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  1. Havasu Creek. About a 4 hour hike and total to Lower Beaver Falls which is not pictured. This was the beginning of the hike, the crystal blue water only exists in this Creek and in the Little Colorado River (LCR). The Colorado River was green and clean the whole time!
  2. This was one of our first hikes. Short 20-minute hike. On day 2. 4/20/19
  3. That's awesome! You know, I just had the most unbelievable experience inside of that canyon and you don't really notice it until you leave. People were asking me, "so what are you going to take away from this trip?" And I told them I wasn't sure. I didn't know yet or even if I was going to take anything out of it. But now that I'm back, it just amplifies everything it amplifies. the fact that I'm settling in life it amplifies the fact that I need to find more nature in my area honestly it really amplifies the fact that I have to I'm miserable, I need to get out of here, and move back out west!
  4. I am about 12 days off the river. I scored a Grand Canyon permit for April 2019. 20 days of... Well, there are no words to describe it! My mind is reeling. Very hard adjustment back into society. Anyone done it? I found my crew through a west coast forum, though I live in Philly. But I now need to find some people around here who share similar interests. We did most of the major hikes in there. Unbelievable. Weather was perfect, canyon was in bloom, and the water was great! 14 months of anticipation and now it's over! Heartbroken! I need to continue with major hikes and camping and the river l
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