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  1. Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

    Cranmore http://www.cranmore.com/Skiing-Riding/Tickets-Passes/Ways-to-Save/Cyber-Monday Cranmore 5-Pack - Only available for purchase through Dec. 20, 2017 for $219, this 5 pack of transferable, non-holiday lift tickets lets you use them all or share with a friend. Retail: $249, save $30! Cranmore Value Card - For $50, you’ll get a ticket valid for a day of skiing or riding plus save $20 on all subsequent lift ticket purchases, with no restrictions, plus get a free lift ticket after every 7th visit. The card is non-transferable and cannot be combined with other offers. Retail: $80, save $30! Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  2. Having steeper terrain doesn't stop families from coming. A few years ago they systematically reclassified their trails to lower the difficulty ratings. The result is that trails like Illusion were made blues and not attract lots of intermediates who struggle. I actually consider Attitash to be a sleeper on a powder day. They have lots of good terrain and decent glades. And you average Attitash skier is not going looking for that terrain and powder.
  3. We need a thread for online deals being offered over Thanksgiving weekend. Ragged: 4-packs unrestricted tickets $179 Attitash / Wildcat Peak Passport 4-packs of tickets 3-lesson discovery pack $99 Burke lift tickets 3-pack $179 Gift card $50 gets $10 free Every $125 gets a free lift ticket tunes 3 for $60 Bretton Woods: 4-pack non-holiday $259
  4. Definitely not. Note that their tickets are interchangeable with Attitash.
  5. I can ask this, but it's not really a GM question. That really needs to be targeted at the Peak Resorts marketing guy.
  6. November 2017 weather discussion

    Maybe I should have just created a seasonal-outlook thread.
  7. I'm not sure what the secret to making money at Attitash is. The terrain definitely lends itself to be an advanced skier's mountain, but its location caters to families. I tries so hard to be a family mountain, but it would not be my first choice with kids. To be honest, it's probably not financially feasible to see Attitash rebrand themselves to advanced skiers. And it certainly won't pay for the lift.
  8. Saddleback Updates

    No surprise. Yawn.
  9. Do they have a snowmaking update? Wondering when they're planning to get off the Jet Triple and move over to Goat Run. Hopefully next week?
  10. Peak Resorts

    Peaks is threatening to close Hidden Valley, MO after the city denied them a permit for extended hours to open a new zip line. Tim Boyd has threatened to sell the property to a developer after this ski season.
  11. Word. The trail policy is one of the reason I like the place.
  12. Swix EVO Pro Edger

    I just want to stress, be very careful with this tool. It would amazingly well but takes a steady hand. You can really do some damage to the edge if it slips.
  13. low pocket in ski bases

    I brought them into Sport Thoma in Bartlett. Mark did a great job of filling it in and grinding it flat. Can't even tell where the spot was, but we'll see if the repair lasts.
  14. Rotobrushes

    RaceWax.com has a new set of their own brand of roto-brushes. $129 for the full set including handle $29 each for the horse hair and nylon I have no vested interest and receive nothing for saying this, but that's a great value. I don't know how these brushes perform, but I love my Swix roto-brushes. But the comparable Swix set would cost $290. They save hours of my time and lots of sweat. If you do buy them and have not used them before, get a corded drill. Using a cordless will quickly burn out the battery. I got the Hitachi corded drill with variable speed dial on the trigger. It is not the best drill, but at $30 the price is right and I couldn't find that trigger speed dial on any other drill. It actually does come in handy with roto-brushes where you want to turn down the speed for the brass brush.
  15. How to Use This Forum

    We meant from the front page or forum topic listing, not from within the thread.

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