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  1. Yup, that is the Skytrac quad chair design. It looks odd but is a new, modern designed chair.
  2. I don't think so, not easily anyway or right now. Maybe depending on what future terrain expansion might look like, but for no no other terrain fits a course.
  3. Possibly the existing trails can handle the increased capacity. In my opinion, that is when all the west basin trails are in play for the public. Rumrunner and Collidge Street are often used for racing and closed to the public. When that is happening on a weekend, this new chair could overwhelm the remaining terrain there.
  4. Wasn't too bad up the road at Sunday River. Could find a lift or pod without much of a crowd. Oz and Aurora were slammed early as Jordan started on an electrical hold (brief power failure/surge Saturday night reeked havoc on a few areas of the mountain. Chondi ran on diesel all day Sunday due to it and peak lodge was a delayed opening) but once Jordand opened, Oz and Aurora cleared out. The lots were busy as were the lodges (peak cafe line was out the gates and Mountain Room was jammed) but the slopes and lifts didn't seem overwhelmed. Not sure on the parking scene since we own slopeside.
  5. And boy is it a big one! https://liftblog.com/2020/01/17/announcing-kanc-8-the-easts-first-eight-pack/ Will be interesting to see what West Basin is like after this thing goes in for next season. I noticed this year they added the semi-auto Klik hydrants to Rampasture, I would think they would want to add them to several more trails over there with that type of capacity boost. The most interesting thing about this FlightPath is that it appears the formerly approved South Peak base and learning pod has been ditched. That section was suppose to link the Riverwalk development to South with a pulse gondola Riverwalk was going to install and operate (and I believe was one of their early sales points). Wonder if that is completely dead too. Hard to believe that Escape Route will still sit isolated as a return to a parking lot trail only that actually gets snowmaking every year. Thought?
  6. Why RIP? They have that killer T-Bar now and the rest of the hill is a skinner's paradise!
  7. Today Loon (recovered very well) Sat/Sun/Mon: SR
  8. My guess would be when Vail makes its full slate of upgrades/improvements for 2020 public in March. Can't imagine if this thing is acting up again they don't move fast to permanently remedy it.
  9. Not sure what you are looking at, but a bit of ice tomorrow and looking like White on Mon/Tues. I don't trust much beyond 5 or 6 days so not going to get worked up about a 14 day or so trend forecast. They tend to ebb and flow.
  10. You might be able to replace an old lift in the exact alignment of the exact capacity as the old one without a full application to the NFS. But any upgrade and capacity increase most definitely requires the full permit process. Both Loon and Waterville have entered that process this fall, Loon to replace Kanc with a HS8 and 7 Bros with the refurbed Kanc, Water is to replace White Peaks with a HS6 and Sunnyside with a FGQ and to remove Northside without replacement.
  11. Yes, but made for a fantastic base in the woods. This year, we haven't had anywhere near as much snow in northern NH and ME and yet looks like two good soakings. Worse shape than last year after this weekend for sure unfortunately. In other news, both the Sierra and Utah are off to huge starts, so if you are Ikon/Epic, there's always that option.
  12. This is only the first announcement for 2020's build season. They will reveal more details in March. There could be more lift installs next summer but some may not be announced by Vail yet depending on permitting/contract progress to date. Off of Liftblog, Peter says he got confirmation from Okemo local MGMT that the Quantum replacement will in fact be a bubble 6, a first for Vail (Katz is on record not caring for bubble chairs) and the relocated Quantum 4 will retain. It's bubbles as well. One would think an Attitash summit HSQ would be a definite Vail investment, but they have to go through the NFS permit process. So that might be a 2021 project since, to my knowledge, no proposal has been submitted to the NFS.
  13. I would think the Cat didn't have many backroom employees as it is set up in Peaks. Would imagine any backroom (IE non mountain ops employees) were piggy backed with Attitash. Not sure, but just a guess given the lack of a full on resort set-up at the Cat.
  14. It probably got overwhelmed with the level and amount of chatter from the Sugarbush-Alterra community meeting Wednesday!

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