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  1. Not open - they did this last year too. And then did not really open until later. Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  2. Game On!

    its coming
  3. Game On!

    A Basin today! Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  4. Killington newsletter signup 2fer's

    There is probably some kidding involved in the two non honorable discharges but ..... A general discharge is not a negative discharge - it generally means one was not fit to perform duties and in some case it can even be turned into an honorable if sufficient time was served. They are also eligible for most Veterans benefits so one might argue that they should get the same benefit at K town. Dishonorable - well that speaks for itself in terms of benefits. There are several other types of discharges as well that are less that Honorable that are not bad, like Other Than Go Honorable, Clemency, and Administravie. Beside Dishonorable there is Bad Conduct Discharge but that discharge at least gets access to some VA benefits. As Cannoball mentions earlier, many ski areas do not do enough to recognize military service, in fact is they were smart for 2 cents they would offer free skiing because the may be a full paying visitor or visitors along with them. I do like what Killington offers at least. Sent from my SM-G930V using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. Game On!

    and there is this http://snowboarding.transworld.net/news/snowmaking-already-loveland-ski-area-testing-snow-guns/
  6. Game On!

    I will help you feel better
  7. Killington newsletter signup 2fer's

    Plus if you are a veteran you get the Killington Express Card for free. Or you can get the Whaleback Pass for $140, but free is always good! Plus FREE KILLINGTON LIFT TICKET ON VETERAN'S DAY AND MEMORIAL DAY for Active Duty, Retired and Honorably Discharged Military
  8. Powder ski width

    My Dynastar Cham 97 seemed to do pretty well in powder. The shovel was wide and rockered really nice so that was great for front float - where they fell short was in the tail which was flat and not that wide so it would sink and smearing a surfy powder turn was work. This year I am experimenting with the Salomon Rockr 2 that I got on the cheap and a used demo ski. The design is interesting with it having different flex patterns on the tip and tail. I am interested in giving them a shot. I do plan on demoing other skis as well. The one ski that I did like a lot was the Icelantic Nomad 105 but I skied on a non powder day but worked well as a daily driver. Some of the highest rated skis for powder are in the 100-110 range.
  9. Killington newsletter signup 2fer's

    Maybe too many people were taking advantage of it with multiple emails. I noticed their early season pricing has got more aggressive.
  10. Killington newsletter signup 2fer's

    In another forum - this was always posted by now - last year August 26th and the year prior August 18th. I have been watching for it - nothing yet!
  11. 2017 Summer Improvements/Expansions

    Does anyone know what is going on here at Killington at the bottom of SS?
  12. Och-Ziff Capital

    They reached and agreement November 9, 2016 andwas finalized 04/10/2017 I started these threads on other forums. The initial post is below - links to dig into below as well as from others http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php/139712-EPR-Properties-the-Owner-Operator-tangled-web?highlight=properties http://forum.pugski.com/threads/epr-properties-the-tangled-web-of-owner-operators.5662/#post-133624 With all the resort purchasing fervor, I started looking at who owns what and who operates what and found this interesting.So .... I thought Peak Resorts owned Hunter, Mt Snow, Jack Frost etc. but it turns out they are just the operators of the resorts apparently.There is a REIT EPR Properties that actually owns the CNL Properties that were sold a while back and also happen to own the several Peak Resorts Properties. See the map in the link below:http://www.eprkc.com/portfolio/property-map/Apparently, Och-Ziff Real Estate borrowed some money from EPR Properties and is also the co owner of the CNL Properties that they let go but in more recent articles Och-Ziff is no longer mentioned. OZ was in the middle of a scandal in Africa - so not sure if they backed out or not.This list is rather interesting in the tangles webhttp://www.eprkc.com/portfolio/recreation/ski-areas/property-list/BTW Brighton is on that list.
  13. And they said they will not this season and let things be, but they planning on a pass product that will include the various resorts. Now whether that creates a pass war or not is another discussion. But according to these lists Vail has things figured out and KSL is figuring it out too. http://www.ski.com/blog/the-most-popular-ski-vacations/ https://www.zrankings.com/ I listed both KSL and Vail resorts below KSL Properties (25,500 skiing acres) Aspen Snowmass Aspen Highlands Buttermilk Aspen Mountain Deer Valley Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Snow Summit Bear Mountain June Mountain in California Steamboat Ski & Resort Winter Park Resort Blue Mountain Ski Resort Mont Tremblant Resort Stratton Mountain Resort Snowshoe Mountain Resort Vail Resorts (40,000 skiing acres) Vail Ski Resort Beaver Creek Resort Breckenridge Ski Resort Keystone Resort Heavenly Mountain Resort Northstar California Kirkwood Mountain Resort Afton Alps Mount Brighton Park City Mountain Resort (Includes Canyons) Perisher Ski Resort Wilmot Mountain Whistler Blackcomb Stowe Mountain Resort

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