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  1. Smellytele

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    Just an FYI: Bretton Woods It's that time of year - ski season! Join us on Friday for a "soft opening" from 12 pm to 3:30 pm. Bring a non-perishable food item to contribute to our "Say Goodnight to Hunger" Campaign and we'll give you a free lift ticket for Friday! We'll have the Zephyr High Speed Quad and the Learning Center Quad operating, offering five trails to ski. On Saturday, lifts will be open from 9 am to 3:30 pm with early season tickets for $32.00 for all ages!
  2. Smellytele

    Ski & Ride Card Deal

    I am usually the bug not the windshield
  3. Smellytele

    Roll Call: Veteran's Day Weekend

    Wildcat as Killington looks on the unfrozen side of this. But that could change
  4. Smellytele

    Snowmaking Window

    Same here. actually had a $15 off at liftopia so got it for 16.99 and my 2 teens were 21.99 each so just 61 for the 3 of us. They are now 32.99
  5. Smellytele

    Ski & Ride Card Deal

    Don't post then leave us hanging...
  6. Smellytele

    Ski & Ride Card Deal

    I used to get it when it was 129.
  7. Smellytele

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    I probably through you off as I should have said all weather not all season in my reply.
  8. Smellytele

    Snowmaking Window

    Okay I have decided Wildcat it is. Hell or falling water.
  9. Smellytele

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    I did run the Nokians WR's all season and where they didn't wear as fast as snows they do wear faster than most all seasons. They were great on my wife's Traverse (may it rest in peace) for winter driving but a little rougher than most all-seasons in the summer months. So I would say they are somewhere in-between a all-season and a winter tire.
  10. Smellytele

    Snowmaking Window

    Contemplating going to Wildcat Saturday. Killington is showing less favorable conditions but both could be in question if the freeze line changes...
  11. Smellytele

    Anyone putting a team together?

    Do you need another? Also what night do you race?
  12. If so anyone looking for another member?
  13. Smellytele

    December ski trip decisions

    Late December is a crap shoot when it comes to conditions any place in the northeast. Also if not much terrain is open it tends to be crowded. Burke would be the least crowded but could have the least open as well...
  14. Smellytele

    Ski New Hampshire

    There is a deal thread you may want to post in
  15. From 2010-11 season to last season Average opening date: October 26th Median opening date: October 25th Earliest opening date: October 13th (2012-2013) Latest opening date: November 8th (2017-2018) Average top to bottom: November 17th Median top to bottom: November 17th Earliest top to bottom: November 9th (2013-2014) Latest top to bottom: November 25th (2015-2016)

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