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  1. It looks like Wildcat survived the wet weather and came out ahead. Looking forward to this weekend.
  2. I'm thinking about heading there for a day this weekend. Maybe Sunday. How is the surface holding up?
  3. You want to buy AKASO goggle off of Amazon. $36. Well built I have spares. They have several lens colors, and they are magnetic lens swap. Easy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075VNS5DN/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_uww1DbDQPC1EM
  4. I have space for a male in a double occupancy room. Anyone interested?
  5. I'm looking at early November at this point. It's starting to look like they'll be a window.
  6. Probably not. But maybe. He's not planning on resurrecting anything himself as traffic there was been so low.
  7. And at least the roof at Bear Peak should not leak this year.
  8. I just sent him an email offering to host them here. I'd be glad to have them.
  9. You're optimistic to expect any skill here. I've only got 4 days on the season so far. I was expecting 8. Not a good start.
  10. I saw that. But I've never had their beer. I guess now we understand how that happened.
  11. Reading over the FAQ. I think this means the Peak Pass upgrade can be done at any time this season. And is $70 for those who purchased early.
  12. I am keeping an eye on this. Summer skiing could get much easier when I get desperate.
  13. So... we went to Vina del Mar and then Valparaiso today... and got robbed in the process. Chile is supposedly safe "by South American standards". And Valparaiso is a gritty yet colorful port town. A stunningly beautiful area. We were driving down the coast and had pulled into a scenic vista parking area to take photos. Another behind us pulls in and parks right next to us. A guy gets out as if to see the view and distracts us while another grabs my wife's purse out of the car. I'm standing on the sidewalk in front of the car. As I turn around, they run off, jump in the car, and speed off. This all happens in a matter of seconds. They didn't even have time to grab the loose change out of the center console. Fortunately there was nothing important in the purse. My wife had all her cards and such in her jacket. All they got were tampons, cosmetics, and a pair of glass with an outdated prescription. We have a newer pair with us. And the purse itself came from Marshall's, though my wife really liked it. Obviously no real loss to speak of, but I was pissed about it so we drove back to the hotel without exploring downtown Valpo.
  14. We skied yesterday. Snow was a bit better. They clearly had made a little and harvested what they could. Today they are down to functionally one trail. We quit. We’re driving down to the city to go wine tasting / touring. May leave the ski hotel a night early and check out the beach. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2019-08-30/giant-vultures-circle-slopes-in-truly-depressing-ski-season Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports

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