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  1. Whaleback is done this Saturday...they offer free skiing for any passholder from any other mtn....pond skim as well
  2. Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Saturday: Cannon Sunday: TBD (Crotched or Waterville Valley most likely)
  3. Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Friday: Waterville Valley Saturday: Cannon
  4. Already March...looks like 6-7 wknds left....season has flown by it seems Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Saturday: Wildcat Sunday: Black Mtn (NH)
  5. Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Thursday: Crotched Saturday: TBD pending possible work Sunday: Sunapee/Crotched
  6. Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Friday: Bolton Valley Saturday: Stowe Sunday: S6
  7. Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Saturday: Wildcat Sunday: Black NH
  8. Many of us are making turns midweek as well as the wknd it seems so let's hear it Monday: Wildcat Tuesday: McIntyre (ARL) Saturday: Pats Peak Sunday: Sunapee or Crotched
  9. Saturday: Pats Peak (family ski) Sunday: Crotched or Sunapee (with older son)
  10. Monday: Crotched (last minute audible from Cannon being shut down) Wednesday: Cannon Thursday: Wildcat or Attitash Friday: Wildcat or Attitash Saturday: Watching wx---ice/rain we head home, snow at elevation probably Wildcat)
  11. Thursday: Sunapee Saturday: TBD Sunday: Sunapee or Crotched
  12. Finally some snow and cold! Friday: Berkshire East Saturday: Berkshire East Sunday: Crotched
  13. Edit: on account of the weather for Sunday looking iffy I've decided to do Family Ski at Crotched on Saturday. Still keeping my older son and I reserved for Sunapee on Sunday and will continue to watch the wx Friday: Wildcat Saturday: Crotched Sunday: Sunapee (if we go)
  14. Kicking off the season! Friday: Wildcat Sunday: Crotched or Sunapee
  15. I'm looking at Epic Northeast + Indy Passes for us. Having 4 mtns in home state allows for some flexibility with 2 of them easy day trip...CM being available for night turns midweek makes this hard to turn down. If the White Mtn Super Pass had Gunstock on the adult pass (as they do with college) I'd be very tempted to do that instead. I need a quick hit/day trip/night option on a pass
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