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  1. Thursday - Crotched race league Saturday - Attitash race Sunday - ??? open to suggestions in the MWV. Thinking about Bretton Woods
  2. What have you been smoking? And are you willing to share?
  3. How bad were crowds at Cannon this weekend? I drove by yesterday and it looked empty.
  4. But there is no terrain expansion to go with it? So basically they're just attempting to address lift lines and pack more people onto the existing trails? I know this is sorely needed. Should be interesting to see it unfold.
  5. I got to Wildcat at 9:38am, and the lot was long since full. Traffic was backed up 6 past the AMC center. I drove around it and headed straight to C Lot. I ended up parking on a snowbank near the garage. When I saw the GM in the lodge, he immediately asked me "Where did you park?" I told him and his reply was "fair enough". It's every man for himself on a day like this. I know that Stowe also filled all their parking, but that happens regularly there. I can only think of a few times that this has ever happened at Wildcat. And never by 9am. It was unreal. Fortunately the lift capacity is relatively large compared to the parking. There was never more that a couple minutes wait on the Tomcat, and probably 5 minutes on the quad. How was everywhere else? Like beyond the Epic resorts? I am wondering if this is the new normal under the Vail regime.
  6. And the triple is down again. The comedy continues. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  7. It looks like early next week could be a net gain. I am trying to remain optimistic. I brought up the powder skis.
  8. I'm not at work today... so that's a win! But I am working from the ski club. Woke up to a deck covered in glass today. Decided that did not need to be skied.
  9. Do what exactly are the responsibilities as an Ambassador? Are those the people who greet you when you arrive?
  10. Do you think they allow tailgating at the mall? A summer gathering may be in order.
  11. Long and short of it... Okemo gets a new 6-pack. Nothing else in the East. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/vail-resorts-announces-key-capital-211000586.html
  12. Oh, so now you're going to motivate me to take pictures? That's always been the problem for me. see @xwhaler post from Sunday:
  13. You'd never notice that they are magnetic unless you try to take it apart.
  14. I regret to say a trip per month this summer may be in order. The only good reason to visit Jersey.
  15. I'm trying not to look. Things are not pretty out there.

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