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  1. Smellytele

    MLK weekend snow?

    Is something in the cards?
  2. I am staying at Mittersill Friday through Tuesday so skiing Cannon at least 3 of those days. Most likely Sunday -Tuesday but may Saturday as well. Wife is doing some woman's x-country ski clinic day on Sunday at Waterville. I will skiing with some combo of my sons that day. Also may ski at Pats on Friday before I head up.
  3. The wet at the beginning and end could make it sierra cement also the wind could be the issue
  4. Smellytele

    Roll Call 1/19-21

    Haters gonna hate...
  5. Smellytele

    Superbowl Prediction

    It was cold and a little snowy in KC last week and KC had no issues. so not so sure
  6. Smellytele

    Attitash triple

    the squirrel will not be sainted
  7. Smellytele

    Cannon 1/12

    Middle of Kinsman? Thought front five glades were in rougher shape. Most obstacles you could ski easily around.
  8. Smellytele

    Cannon 1/12

    Lost boys was the run of the day for me. Did Kinsman and on some of the off camber (most of the trail is off camber) turned on a hidden root, slid down it, skis slid out, I went down and hit my ass/hip hard on a rock. Still in pain this AM but I am heading out to x-country with the wife today.
  9. Smellytele


    Much better Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  10. Smellytele


    Tenney https://www.skitenney.com/ While I agree that the size of the mountain does go with the prices. The Mtn has to gain some customers back. Those prices won't get me there as their repetition has to be re-established.
  11. Smellytele

    Roll Call - Jan 11-13, 2019

    Try one of the front ones I mentioned. They are much more forgiving. They have more than one way down through them the whole way unlike the upper ones that tend to have large sections were it is only one turn (half turn really) wide.
  12. Smellytele

    Roll Call - Jan 11-13, 2019

    upper glades are in great shape but they are tight. Echo woods and Lake view aren't too tough. Whisky Towne has a lot of weird off camber stuff down through the stream. Still can't figure out how to get into the snowmaker's glade. Seem blocked off by race fencing. They are Blue so they might be even easier. Mid mountain was are tight as well - The Creek, Mushroom and Amazon
  13. Smellytele

    Pats Peak Morning skin = 1/11

    Just wanted to have a quick note saying that they were blowing snow everywhere. Went up lower breeze then cut over to Duster, Came down a talcum powdery Cyclone.
  14. Smellytele

    Roll Call - Jan 11-13, 2019

    Cannon 1/12 X-country 1/13 Not sure if you meant 1/11-13 or 1/11-23. thinking you meant 1/11-13 But... Cannon MLK weekend 1/18-21
  15. Smellytele

    Cannon 1/9/19

    Great day once I got there with 2 of my sons and 1 of their friends. The drive was slow above exit 23. Started skiing around 9:20. Snow came down all day. Started at the top and got fresh on Profile. Hit vista way next and that was great as well. Skied upper Cannon and also lost boy glade and go green which both skied very well. Taft was in great shape in the morning as well. From Taft hit Hard scrabble which had some obstacles under the snow but mostly was fine. Back up the detachable skied the old lift line to skirt over to the front five. The snow on the front five was a little sticky in the morning so after taking only a couple of runs (zoomer lift line and zoomer) met up with some friends and headed over to Mittersill and ducked ropes to ski a powdery Cannonball but then made a mistake and went into the Golden Birches Glade which was very thin. No damage done. Skied Baron's and then had lunch. After Lunch went back to the top. The wind had picked up and visibility decrease so headed into Lost Boys and another run through Go Green to get out of the wind. Back to the front five and the snow had dried out as it had gotten colder. No ice but it got more powdery. Skied Whiskey towne and Echo glades the latter being the nicer of the 2. Was going to go back to the top for a top to bottom run to end the day but the cannonball was by then (3:15) was on windhold so ended up ending on lower hardscrabble into The Creek glade which skied nice onto Middle and out on Red Ball. A beer in the bar and then home to take my 2 race runs at Crotched.
  16. Smellytele

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    Cannon got about a foot. It was dry and fluffy up top but started out a little heavy on the front five/lower part of the Mtn. After noon when the temp dropped the front five snow actually dried out and it was fluffy as well. Nothing froze up although the very top got very windy and the cannonball quad closed around 3,
  17. Smellytele

    Attitash triple

    problem with flying squirrel is even when it is running the lift does the opposite of flying. Maybe crawling squirrel?
  18. Smellytele

    Cannon 1/9/19

    I think I'll be going with a some combination of my sons on Saturday. Wind looks high with a high of 7 so I'll keep an eye on that before making my final decision. Sunday supposed to be x-country skiing with the wife at Waterville.
  19. Smellytele

    Cannon 1/9/19

    They actually did a good job with the race course itself but getting to the course was a little "fast".
  20. Smellytele

    Uphill Traffic Problems

    I have skinned up Cannon without issue. It was a weekday so no traffic. I have never had an issue with skinners while I was skiing. They need to stay on the right side of ravine all the way to Taft. they all seem to conform to this. No worse than people stopping on trails. Actually better as people just stop anyway across the trail sometimes across the whole trail. The post said nothing about getting in down skiers way.
  21. heard Burke was going to subdivide some land off maybe for housing
  22. Smellytele

    January - General Weather Thread

    I used to drive up 16 and thought it was one of the most dangerous roads in NH. also it was mostly a single lane road, 93 has a 70 mph speed limit and is 2 lanes so apples and oranges
  23. Smellytele

    Cannon - Condition Reports

    Skied the best it has in awhile. Vista Way was the run of the day. Lower hardscrabble was pretty good. Baron's run on skiers right was like skiing it before the lift . Teenage son got a nice core shot that I will be working on later. Front five were variable - Avy was very "fast" Polly's and Zoomer were okay and G 'N R were fine.
  24. Smellytele

    January - General Weather Thread

    Just a little sleet north of Concord to about Tilton. Drive was fine to Cannon

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