hip, this makes total sense to me. And with scarce facilities at the base to entertain would be guests sitting out total wind holds, seems brilliant to me. Send them down to Attitash where there are more options off hill. Wouldn't really work anywhere else in the East. The only thing close maybe is Boyne, but that is a seasonal decision (SR early in call, Sugarloaf goes the latest in the Spring and Loon slots where it can).
  8. Machski

    Taos Avalanche

    No crap Sherlock, the inbounds slide is what I was commenting on.
  9. Machski

    Taos Avalanche

    Not always just the new snow that creates increased avalanche hazards. Could have been a wind loaded slab issue, subsurface slide layer that just needed a bit more weight to release, etc. If it was easy to predict slides, no one would die in the Backcountry.
  10. Sunday River 18" (Oh, and WH pod is sidecountry hike to for this storm cycle!)
  11. Machski

    Roll Call 1/19-21

    Loon on Monday, family commitments Sat/Sun. If Friday turns heavier and wife gets a snow day, maybe Sugarbush then.
  12. Machski

    Roll Call - Jan 11-13, 2019

    Saturday and Sunday at SR. Mrs. Mach almost took Friday off for a 3 day, but given holds and wind, glad she didn't!
  13. Machski

    NMS Spring Gathering 2019

    Tough for me to commit to either, they are 14 days apart. So I will ikely have both off or just the later but we are headed to Mammoth that week. SO I'll go with the earlier and piss my whole family off if I'm off for no showing Easter.
  14. Machski

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Over a foot when all said and done at SR today. Dense snow, low elevayions no groomed could be a bit tricky with the cold rushing in tonight. The mountain says 100% open tomorrow, too bad most lifts will be on wind hold. Already cranking up this afternoon and tonight.
  15. Again, comparing Stowe's sale for just the ski operation (no real estate) to Jay's pending sale (the whole enchilada) is like comparing apples and oranges. You get an idea on the ops value but that's it.

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