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  1. For me it is days and smiles. I live by a philosophy of "smiles per hour, not miles per hour" I would rather have a day with 3 or 4 marginal runs in the woods with great company than have a day with 55 runs on the trails. So I judge my seasons by how many days I can get into the woods. And it's probably more than most people would care to realize. My standards are not snow depth, but adventure. For instance, I have already taken 3 trips to the gunsite this year. Yea, it was questionable conditions all 3, but I was laughing my ass off and having a blast. So far, this has been a great season. An
  2. Congrats! You caught a one in a million photo! The dude is like Bigfoot at the ski area, he is NEVER outside. He has NEVER seen the load area of cannonball, EVER. The highest up the mountain he has ever been on skis is the top of eagle cliff. It's nearly impossible to run a lift ops department from a windowless office in the basement of Peabody lodge.........
  3. He doesn't have the balls. That is part of his problem as manager of the department, he avoids any and all confrontation at all costs. Therefore, he simply can not reprimand someone for not doing their job, or showing up late, or just being a shitty coworker. He lets EVERYTHING slide under the rug. In the seasonal ski area employment world yes, staff is hard to come by, and most places just need warm bodies, but to constantly punish your hard workers by making them babysit warm bodies wears on those hard workers FAST. It would be one thing for me to carry 2 useless bodies if they at least were
  4. Like 90% of the lifties with a work ethic, I moved on. Nothing like being expected to do the job of 3 people daily, while being told you are just as expendable as the kid who doesn't know what a shovel is and shows up to work an hour late everyday with sneakers and sweatpants on so that he has to sit up top all day and not do anything. It was a dreadful job working for Jeff Varin before the new normal. But a multitude of circumstances led me to needing a night shift gig for the winter and I landed in a snowcat at Waterville Valley for the season. It worked out for the best. You can learn all y
  5. So it may be too late for your current boots, but I ALWAYS remover my boot liners and put both the shell and liner next to my dehumidifier. It's all the moisture being trapped in there that makes them stink. Once I started doing this my insane foot stink problems went away. The spray on anti persperant trick works rather well too.
  6. Much like all resorts they cut all deals to be on the safe side to start the season. Now that most places are expanding terrain, and midweek overcrowding did not turn out to be the issue some feared, some resorts are extending midweek deals again. Waterville Valley is also doing two for Tuesday again from what I have heard.
  7. Lol dude, Cannon is knoe for all of 5 sunny days a year. Once again, welcome to the notch, first time here?
  8. Quite frankly I don't care who approves anything. The author of this article is extremely misinformed. And if you don't want snowmaking running during the day, you belong at Loon.
  9. This is written by someone who has no clue what they are talking about. Was this your 1st time in the notch? Cannon is known for low visibility days like this without snowmaking. Considering the visibility issues only hindered 4 or the 40ish open trails that day, who gives a crap? These two hiked up AFTER the mountain had closed "for one more run". They had no business being up there. They are going to be billed for their rescue by both Fish and Game and Cannon Mountain. "There was gear and bodies everywhere." Good god, sensationalist much? I thought you couldn't see? How did you see bodies an
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