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  1. Today is a 10 at the Cat. Tip it and rip it. No wind. Temps 12 base, 14 summit. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  2. Weatherman

    2019 car thread

    Time to talk cars again. As a reminder, my current car quiver 2019 Volvo XC40, 3k miles - wife's daily driver 2016 Chevy Silverado, 58k miles - ski vehicle, plus general lugging things around 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe, 143k miles - my commuter car The Santa Fe has been giving me grief over the last few months. Mechanically it's been very reliable, but now electrical gremlins have shown up. A couple months ago we replaced the alternator after it died. Immediately after replacement the traction control light sporadically turned out. Then the new alternator died. Fortunately the part was warrantied, but I still paid labor again ($150). I took the car back to have the tractional control light, and a code came up about the 4WD ECU. My mechanic sent me to the dealer to learn more. Mechanically the drive line and 4WD system are in great shape. But the current thought is that when the alternator died, it fried the 4WD ECU module. So do I repair the Santa Fe or not? I know it also needs a new AC compressor in the spring. So far I haven't put much money in it at all. Before this latest set of problems over the life of the car there was an oil sending switch replacement, new front strut assemblies, a belt / tensioner, brakes, and tires. Other than the cheap oil sending switch, the rest is typical wear and tear. The 4WD and AC systems combined could be a big bill, and one that I hesitate to touch. Options in my mind... 1) Fix the car. Guessing $2,500. The 4WD part alone will be over $600 from the dealer. Probably another $400 for AC parts from RockAuto. Plus labor. 2) Sell the car as-is to a dealer. Use the truck as my daily driver 3) Trade-in the car. Buy a penalty box daily driver. Not sure if I'd get something used, or a new compact car. There are several new models that can be had for $15k. Discuss!
  3. Weatherman

    2019 car thread

    Yeah, so Jeep offers three different 4x4 systems. It depends how that specific vehicle was optioned. An open question. For example, my Silverado has a transfer case system that can also operate in automatic mode. So I have 2-High, Auto, 4-High, 4-Low. And the rear differential is automatic locking too, not just limited slip. But that auto locking rear diff is not standard either. Really depends on how much you are willing to spend.
  4. Weatherman

    2019 car thread

    For on-pavement use? The details are not important. Sure the locking diff is important off the pavement, but you're not going to notice driving on highways.
  5. I'm still holding out for JetBlue service to Europe. They are the one domestic airline I'd considering taking overseas.
  6. Weatherman

    Planning to not open

    This is a really important point. You don't want to scare away first-timers with a bad experience. I'm not sure it's part of their thought process, but it should be.
  7. Weatherman

    NELSAP Skiing

    This is a great topic. I just never have the energy to get myself up the hill.
  8. Weatherman

    2019 car thread

    If you're staying on pavement there is not much difference in the drivelines. Ground clearance on both is respectable. The suspension makes a much more pleasant ride on the Crosstrek. Both are slow and loud inside so equal demerits. Slow and loud really are the best adjectives for the Crosstrek.
  9. Weatherman

    S6 Sunday 2/10

    Looks like nice trees! I agree that I love under the radar spots to ski on busy days. I love to explore new glades.
  10. Weatherman

    Southwest Airlines... this is ridiculous

    Just opened up my ski bag after my trips. Noticed scratches on the bases from where sand somehow get in there. Need to be more careful securing the skis with straps. This was my first time flying Swiss Air on a trip. They were very lenient on the baggage policy. If you objected to the charge, they gave up. Hauled all sorts of crap with me.
  11. Weatherman

    February - General Weather Thread

    I just got back last night. I'm still working through my backlog. I know I owe a trip report. This weekend looks like nice weather. I'll be heading up on Friday, probably as soon as I am caught up with everything.
  12. Weatherman

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Sent from my [device_name] using http://Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  13. We need a thread for ski instruction videos. I found a great one on powder skiing. This instructor is fantastic, and the kids can rip.
  14. Weatherman

    Roll Call Feb 1-3

    He has moved on to better things. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  15. Weatherman

    Roll Call Feb 1-3

    Friday: drinking in Berlin Saturday: travel day Sunday: St Anton
  16. Get AT it. Let's move the general mountain discussion to this thread.
  17. Weatherman

    Attitash 2018/19 thread

    This is sound advice. I send beginners to Wildcat too. They try to advertise Attitash as the family mountain, but for my money the opposite is true.
  18. Weatherman

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    It’s a touristy area. In winter. On a Tuesday evening at 6pm. This place is a circus on a weekend around 9pm in summer. I come here because it is one of the more authentic German restaurants in a city that is surprisingly lacking in them. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  19. Weatherman

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  20. Weatherman

    How Bad Did We Just Get Hosed?

    Yeah, I was surprised how good Attitash was. The snow drained well. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  21. Weatherman

    Cannon 1/26

    Having a fresh shop tune was key this weekend. A clean base edge and flat base are really important for gripping this frozen granular.
  22. Weatherman

    February - General Weather Thread

    It's because I'm leaving for 2.5 weeks. You're welcome.
  23. Weatherman

    Basic clothing questions

    Talk to me more about fleece pants. Have never considered them. Any thin fleece pants that anyone can recommend? And what is the point of them? Ass insulation on the lift?
  24. Weatherman

    Jan 29/30th

    Good luck! I'm leaving this evening. Will miss all the fun.
  25. Weatherman

    How Bad Did We Just Get Hosed?

    Were they? Everything was first in western Maine yesterday too.

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