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  1. If you decide to go new, definitely consider looking at direct-to-consumer brands like YT and Canyon. You get a lot of value for your money. I can't speak to Canyon, but my experience with YT was excellent. I bought my DH bike from them back in 2015. About a year after I bought it, I broke the rear shock. Contacted them and they took care of doing all the warranty work with SRAM (RockShox). Only thing was waiting on the replacement, but I would have had to do that with a LBS as well. The YT Jeffsey Comp is a full-carbon frame trail bike with pretty impressive kit for $3K.
  2. Stopped by River Roost yesterday for some essential survival gear.
  3. "This forum is currently not available on this app. Please contact the forum administrator." Anyone else seeing this when they try to access the site from their phone (Android).
  4. Lots of great recommendations! I'll add my name to the others that like The Expanse. Great series and science fiction that actually relies a bit on actual science. Hunters is another good one. The Last Kingdom on Netflix is also good and loosely based on historical facts. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. Sold Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  6. @Cannonballer It's a large. I haven't had any issues with the Reverb. The bike is 30.2 lbs as shown.
  7. Killing my quiver and consolidating to a single, long travel 29er. DH bike already has a buyer, and I'm also selling my 2017 Rocky Mountain Instinct 930 MSL. Full specs are available at https://www.bikes.com/en/bikes/instinct/2017Size large. Carbon frame. Bike is in excellent mechanical condition and good cosmetic condition. 140mm of travel front and rear. Bike weighs 30.2 lbs as shown. Upgrades include:Rock Shox Reverb dropper seat postShimano XT rear derailleur (replaced the original SLX that I mangled on the trail)RaceFace Atlas 60mm stem (still have original spec stem)TubelessVP flat pedals $1300
  8. I got a couple of decent fat bike rides in over the last month between Franklin Falls and Boston Lot. I signed up for the slalom race at Suicide 6 on February 29 and proceeded to crash hard OTB on my first practice run. Ended up with bruised ribs and a big old bruise where the bars tried to poke through my leg. No race run and no rides since then, but at least I'm able to breath deeply again without wincing
  9. Local guys in Springfield, NH are making some pretty good stuff.
  10. Big section of Darling Hill trails now closed to mountain bikes: https://www.kingdomtrails.org/darling-hill-updat
  11. I've had a few over the years... Nearly hit deer at Highland and Franklin Falls Chased bears in Stowe and Dupont State Forest in NC Had to avoid turkeys at Boston Lot and Sunapee And I always seem to be chased at least once a ride by barking spiders
  12. My first non-alcoholic IPA. Surprised that it's actually pretty good. Similar in flavor to other session IPAs. I also picked up some Sip 'o to balance it out [emoji846] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  13. Incredible locations and riding! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. Yikes! What'd you hit? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  15. Sorry. Just saw this. Looks like you figured it out. Not sure where you parked, but we parked down by 118. Next time we're going to park in the lot up the road from there. Local beer? I think you have to bring it yourself [emoji846] Not much of anything in Dorchester. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

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