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  1. Sugarbush was great on 3/14. Soft snow all day. Very sticky on the flats. Smuggs on 3/15 was fun and only had rain for 15 minutes. The rain was typhoon worthy though. Luckily i was in the lodge when it happened. Sun then came out and skied until 4. Some woods were in play and skied well. Stowe was pure frozen hell on 3/16. The worst skiing I have ever experienced. Nothing to grip to turn on. Took 5 runs and started drinking.
  2. Tenney on the freedom pass? An informed guess or just wishful thinking?
  3. Thurdsday - Sugarbush Friday - Smuggs - radar looking better: Saturday - Stowe
  4. Correct used more to funnel then to stop an out of control skier. Also to keep people from flying through there upright colliding with skiers coming from the Ravine side and over the lip. On another note bad place for those people to gathers
  5. Was that the zoomer bar with keys locked in it today at Cannon? Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  6. https://www.wmur.com/article/massachusetts-men-identified-as-skiers-involved-in-deadly-collision-on-cannon-mountain/26770987 State Police have identified the two people involved in a deadly collision on Cannon Mountain Friday afternoon. Investigators say 39-year-old Jeremy Keiran of Somerville, Mass., was skiing down the Profile Trail when he lost control and was thrown from his skis. According to a news release, Keiran then continued to slide through a roped-off area, off an embankment and onto the Middle Ravine Trail where he collided with 48-year-old Robert Slocum of Newburyport, Mass. State Police say Keiran was pronounced dead at the scene. Slocum was taken by ambulance to a local hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.
  7. Love Sugarbush. Supposed to ski there Thursday. Usually only get there once a year.
  8. 2 skiers collided but haven't heard any more.
  9. Not much info - https://www.wmur.com/article/skier-dies-on-cannon-mountain-1/26767385
  10. Features of the plan include a new water source that will eliminate Pico’s snowmaking water shortages, more than 26,000 feet of new and replacement snowmaking pipeline, and a new, additional pump in Pico’s pump house. Combined, these improvements will double the current snowmaking capacity.
  11. Pico announced 2.1 mil in snow making improvements
  12. Lost Valley in ME is missing on the Freedom. The prices for these passes would be a great addition to the chart. while some prices vary with age groups and blackouts/ WE vs WD add to the complexity.
  13. Tenney would be a nice add for me as well.
  14. I had some old link or linked in off the Magic site http://s288603809.onlinehome.us/freedompass/ Your link is much better - Thanks think I am leaning towards this. Throw in some 50% off days at K and Ragged and maybe grab a https://www.mychamplainvalley.com/ski-and-ride-card
  15. I play mine low enough so I can have conversations and hear what is going on around me. With it in my helmet and not directly in my ear I can still hear pretty well.
  16. Think free agent as well this year. It will cut into my ski days but I am going to have a new job and won't be able to get out as much anyway. 2 kids in college doesn't help either. Although one is going to Norwich in VT so hope to get in some days at the Bush and MRG or Stowe. Could also hit Pico or K. Maybe Whaleback on a Friday afternoon or Dartmouth skiway. Wondering about the Freedom Pass but thought Whaleback was on it but I guess it isn't. And granite gorge is now closed... Whaleback's site says they are part of it but the Freedom site doesn't show it... Whaleback pass for $249 would also give me 3 days at Magic, Bolton, Dartmouth, Black. 50% off at K and Ragged
  17. I just put my iphone on shuffle - Grateful Dead, Rage against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Allmans, Alice in Chains, Beastie Boys, Bob Marley and the Whalers, Johnny Cash,...
  18. Hopefully Crotched tonight. Friday - Waterville Saturday - Cannon Sunday - Cannon Left knee has been very stiff even without having skied since 2/24. Not that it affects my skiing much except for pushing on flats but my right elbow is f'd up as well. Realizing recovery time is slow over 50. Turn 51 on Saturday.
  19. Maybe Mr Lowell wants a new lift as well so he is being transparent to get people riled up so Peaks notices the customer outrage and replaces it. He knows he and Attitash (well all of NH) are the red headed step child of Peaks.
  20. Loon used to have it back in the late 90’s maybe early 00’s Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  21. What a joke! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  22. Right - replacement. The questions are with what and in what configuration?
  23. Well got surprised by morning snow. Skiing was pretty good today. Parked at the zoomer chair and skied the front five that were in great carving shape. Hit lake view glade which was in pretty good shape. Also hit Echo which was not as good. more bare spots, rocks and roots. Whiskey towne had great coverage but hadn't been skied enough and had a crust on top. Then went to the top and all the groomers were skiing great with the best being Vista way. Profile had great snow on the edges. Skied global warming glade which was in great condition. Went over to Mittersill after lunch at the truck. The lift line and candyland were in good condition. The only issue was at the bottom were you cut back over to the lift. It was a little bare. Great fun day.

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