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  1. Brad J

    Attitash triple

    Not exactly new thinking , the MRG had 50 chairs in it in 1948, they just use that as an excuse, why would Peaks resort want to make investment at Attitash when you can buy three small hills for 78 mil ????
  2. My understanding that is Burke is not planned to go on the market until the receiver figures out how to turn a profit there. I hear that the EB-5 situation is not satisfied yet , they need to find an way to produce new jobs , they are thinking a upgraded snowmaking system with pond.
  3. Brad J

    Attitash triple

    Let's forget the fact that they have been putting bandaids on that lift for almost 10 years , That lift must be replaced for the area to survive. they are loosing patrons to Brenton Woods, Sunday River and even Cranmore because of that lift. people just do not want to spend 17 minutes of there life each time they ride it. I am not sure what its going to take for management to figure this out.
  4. Brad J

    1/7 - 1/9 - Storm

    I put new snow wax on for Wednesday ARL
  5. Brad J

    January - General Weather Thread

    i know its totally different type of road , i am just speaking of the demeanor of the drivers, they know rt 16 its dangerous and drive accordingly .
  6. Brad J

    January - General Weather Thread

    I drove to Burke and encountered the same , Not a fan of 93. i drive 75mph and the karmikaze drivers that are weaving thru traffic is crazy at night. hope none here have a Red VW wagon , WTF I drove Rt 16 for 45 years and never saw the crap drivers do as on RT93.
  7. . No mention of Burke, I thought last spring they were going to bundle together, I hope someone is interested ???
  8. Brad J

    Roll Call January 4-6

    Burke for me Saturday
  9. Brad J

    Attitash triple

    Peaks Resort is totally tone deaf on this issue, i would love to see their 5 year plan for Attitash, beside running the place into the ground
  10. Brad J

    Narrowing the quiver

    Here you go
  11. Brad J

    Narrowing the quiver

    I am also in need of reducing Quiver so: 1) Brand new Kastle FX 85 HP 173 cm with Demo Attack 13 binding $600 2) 2014 Kastle FX 94 with K12 Binding (tyrolia ) couple of base repairs $200
  12. Brad J

    Balsams Resort

    Burke does need a buyer , Not sure if Les is the right buyer ???
  13. At Attitash today, practicing GS turns, Quite different than pass 3 weeks but fun never the less. More race kids than regular skiers and boarders, but they were very well managed
  14. Skied Burke Saturday, was wall to wall on natural snow , all tree runs where in play and skied very well, no people , exceptional cover for early season, hope the R Sunday is light , unfortunately the cold with no snow will change things considerably . Will bring hard snow ski next week.

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