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  1. It makes sense to avoid cotton because it absorbs moisture. But in another forum one of the members said he likes cotton as an under layer because it absorbs his sweat, and then he makes sure to wear outer layers that prevent moisture from the snow from getting down to the cotton. So that makes sense too? What happens to your own sweat of there isn't a layer to absorb it? Does it trickle down into your pants and boots?
  2. Actually I live in GA and though we did a fair amount of skiing when I was a kid in PA haven't done much of anything the past quite a few years. Things have changed a lot. Back then a lot of people skied in jeans, most of the ski pants were very tight and had a part that went into your boot going under your foot. You wore boots that were oversize so you could put on extra socks in them (that's another issue I'm trying to learn about). Never heard of gortex or thinsulate back then. We always wore cotton long underwear. Last year I rode a snowmobile for the first time. In February I'm going to Maine and hope to ski a few times...try cross country which I've never done plus some downhill (Alpine?). And if I'm lucky get to ride a snowmobile again. I haven't thought about this stuff in detail really ever because as a kid we didn't have today's options and just had to wear whatever we had anyway. Got some thinsulate boots I wore on the snowmobile adventures last year (2 days, about 80 miles total) and it's the first time in my life I spent several hours in the snow and my feet didn't get really cold. Didn't get cold at all in fact. At this point I'm hoping to move to Maine if I can get a job around Bangor or west of there and learn more about winter and winter activities which I always loved as a kid and then haven't been able to experience in any significant way since 7th grade. I'm now 59 years old, but in decent shape afaik (you never really know what might be lurking that you're not aware of after 50) and would like to get some real winter experience while I'm still able to enjoy it. Winter in GA is like a bad joke...probably like a really bad fall in other places raining and around 30-50 degrees most of the time. When it does snow it looks great at first. Then it gets warm during the day and starts to melt, but unless it's really windy it doesn't dry up so if it gets cold again at night it gets really icy, continuing like that into morning traffic the following day... I'll order a medium and large wool shirt from ebay, some WHITE SIERRA pants and try to find a similar fleece shirt, and look more into thin sock options to go with the different type ski boots being used today. Looking at wool flannel shirts on ebay it seems that almost all the options are for previously owned. Does that sound right? If so, why aren't there a lot of new options as well? Are they becoming obsolete?
  3. In the past I've always worn long underwear then a flannel shirt and bluejeans over that, and then put on other stuff from there. But several places I've seen people suggest staying away from cotton entirely which I'm guessing flannel and bluejeans are both made of. Most places suggest fleece. Is that just jogging/sweatshirt type clothing and is it good to wear that instead of flannel or bluejeans? I always wear an outer shell jacket and ski pants both gortex, so just long underwear, fleece, and ski pants for covering your lower body? Is that good enough or is there a more sturdy type of pants that's good to wear between the fleece and ski pants that's not made of cotton? And that would do well as a sturdy pant over the fleece when not wearing ski pants when you're not skiing or snowmobiling? What about a non-cotton shirt to take the place of flannel? Just do a fleece jogging or sweatshirt type of thing? Thank you for any help about such basics! David
  4. Thank you so much for the suggestions! Rangeley would be great and I'll try to talk to them and hopefully tour the plant when I go up there. Thank you for mentioning the WV situation also, but Maine is where I would like to go so I'll try to stick with that if possible.
  5. Hi, I'm interested in trying to move to Maine some time in early to mid summer, preferably in an area fairly close to Sugarloaf though far enough from that specific location to find less expensive opportunities for buying a house. People don't have to warn me that it will be cold. That's one of the main reasons for wanting to move up there. I would very much like to be in a place where I can ride a snowmobile to the trails without having to trailer if possible. I currently work at a wastewater treatment plant in the state of Georgia but have gotten my class 3 operator license in Maine in the hopes of being able to find a job in that field. I certainly want to have a job before moving up there. I plan on making a trip up to that area probably some time in February to experience the area in the winter and also try to find out about possible job opportunities. I've been trying to make a list of wastewater treatment plants within about 60 or so miles but further away would be okay also though less desirable. The wastewater plants I've found through Google all seem to be publicly run facilities but I'd be glad for any opportunity including a plant run by some sort of business. The place where I work now is a very small plant run by a resort. Any suggestions on specifically how to proceed with this, or specific locations of treatment plants (especially privately run since public ones are easier to find with Google maps) or any kind of specific information about that area, or Farmington area, or any places in what seems to me the central part of the state would be very much appreciated. Also suggestions about areas where there might be lower priced real estate options in that part of the state. Also any snowmobiling related information or suggestions. I'm thinking I would like to volunteer for some trail grooming if it would be possible since that would add another whole level of learning and experience. Thank you for any help or suggestions! David Harrison Buford, GA
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