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  1. Burke on Saturday, one word says it all , DEEP !!!!!!
  2. Burke on Saturday was quite amazing, tons of snow and very little wind . maybe 20 Kts north west and it blew up the lift line no effects at all, Biggest crown I ever saw there, lots of tickets dangling from jackets. most people I talked to on lift are new to Burke, a very good sign. they do have some good stay and ski packages at hotel but the crowd was way more than that. Deepest skiing I have seen in New England , I felt like I was out west !!!
  3. IMO NorthConway Is a great Ski town, has a lot to offer, Its a real shame Attitash has gone downhill in recent years, I am a fan of rt 16, have driven or rode on for 56 years . I live in Newbury and its 2;05 to Attitash and 2;15 to Wildcat . Cannon is just over 2 hours also from my house , Burke is 3 hours on the 93 route
  4. To be honest the only time I was there on a day there was wind hold it was also -15 degrees F, All the time I have been there wind has not been a real issue, the chair to the top is fairly low. the exposure is bad ,but it should run up the line and not across which causes the most problems , I will know tomorrow, there is always the new Tbar????
  5. Attitash had a quote to put a new lift up the old top notch double chair line 4 or 5 years ago for 4 Mil, how foolish were they to pass on that, Peaks resort needs someone that has some vision, or gives a crap about skiing to turn the ship at Attitash. If they don't NH will need to widen 302 to handle the additional traffic to BW
  6. I am way more curious why they are not ordering a new lift ?????
  7. I am in the 84 to 88 camp as a eastern daily driver, with a 74 on hardpack groomer days, west ski is 106 , I just bought a pair of 95 's that I brought out west as a two ski quiver but with a week of daily new snow never used them.
  8. Very true !!!! I will be at JH next year , I am sure you will be there.
  9. I am buying the Ikon again this year, worked out good for me with a Alta Bird trip, Sunday river trip, big sky trip, plus an day so far at Sugarbush, have plans in April for Killington .
  10. I will be there, please pass along meal and lodging plans
  11. It was great to see you at BS, keep the pictures and stories coming of your adventures

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