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  1. Saturday, March 23, 2019 Mountain: Wildcat Lift(s) Impacted: all (Eventually). Snowcat and Catapult ran for a bit. Wind Speed: 70+ mph Wind Direction: NW
  2. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/business/local/attitash-summit-triple-chair-repairs-not-to-be-completed-til/article_ec66abae-4a7c-11e9-aea9-ef349b04cb2f.html
  3. Announcing my 2020 ski trip... Val d’Isere and Paris, France Jan. 31 - Feb. 11, 2020 $2,820 double occupancy, $3,435 single occupancy Inclusions: 7-nights ski-in, ski-out at Hotel Altitude in Val d'Isere 3-nights at Hotel Belloy Saint-Germain, Paris Airfare from Boston - Geneva (GVA) and Paris (CDG) - Boston Deluxe motor coach ground transfers Transfer to Paris via TGV high speed train Five evening dinners in Val d'Isere Welcome reception in Val d'Isere Full European breakfasts daily 2-3 hour walking tour of Paris Porterage in and out of hotels Full details and registration are online.
  4. Bretton Woods was better yesterday after than morning. It was firm and fast, but ungroomed was survivable though not compelling.
  5. Wildcat’s bar was excellent yesterday. I started off with a breakfast margarita followed by another and then three mugs of Switchback. Conditions were survivable but not fun. Ungroomed was an inch or two blown into shiny bumps. Bretton Woods today is fast and firm. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  6. Try doing it from the web interface rather than the app. It is much more fully featured.
  7. Shrug. Have not seen it. Is it possible you an old password store in a browser or app that is trying to refresh?
  8. My boot / glove dryer that I keep at home died last week. Fortunately I have a spares, including three that I keep at the ski club and one in my duffel bag. But before next season I'd like to replace it. Buying boot dryers at the ski shop is unreasonably expensive. They often retail for $70+. In the past I've done well buying dryers at Costco, Harbor Freight, and Ocean State Job Lot for about $30. Of those the job lot dryer was my least favorite, but all were functional. What do you use for boot dryers? Anyone built one at home? Have a lead on a place to buy the 4-post type dryers for the $30 range?
  9. Pull the trigger at $36 for sure. When I looked at group tickets last year, we weren't where we needed to be for minimum volume. I've got a meeting scheduled with someone with the power to make discount tickets happen, but it'll be a minute thing if it becomes a reality.
  10. Considering they haven't even identified the problem, you have to wonder. But honestly I don't think they'll give up on the lift for the season if they can at all help it. Closing without that lift running again would be too harmful to spring pass sales. They want to prove that lift is functional again to stop the constant bad publicity and partially mute the cries for a new lift.

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