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  1. With next week looking warmer I wonder if CMs target opening for next Saturday is in jeopardy? Mid 40s during the day next week and very few nights below freezing. We shall see I guess. I have heard the pond is totally full so at least there's that Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  2. Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

    This is a helpful mostly inclusive list for NH (except those mtns not part of Ski NH like Peaks) https://www.skinh.com/deals/thanksgiving-weekend-sales
  3. Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

    Whaleback Black Friday Deal! Give the gift of snow! We will be selling 3 for 2 (spend $50 get $75) gift certificates on Black Friday (11/24) and Cyber Monday (11/27) - limit 2 per customer! Only valid on Ski School programs (Vacation Camps, Lessons, Youth Programs, and Clinics).
  4. Whoops, yes got them mixed up...have edited the question
  5. Well said...outside of far northern VT (Smuggs/Stowe/Jay) and the high peaks of Western ME (Saddleback, Sugarloaf) Sugarbush is in the best spot for quality and qty of snow in New England. And yes, the terrain is awesome for all levels
  6. Few that quickly come to mind: 1) Are there any plans to expand the bar or at least add some taps to the mix? Seems the bar on a busy wknd is always full and expanding or re positioning to get some views (of either the mtn or out the back towards Mt Washington) could be a pretty nice upgrade that could sell a lot more profitable drafts. 2) Any plans to ever bring Upper Wildcat snowmaking back online? 3) Now that Cheetah snowmaking is back online for this season are there any thoughts to opening that trail first in the season? Would take less snow than Lynx so potentially could be opened sooner? 4) With the many skiers on the Peaks Pass who ski the Granite State peaks properties has any thought been given to some type of shared mug club between CM and AttiCat? 5) Can you share long term plans for snowmaking routes that you would like to re claim/add to the mix? Tomcat Schuss comes to mind as one that I think would be well received.
  7. Skis do have edges ya know young fella! Can be fun to carve some turns early season!
  8. Friday-Possibly Wildcat later in the afternoon Saturday-Wildcat Sunday-Wildcat or Bretton Woods
  9. Interesting...for an operator who has been generally tight with their cash operating 2 base lodges (and all the associated costs) for opening wknd seems ambitious/bit surprising. Will take it though....Attitash does have a good snow making system and can get a lot open quickly once they decide to use it
  10. Blowing on both Attitash and Bear Peak to start...do they typically open off the top on both for opening wknd?
  11. Crotched looking to start making snow wed night...I guess they made some on Friday in some select spots up top I've heard a 12/2 opening is the goal but probably depends on how much they can make next week
  12. I agree but it provides a 3rd route off the summit to disperse the skiers which is their goal right now
  13. I'm hoping Catapault by this wknd but I realize thats asking a lot.....maybe they can at least get the upper part to tie back into Lynx.
  14. Wildcat - Sat., Nov 18, 2017

    Some more pics from Sunday at Wildcat Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  15. November 2017 weather discussion

    Winds do look pretty wild for Sunday....I wonder how this affects lift ops?

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