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  1. I'm afraid we're fast approaching mud season up here. Good news is that Highland opens in about a month (April 25)!
  2. Perfect morning for a ride. Trails couldn't be much nicer. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  3. Apparently the answer is "Yes." I just learned from another post that Loon will start offering lift-assisted DH riding this season. Since 2014, there have been at least 5 resorts to start offering it (Sunapee, Okemo, Thunder Mountain, Suicide 6, and now Loon). That means I'll get to try 2 "new" resorts this season - Suicide 6 and Loon. I wonder if we'll reach a saturation point and if some resorts will start to pull back. The only places I've ridden that have had "long" lift lines are Highland and Thunder. By long, I mean maybe a 5-10 minute wait. Killington never seems to be that crowded. The same goes for Burke, Sunapee, and Okemo. I have actually been the only person riding the lift and trails at Sunapee before. I'd be curious to find out how many visits it takes to turn a profit. It seems the initial investment would be fairly significant; trail building, bike racks for the lift, rental fleet, etc. But after that, is it a fairly low cost offering? Regardless, the more the better I say. I can't wait to try some new trails this season!
  4. Sweet! I had no idea they were going to start offering this. I just read about it. Trails will be built by Highland which means they'll be worth the trip.
  5. That looks sweet! Met a friend at FFD for a short ride Sunday. Had a good ride, but it was pretty icy. Definitely needed studded tires.
  6. It's interesting how he breaks it down into a "trail" manual and a "street" manual. I have the trail manual down good enough for trail riding. What I want to do is the street manual, but that continues to elude me.
  7. +1 on Kinco, though I'm partial to the 1927KW. Can't beat the price or the warmth in my opinion.
  8. This is central NH. I think southern NH lost a lot of snow. We were down in Durham, NH last night for the hockey game and they definitely have a lot less snow than we do. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  9. I really like the Trapp Helles. This Allagash is really good, but 9.2%! One and done. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  10. Another great tripel! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  11. Trails are in incredible shape right now...a few icy spots, but mostly, crunchy, firm goodness! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  12. Holy $h|t! That's a good example of why you look where you want to go and not where you don't!
  13. Yeah, that's something we thought about, but luckily we have that drop in from our driveway. My son was actually thinking of putting the rail out in the middle of the yard but realized how much work it would be to build a run in to it that would give him enough speed to get up onto the rail. Nice! The warm up and r*** this past weekend caused an open spot right in the landing so our rail is closed until we get more snow or my son moves some from another part of the yard.
  14. That climb towards the end is just sadistic! It's supposed to be a downhill

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