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  1. I'm looking at Epic Northeast + Indy Passes for us. Having 4 mtns in home state allows for some flexibility with 2 of them easy day trip...CM being available for night turns midweek makes this hard to turn down. If the White Mtn Super Pass had Gunstock on the adult pass (as they do with college) I'd be very tempted to do that instead. I need a quick hit/day trip/night option on a pass
  2. This pic on the ridge all the way out to what ends with Muleskinner is one of the favorite skates in all of my ski career You get a look down some steep groomers, followed by ungroomed steeps, followed by Casablanca Glades 1-4...finally ending with Muleskinner just a special experience with so many options along the way
  3. As some on here know I have a very fond spot in my heart for Saddleback. My wife and I were passholders there for 2 yrs while in grad school (pre kids) and we had a seasonal cabin on Rangeley Lake. Every wknd we would drive up from Seacoast NH for 2-3 days of skiing. It's a long haul up there but no place in New England has ever captured me the way Saddleback and the Rangeley Lakes region has. We have since done summer trips up there since the mtn closed but of course we want the mtn back. It's been sad/frustrating watching a glorious big mtn sit idle since April of 2015 but finally it se
  4. Endless Visibility this AM at Cannon Hardpack but edgeable. Low crowds Fun AM with my family and @PuckIt Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. If this is it on the season nice view to go out with Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  6. At Bretton woods now Sunday 3/15. Skiing is decent. Decent sized crowd but still mostly ski on Getting it while we can! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  7. They called it "weather" not "wind" so they can keep the streak alive
  8. Saddleback!!!!! $699 Adult $599 19-29 $499 Seniors/Juniors All passes include 2 tickets to Jay Peak
  9. Start my vacation this wknd (staying in Lincoln NH as a home base and hoping to get out 5/6 of 8 days) Playing the entire wk by yr as snow is melting fast and who know if ski mtns will be spinning lifts with all the craziness going on around us Tentative wknd plans for now Saturday: Tenney (if they can patch some snow together, have pre paid vouchers so would like to try and use them...haven't been to Tenney since 2007) Sunday: Burke or Bretton Woods Monday: Waterville Valley Remainder of week: TBD based on conditions
  10. Upper Face. Suicide 6 Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  11. Nice low key morning at Suicide 6 for the family $5 tickets thru Ace Ski Club was a no brainer Our 2nd visit here but like last March not much open. I'm sorta surprised a smaller hill with the apparent $$ resources that S6 has (owned by Woodstock Inn/Resort) would not have closer to 100% snowmaking The terrain we have skied in our 2 Vista has been fun but you can tell it's a rowdy little hill at 100% open. The tree skiing for a 650 vert hill looks pretty expansive. They run a mtn biking operation in the summer so the woods are well maintained Today was a mix of firm groomers and then by n
  12. Magic Saturday 3/7 Pretty amazing so far! 2" up top but drifted around and was boot top in spots Skiing woods with the boys. Bit sporty underfoot of course but given this season and recent wx it's fairly remarkable how good it is here More pics later Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
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