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  1. 2017 MTB Log

    Used the last of my 3-Ride card at Highland this past weekend. It was cold, but conditions weren't bad. I ended up getting 27 days of lift served between Highland, Killington, Burke, and Sunapee. The Killington pass was worth every penny. Between DH and trail rides, I have around 500 miles for the season. The DH rig is going into storage, but I'm hoping to get another ride or two in on the trail bike if the weather cooperates. Time to sharpen the skis.
  2. TV shows to watch

    I love that show! My daughter got my wife and me hooked. We binge watched season one over a weekend and just finished S2E3 last night.
  3. Downhill Mountain Reviews

    I really wanted to get back down to Thunder this season but never made it. We went to Killington this past Saturday and the new trails on Rams Head were open. Blue Magic is the new jump trail. It's very similar to the Gronk at Thunder only longer. It was completely open top to bottom and was riding great. We skipped the other new trail, Krusty, since it wasn't completely open to the bottom. Killington is really making it difficult to go anywhere else given its size, variety, and lack of crowds. Even though the price is going up, I'll probably pick up a pass for next year since it's still $50 cheaper than Highland.
  4. FIS Season

    Just watched the race. Pretty incredible save by Michela. Sent from my XT1080 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. My son and I took the day off from school and work on Friday to do some riding in Stowe. We started the day on the trails at Trapp's. We've been biking in Stowe since my son was on training wheels riding the rec path to riding the huge variety of single track in the area today. On this particular day we started at the trail center and rode up to the cabin hitting everything we would ride back down - Lodge Spur, Tap Line, and Growler. We hadn't ridden Growler before. It was a good climb up and a blast to ride back down. Perfect day for riding Finished the climb up and in need of some water Ready to bomb back down After the ride, we went to the Bierhall for lunch. It was our first time there. The food was excellent as was the beer. Cheers! After lunch, we headed over to Cady Hill to do some more riding. The last time we were here, my son was on a 24" hard tail. He had a much better time on the 27.5. We used the Cady Hill Climb and Connector to get to Flo's. We did a couple of laps of Flo's to Charlie's to Bridgey before stopping to take a break at the overlook. We headed back down Bear's to the parking lot and then I had to stop by the Alchemist to stock up. Post-ride pizza at Piecasso topped off a perfect day.
  6. Ryan's Beer Thread

    On a little MTB trip to VT. Stopped by the Alchemist after riding today. Sent from my XT1080 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  7. Group therapy thread

    Perfect weekend for getting on your bike and going for a ride in the woods. That's my therapy. Sent from my XT1080 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  8. Ford Sayre Ski Swap

    Consignment:Friday, November 3rd, 6:00–7:30 pm andSaturday, November 4th, 9:00-11:00 amWe will not accept straight skis. Please make sure equipment is in good condition.
  9. Ryan's Beer Thread

    Stopped at Backyard Brewery on our way through Manchester last night. Food was pretty good and so was the beer. Brought home the Allergy Saison and Lazy Daze IPA. Saison is perfect for a summer day like today. Sent from my XT1080 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  10. 2017 MTB Log

    Look like perfect rides for e-bikes
  11. Upgrade day

    BTW, loved the power grips on my old pedals too I switched to flats about 10 years ago and haven't looked back.
  12. Upgrade day

    I swore by the Panaracer Smoke and Dart on all the bikes I owned until I switched to 27.5. I'd use them today if they made a 27.5 or 29 tubeless in modern widths. They still make them but only in 26x2.1.
  13. 2017 MTB Log

    I have about 390 miles... ...but at least half of that is lift assisted I much prefer flying downhill to grinding uphill.
  14. E bikes

    Me either, but I guess they're popular in Europe. I have yet to see one in person. Someone posted this video over on mtbr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR5TmRe-mjY Assuming the speedo is kph, the rider is doing about 30mph! That's not a bicycle. And now it looks like Yamaha is getting into it: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/yamaha-to-launch-their-own-emtb-lineup.html
  15. Can you manual?

    Cool. I may try that. I still suck and can't go for more than a bike length or two on good days.

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