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  1. Location is both to the benefit, and detriment of Peaks Attitash operation. If green\blues commit to North Conway, where else is close. But, route 16 is a journey. Route 93\3 areas are all shorter\easier rides. Including BW. We have a family house in Sanbornville. Years ago, used to ski 16 alot. But, 2 hours to house, then most of an hour to go thru North Conway. So now, very rare. Mostly, motel in Lincoln, then to BW. Also, for the route 16 market, consider what impact Gunstock has. County resident discounts too.
  2. Given the production time needed for a new lift, could be two seasons from now before reopening. Maybe could be shortened by purchasing a used lift, if any available.
  3. This will be 11th year of running a group super bowl Ski trip to Loon area. Initially, no deals and Sunday crowds gone by noon. Now, most area's have late announced deals, and housing more difficult to find. 10 years ago the old Woodstock easy to get seats. Now the expanded one, difficult. You may have to wait a bit more before deals announced. If I recall, most posted Monday before game last year.
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