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  1. https://m.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/passhole-or-persecuted-snowboarder-decries-lifetime-ban-from-stowe-mountain/Content?oid=24988725 Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  2. xwhaler

    MLK weekend snow?

    and if its like that at Magic than Bromley/Stratton would be even better off given the elevation difference up there
  3. xwhaler

    MLK weekend snow?

    Is that actually true (I don't mean to challenge the swami here) but this shows pretty nice snow depth in SVT....Mt Snow may be too far south to have much natural base but Bromley/Stratton/Magic on north should be just fine Bromley snow report shows all their glades open today as an example
  4. xwhaler

    2019 car thread

    absolute no brainer
  5. xwhaler

    MLK weekend snow?

    Regarding icing, this is an interesting table that I found....from what I can see with the wind seems most of SNE that gets the ice would fall in the 1-2 Index
  6. xwhaler

    MLK weekend snow?

    1st map I've seen for Friday system
  7. xwhaler

    2019 car thread

    Not testing....removing the connection to reset the computer. The battery on my truck was perfectly fine...it was just all scrambled and throwing all these false codes.
  8. xwhaler

    Saturday 1/12. Middlebury College Snow Bowl

    I asked at the ticket window when they planned to have the Bailey Falls lift running (it has yet to open this season) and was told "maybe next wknd" My understanding is that there is no snowmaking over there. From what I experienced there is plenty of snow however. Middlebury would be a great way to avoid crowds over this upcoming holiday wknd.
  9. xwhaler

    Superbowl Prediction

    It will be interesting to see how crowded the mtns are this coming Sunday...game is at 6:40 so folks should not use that as an excuse not to go. It is MLK wknd and the potential for a lot of snow on Sat night/Sunday....could be extremely busy---especially first thing
  10. xwhaler

    2019 car thread

    Yeti may be on to something on the battery idea. My Tundra was running really rough this Fall sporadically..it would drive fine and then all of a sudden had trouble shifting, the dash lights all lit up, 4x4 started flashing, 4 low flashing despite me being in 2wd. I un hooked both battery cables, & cleaned the terminals. They were pretty gunked up with corrosion and haven't had an issue since. The problem immediately went away once the computer "re-learned" what it was like to have a strong connection.
  11. xwhaler

    Roll Call 1/19-21

    Wednesday: Crotched (ARL) Saturday: Ragged Sunday: Ragged If Friday's snow event comes in stronger than it looks right now I may take PTO. If yes, I'll be at Ragged.
  12. xwhaler

    Saturday 1/12. Middlebury College Snow Bowl

    Few more pics. My only other day there was a few yrs ago and it was overcast and horrid conditions. Didn't get a good sense of the MTN. Yesterday showed me it's really a gorgeous hill and so unpretentious. Such a great spot to hit when other mtns are busy and the snow is good. Also,they now sell beer (in cans) in the lodge. Previously it was an alcohol free zone being part of the college campus Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  13. Such a great place. 500 acres of tree skiing. Hardly anything on map. Cheap tickets. Everyone super friendly. Unbelievable conditions Ski on. Skis way bigger than trail map would suggest. A real gem that I'd encourage everyone to get to when they are fully open Was with my kids so only explored as much as my older son (age 5) ability allowed us. Can't wait for return trip Sunday 3/3 with @SkiBearded for some poking around! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. xwhaler

    Roll Call - Jan 11-13, 2019

    Saturday 1/12 Middlebury/Pico or Magic (still game time call)
  15. xwhaler

    Crotched ARL. 1/9

    Also. One picture of a small bump line they have on skiers right on UFO! Didn't sample as looked like an icy mess! Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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