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  1. Weekend update: it was great! Saturday was bluebird with packed powder and excellent coverage. Some of the typically rocky places were tracked out, but overall excellent. Lower Catapult was the pick of the day. Soft groomer that you could lay it out on. Sunday was a powder day. About 3" of dense sugar snow that covered everything. Snowed all day. By the end of the day you could rip down anything. That dense snow really held an edge and the breeze pushed it into the troughs creating a smooth surface. Copy Cat and Tomcat Schuss were exceptional. Saturday was again a busy day, but they've gotten into the habit of running the Tomcat Triple every weekend day now, so you could avoid the line. Sunday was much quieter and a refreshing return to the Wildcat that I know and love.
  2. Sorry that I missed the thread. Ended up at Wildcat both days. Was a most excellent choice.
  3. I'd agree with that sweet spot range. I ski the Enforcer 93 as my eastern USA daily driver. The Enforcer 100 as my Alps and spring ski, plus light powder or sloppy seconds days. That covers most of the season. I've got a couple narrower skis for the days of groomers only, which have been rare this year.
  4. Perhaps this is one factor as to why Wildcat has been super busy all season.
  5. I finally gave up the ghost and sold my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe. Loved that car and it was super reliable right up until the electrical problems started a couple months ago. I'd buy another again in a heartbeat. It was great as a ski vehicle. Now I've started toying with the idea of buying a used car as a commuter vehicle. I can't quite justify it though.
  6. Wednesday looks like flurries to a coating anywhere that it counts.
  7. Yeah, that would definitely be interesting. I hope it comes with additional snowmaking water capacity. Because that pond is stretched thin already since the last expansion.
  8. Yeah, so Jeep offers three different 4x4 systems. It depends how that specific vehicle was optioned. An open question. For example, my Silverado has a transfer case system that can also operate in automatic mode. So I have 2-High, Auto, 4-High, 4-Low. And the rear differential is automatic locking too, not just limited slip. But that auto locking rear diff is not standard either. Really depends on how much you are willing to spend.
  9. For on-pavement use? The details are not important. Sure the locking diff is important off the pavement, but you're not going to notice driving on highways.
  10. I'm still holding out for JetBlue service to Europe. They are the one domestic airline I'd considering taking overseas.
  11. This is a really important point. You don't want to scare away first-timers with a bad experience. I'm not sure it's part of their thought process, but it should be.
  12. This is a great topic. I just never have the energy to get myself up the hill.
  13. If you're staying on pavement there is not much difference in the drivelines. Ground clearance on both is respectable. The suspension makes a much more pleasant ride on the Crosstrek. Both are slow and loud inside so equal demerits. Slow and loud really are the best adjectives for the Crosstrek.
  14. Looks like nice trees! I agree that I love under the radar spots to ski on busy days. I love to explore new glades.
  15. Just opened up my ski bag after my trips. Noticed scratches on the bases from where sand somehow get in there. Need to be more careful securing the skis with straps. This was my first time flying Swiss Air on a trip. They were very lenient on the baggage policy. If you objected to the charge, they gave up. Hauled all sorts of crap with me.
  16. I just got back last night. I'm still working through my backlog. I know I owe a trip report. This weekend looks like nice weather. I'll be heading up on Friday, probably as soon as I am caught up with everything.
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  18. He has moved on to better things. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  19. Friday: drinking in Berlin Saturday: travel day Sunday: St Anton
  20. We need a thread for ski instruction videos. I found a great one on powder skiing. This instructor is fantastic, and the kids can rip.
  21. This is sound advice. I send beginners to Wildcat too. They try to advertise Attitash as the family mountain, but for my money the opposite is true.
  22. It’s a touristy area. In winter. On a Tuesday evening at 6pm. This place is a circus on a weekend around 9pm in summer. I come here because it is one of the more authentic German restaurants in a city that is surprisingly lacking in them. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
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  24. Get AT it. Let's move the general mountain discussion to this thread.

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