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  1. Hi, Not sure if this exists, but I would appreciate it if anyone could point me to a junior equipment lease package that includes a junior season pass to Gunstock. We have Ikon passes for the season, but my kids also enjoy Gunstock and, due to proximity and wanting to continue lessons with a specific Gunstock instructor, we will end up skiing at Gunstock a handful of days this season. I have seen junior equipment leases combined with passes for Bretton Woods (which we did last year) and Waterville, but haven't seen one with Gunstock. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  2. Thanks, not sure how I missed that on the site.
  3. Hi, I'm planning to buy Ikon passes this year for the first time. Does anyone know (i) when the price increase typically happens, and (ii) if there are historically any additional discounts? I saw from googling that there was a $200 costco discount last year but not sure if anyone has heard if anything may be in the works for this year. Thanks
  4. The ski area guides are showing me an error message. I haven't looked at all of them but Sunday River and Sugarloaf both returned errors. Not sure if it was triggered by the update or not. Thanks
  5. I've been debating the same, think I am going to end up at Loon based on current wind forecast. First full day without my kids (who just started this year). I'm psyched!

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