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  1. Honestly, skiing in the rain Monday at SR I found it more difficult to get the gaitor type mask back up than it was a pain to just leave up and ski with. The ones I bought specifically for skiing are very comfortable and smooth textured. Figure if I could ski with it up in the rain, all other conditions won't be much of an issue. Though at the moment, anything a Vermont resort does about masks is pointless to me since I can't clear the larger hurdle to go there.
  2. Backcountry and snowshoeing for us. Dog loves it when we snowshoe as he gets to join in all day.
  3. They don't just want to avoid the stairs, Killington has said the stairs are unworkable for social distancing and will not be used at all this season.
  4. Unfortunately I am hearing Sunday River will not open until sometime AFTER NEXT weekend. Nothing to do with lack of snow, they are blowing like crazy. It has to do with the randsomwear attack Boyne got hit with almost two weeks ago now. All reservation and ticketing systems are still down across the Boyne resort families. I so have to wonder if the State of Maine asked them to pump the brakes a bit. Anyway, Snowmaking underway on T2/Punch TTB/Jungle/Ecstacy/Right stuff/Lazy River into Risky Business/Kansas from Jordan into Aurora and upper Aurora. Doubt the west side opens on opening, bu
  5. This was one of the films at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival this year. Great story!
  6. Interesting, because over at K-Zone, they are saying Mike S has said Killington will not be monitoring guests state quarantine requirements this winter for ski visits. Lodging will require you attest to it, but they won't be searching out skiers/riders and they have told the state as much. Maybe they did this summer given the smaller amount of traffic for MTB? I have to imagine ski crowds would be much more difficult given the higher #'s.
  7. Nope, I wouldn't live in that state so couldn't do that.
  8. I got that part, but those were restrictions the government of Victoria put up. If Vail felt their client base was very limited and perhaps their Employee bases at both as well, then they made a business decision based off government actions. Again, if Victoria is now upset, they should have considered how their planned actions might impact businesses first.
  9. The government of Victoria increasing their Covid restrictions are what caused Vail to close those two down. Not sure why they are mad on the flip side.
  10. And now we have this elaboration: https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=860 So, no runny noses allowed this season AND apparently we will need to go to a website and certify daily Covid questions before we can access our passes/tickets. I assume the State will want resorts that are RFID to lock out our passes until we do our daily online checklist. This will be interesting to see how they implement this, will it be a single certify website that links to every resorts pass/ticket options (I suspect this is doubtful) or will the state make resorts create
  11. Nice work, dark mode is niffty but a bit too dark, not enough contrast for my liking.
  12. Was thinking of adding an Indy with Cannon an easy day trip from home and Pats an even easier afternoon/night run. Abram was the clincher for me as we own at Sunday River, but they just pulled out. SO the closest to the condo on it is now Black NH. Might just save those short $ for day tixs to Abram/Black ME/Saddleback for condo diversion days.
  13. I don't really see SR restricting flow from one side to the next. Even Killington, other than maybe Pico making it K or Pico for the day, I don't really see a need to restrict sides. Perhaps the Skyeship base might be a bit restricted due to likely riding restrictions in Gondi cabins and that is all they have down on the Route 4 base area. Sugarbush is interesting as they could not run Slidebrook or the buses and thereby keep folks at Lincoln or Mt. Ellen. The Castlerock question is interesting, but then the question of what MRG will do with the single is similar. Maybe they will institut
  14. Well, they are not totally independant now. Sunday River and Sugarloaf are still fully tied together, only Loon has been split off from the fall seasonal products. I believe this move fully has to do with Loon's vastly more limited Carrying Capacity, especially with the loading restrictions likely in play on the Gondola this winter. Both SR and SL have stated they will not be using a reservation system or other limitations on passholders beyond the normal restrictions of the various pass types. SR has also noted they do not plan on restriction Ikon guests beyond the restrictions of the dif
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