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  1. Ski 5 days across Sunday River, Loon & Sugarloaf with NO BLACKOUTS. Can’t view this email? View Online Introducing the New England 5-Day – available this week only. Get five combined days of skiing to use at Sunday River, Loon Mountain and Sugarloaf for just $319 – with absolutely no blackouts. The New England 5-Day is only available through July 4. Get yours now. BUY NOW Get five combined days of skiing to use at Sunday River, Loon Mountain and Sugarloaf for just $319 – with absolutely no blackouts.
  2. I went Saturday and while it started out top to bottom for the first 2 runs I decided to walk down the first 50 feet of the head wall after that. The rest skied well with only a few brownish spots that were easily avoided. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  3. I was there today as well. The ice on the headwall didn't actually "soften up" but there were piles to turn on. I got there around 8:45 skied until 1. All was bumped up but there was not actual ice but what looked like ice but you could turn on it.
  4. Well being stuck in the Cleveland area i did get to explore a few breweries. https://www.greatlakesbrewing.com/ good Imperial IPA 9.5% https://www.marketgardenbrewery.com/ good nitro Stout and a couple of nice IPA's. They also had a 15.5% Belgian Quad http://brimbrewery.com/ - Wasn't impressed - over priced http://www.willoughbybrewing.com/ - good Imperial stout - Nut Smasher 11.5% (also had a coconut version) https://bookhouse.beer/home/ Great English Pale Ale wife liked the Key lime Gose http://nanobrewcleveland.com/ - limited selection had way more guest taps than their own (6) Nothing stood out Also went to 3 wineries. 1 fancy 1 laid back 1 in the middle
  5. Need to find a stream of used skis
  6. The whole place was just about all woods. Maybe 7 runs were not glades.
  7. Here are some more: Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  8. Well the drive was long. Very long. Was it worth it? yes. Started my drive east of Cleveland at 4:30pm on Friday. Stopped driving at 2am. Slept in the back of the company mini van for 5 hours. In Marquette Mi in a Holiday inn parking lot. Got on the road after a starbucks stop at 7:15.pulled into the ski area at 9:20. Checked into the hostel and got dressed letting the snow soften up. At 10:30 got on the lift. The front was pretty melted out but the North backside had 2 feet of snow. Took 5 runs down through the haunted valley and then hit pirates cove and then one run down through the trees skiers left of the lift. That was scratchy but fun. Had a burger and 2 beers for lunch. Decided to hit the east side. Which parts were “closed” but were better than the front. The east lift was closed but they had a shuttle services from the road. Some runs need it even when that lift is running. Runs were steep in the bears den but were pretty flat through the upper parts of middle earth and outer limits. They get steeper near the bottom but were melted out. Here are the pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  9. I had a above average year. I was out of work Jan through mid-March. i had a season pass to Cannon and got my use of it weekdays but also many good weekend days. Only 2 days at Cannon that weren't great. Had 2 other days that weren't great either at Smuggs and Stowe. Had a great early day at Magic and one at Wildcat. Killington Early season was okay.
  10. That is great Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  11. Off the saddle (I think that is how you access it) does the run next to Wicked haard have a name? Or is it actually accessed through Wicked haard? From the lift saw a couple guys heading down it. One skier one snowboarder. Actually looks more open than Wicked Haard.
  12. Rock n' roll hall of fame , Indians game or watch the river burn?

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