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  1. That is NOT a boneyard! That is the former components of the Sunbowl FGQ which are being stored and we're suppose.to be flipped to replace the North Peak Triple. Guess time will tell if Vail ever does that now.
  2. Read an editorial piece in USA today that wasn't even accepting of them changing the Skins to the Warriors. Main objection? White fans still might/would show up dressed in. Active American attire. Where will this all end? This country is on the verge of becoming quite boring and monochrome.
  3. Mark the Cleveland Indians down as the next sports franchise to consider changing their name. Will the KC Chiefs consider it too?
  4. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows should be linked soon with a new base to base gondola, so just call the whole thing Alpine Meadows Olympic Valley and be done with it. Or maybe Tahoe Olympic Valleys.
  5. This is probably a preview of what Loon will get for their DH bike park once the Kanc8 is in. Pretty rad bike carrier system!
  6. Not sure this will apply to ski season, but Vail has decided to not open Sunapee's summer activities this summer. I don't take that as a positive sign (although Vail could have decided Sunapee doesn't do enough summer business and this could be permanent?)
  7. Sure, another wonderful article. I just hiked Mt. Moosilauke on Memorial Day weekend this year via the Beaver Brook Trail (part of the AT, steep and on the North side of Mt). At 2400' or so, we hit full on winter conditions of packed ice and snow. By 2700' or so, it was all snow at an average base depth of 4 feet of so and stayed that way all the way to treeline. The summit was of course cooked off xcept for the Eastern snowfields by the sun and warmth. The trail had a monorail of packed snow but a slight step off that and you postholed to your waist. Now granted this was one of the earlier in the month of May Memorial weekends that is can be on the calendar. But it is quite unusual for that amount of snow, especially starting that low, that late in the season. Some of the deepest snowpacks I have seen in certain areas of the New England mountains have been over the past few years. Now, temps have been a bit warmer and the super deep cold may have shown up but hasn't held on like in the past. But I recall some researchers in the past saying with climate change, New England mountains could see more snow not less. Forecasting is just that, a forecast and best guess. They don't do great more than 4 days out on a weather forecast, so if you expect a 30 year projection to be close to accurate, well.....
  8. Yes, pass sales end this Monday June 15th and may not go back on sale this year after that. I would say that Boyne is sure to cater to their passholders first and foremost so if you want to ski at any of the three, grab a pass now before they are gone. Between now and snow down, a lot of the operational plans will need to be fleshed out. I'm sure they have some ideaas how different plans might look but zero idea what will actually be required at this point. Loon is the biggest ?? of the three, given the Gondola is the main lift on the main mountain. SR and SL are at least spared from having to deal big time with an enclosed lift (Chondi is simple, just run it without cabins. Not a huge loss especially if skiers/day are limited).
  9. Cannonballer, just realize the 150 day season is across all 3 resorts, not just Loon. So if Loon only hits 130 days, but SR or SL hit 150, that is a "full season" and no pass discount the following. The other note of interest is for Platinum Passholders and the Dec. 10th cutoff to push funds to 21-22. It has to be an unused NEP and in the case of the Platinum, the Ikon Base also has to be unused to push the Platinum funds forward. Still, I didn't need anything beyond them saying that yes, we'll push your pass value forward if we can't open for 20-21. This is great to me because I want to ski and they are offering that option and guarenteeing it for a deceent length or $$ off in 21-22. And a discount now. More than I wanted but very nice indeed.
  10. Personally, much more excited Bachelor is back on. Been missing since Max went away, awesome place especially for late season trips!!
  11. I have no problem with the bar, but those folks who want to slam it down not even a second after their backside hits the cushion need to just stop, take a breath, ask other riders if they are ready, then lower it. When a detachable accelerates out of the base station, you get pushed INTO the seat, not out!!!
  12. Well, now you can push you 20-21 purchase cost to a 21-22 pass by December 10th if you haven't yet used your 20-21 pass for no charge. Seems like a reasonable policy to me.
  13. I already bought the New England Platinum for the wife and I during the normal 5 day flash sale window before the whole ski season went to hell. Turns out I could have waited, but regardless, its on the payment plan and I plan to be up there regardless assuming we have a season. There is an outside chance my job goes away and if that happens and the season is a go, figure I will work and live at our condo at SR next winter in one capacity or another, Perhaps I get a refund on my pass purchase if I become an employee for the season. Wife's job is good, she's a teacher so that will happen in the fall one way or another.
  14. I have a feeling he'll da really great job. While it is more complex at SR, it is also a more robust base for mountain ops. The one thing he'll hate is dealing with some of the jurasic lifts on the hill. I'm hoping since Boyne wasn't opposed to adding to the top management cost, they are also willing to push forward with their 2030 plan at SR and he won't need to deal with Barker for long. Plus, Brian just has to worry about day in and out, Dana is tasked with the long range planning and real estate sides of management.
  15. Sunday River is getting a new GM, hiring Brian Heon from Wildcat. Dana Bullen stays on at SR as President, taking on higher level long range oversight including a focus on the planned real estate developments (Dreamaker Lodge and the bigger Merrill Hill project namely). https://www.saminfo.com/headline-news/9545-brian-heon-named-sunday-river-general-manager

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