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  1. Weatherman

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    Do they plow the field??? Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  2. Weatherman

    Stop me if you've heard this before...

    Stop me if you've heard this before... we're looking at another great weekend of skiing. And it's only mid-November! Thursday night into Friday will bring the third snow storm in a week to much of ski country. This is the part of the discussion where I'd typically show you the model forecast maps for snowfall accumulation. I'll do that this time but please be aware that I think they're all crazy. Seriously the simple snowfall algorithms are not handling this well. They are either crazy high in the Mid-Atlantic or really underplaying it in the mountains. Let's jump in and have a look. Using a simple 10:1 snowfall ratio: No. Just no. That's crazy town in the Mid-Atlantic into southern New England. To be fair to the modelers, there are more complicated snowfall schemes. So using that same model run and a more advanced microphysics scheme... This lays out much more reasonable numbers in southern regions, though the mountain accumulations are under-done. The real story in much of southern New England (hi Wachusett!), is going to be icing. That very well may be the headline issue across the region. I'm a little concerned about power outages as a result, but not ready to broadcast that too loudly, especially considering that winds will not be an issue. A look at the Worcester precipitation breakdown is showing a whole lot of ice though. So where should we be skiing this weekend? Smart money is on Wildcat or Sugarloaf. Both already have a base on the ground and off-piste skiing should be in play. Look for around 8" at both mountains out of this storm. Vermont ski areas should see a widespread 6". Snow will start late Thursday night and last until early afternoon Friday. A closer look at the envelope of snowfall forecasts for Rumford, ME will serve as our proxy for both mountains. The high-resolution guidance envelope is squarely in the 5-6" range, but mountain enhancement will get you to the 8"
  3. Weatherman

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    I am going to work on a new blog post tonight. Models are out to lunch. Going to be a good weekend!
  4. Weatherman

    Snowmaking Window

    They always blow under the lights. Same thing at Cranmore and Wachusett. Any maybe any other mountain with lights? Basic idea is why have your staff work in the dark if you have lights.
  5. Weatherman

    Snowmaking Window

    That is a really impressive amount of firepower.
  6. Weatherman


    Sure. At Wildcat we already had one of those. ?
  7. Weatherman

    Roll Call for 11/16 - 11/18

    Wildcat on Saturday Perhaps Bretton Woods on Sunday? Looks like the Cat will have both Lynx and Polecat top-to-bottom, and everything else will likely be poachable. Ropes should be dropping -- because Wildcat.
  8. Weatherman

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    You know they have a physical store in Nashua now?
  9. Weatherman

    Roll Call: Veteran's Day Weekend

    Good piece of info there.
  10. Weatherman

    Boston Ski Show Deals

    Meh? Ragged and Waterville are doing their typical things where you can win a ticket. Friends of Tuckerman have their standard deal where you get a ticket with membership. Stop by the Makusue Ski Club booth (my club) which is clearly the most interesting booth there. ? I did have a chat with a couple of travel agents. I'm always looking for a new group trip vendor.
  11. Weatherman

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    This is solid advice. I haven’t checked the prices at Sierra Trading Post since they went brick and mortar. But they used to be good. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  12. Weatherman

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    The biggest differencing is waterproofing. Take the jacket out on a snow day or under the guns and you'll immediately see the difference. Likewise seam taping under the stitching helps with wind resistance. And let's not forget the all-important snow skirt. That keeps snow from going up under the jacket when you fall.
  13. Weatherman

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    Yeah, it's more complicated. For example, the camber can be off so that you wear the inside or outside of the tire unevenly. I've had this happen before. But even this is "too little too late". By the time you notice the uneven wear you've already smoked a perfectly good set of tires. I get an alignment with every new set of tires. The extra $50 is a small price compared to ruining a $1000 set of tires.
  14. Weatherman

    Roll Call: Veteran's Day Weekend

    I do my best to speak the truth. I'm packed and ready. I'll be at Wildcat with bells on Saturday morning. That should say something.

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