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  1. Boots: What to look at?

    Ebay? Maybe luck out with a similar or later version of the same boots. Price wont be to crazy to take a chance. I loved a set of older Dalbello's and couldn't find my exact size but found a later version and the fit is almost identical .
  2. Bindings

    AT Bindings are'nt cheap if your not going to use them that much maybe look at Snowshoes? My daily drivers are Dukes "my first AT bindings" and on long skins are not fun because of the weight but sounds like you have young legs so it might not be an issue . https://www.backcountry.com/alpine-touring-bindings
  3. Bindings

    Keep em ice free , lots of places to get clogged up . Carry a small screwdriver to clean trouble spots out before you switch to downhill . What type of AT ?
  4. Things tourists say

    And Wheel chair accessible lifts
  5. Things tourists say

    Troll level "Epic" ....
  6. This shit is out of control!

    IRA was civilized in comparison , Don't remember any orange jump suits and beheaddings . Problem is you have no idea what any Muslim thinks ?
  7. This shit is out of control!

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/british-police-rush-to-london-bridge-after-reports-of-van-hitting-pedestrians/ar-BBBV0Ez?OCID=ansmsnnews11 ???? Religion of Peace again???
  8. Winter's Over?

    22" MW https://www.mountwashington.org/experience-the-weather/current-summit-conditions.aspx
  9. Mad Russian Skis (and snowboards) thread

    Been checking out a lot of You tube ski build video's and some build material suppliers, Just curious about how you decide on a core material/construction design. I've come across bamboo ,poplar and a couple other wood types and lamination widths. Also some manufactures build in a camber in the core and others a flat laminated core, that is later added in the press. Does your core vary from ski to ski ?
  10. Telemark Skiing is Dead

    I get a weird feeling watching people tele , The idea of placing my knee that close to the snow/ ice is disturbing to me. Maybe unjustified ?
  11. Posting Videos

    Not sure what's more impressive....Sking or biking with one leg!
  12. Backpack

    Only time I ski with a pack is BC , They work really well as a sled as I found out on an icy Tucks day.
  13. Backpack

    Never done it either but to me anything on my back pushes my butt closer to the edge of the chair. West coast has places without saftey bars puts the user in just as much danger as a regular pack.
  14. Speed flying

    Really Cool vid , Altough I beileve what you are talking about is two different types of Kites , One specifically for speed flying and one for parasailing/climbing . I'm not sure what lift to drag ratio the speed kites have vs parasail but seems significant.
  15. Introduce yourself

    Good luck Weatherman with you endeavor, AZ is cool but kind of on autopilot. Nick has his priorities in the right place as kids grow up very quickly ...can't fault him for that. I Really want to make it to Magic 17/18 season ...

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