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  1. Yeah, their customers are loyal. And I think there are good reasons for it.
  2. Sunday River is a possibility. But a lot of motivation is required to make the drive from North Conway two days in a row and pay the $50 per day. Plus a day of vacation would be required. Maybe K-Mart next weekend? Ugh.
  3. That is an evolving vision. Ultimately I may just give links at the bottom of each mountain's page to more than one guide. I would like the mountain pages to become go-to reference for mountain-by-mountain information. As a skier I'd love a page to visit to learn where to park, what lifts to work when, where the good trees are, where to stop for lunch, etc.
  4. My dreams of hitting 80 days are in question. I could have nailed it with 3 days this weekend.
  5. Mix reviews at Ski Haus in Burlington. Ask for Steve and you should be okay. Summit in Framingham is a decent bet. I once heard a reference to the Ski Monster in Boston.
  6. At first I saw them as low hanging fruit. I am hoping to build out a complete list of resort guides for every mountain in the East. I thought the unofficial guides would give me a head start. But if the level of effort required to port them is comparable to writing fresh ones, I'd rather focus on building fresh content. I am very serious with my plans to build out this platform. A lot of people have commented on the steady decline of other ski forums. I want to prove that the declines were due to neglect and not a lack of user interest.
  7. The score is the number of times someone has liked one of your posts. It's a popularity contest.
  8. Doh! Wildcat says one last day this Saturday. Not opening on Sunday. Things must be so thin they figure that is all they can get. :-(
  9. Define locally? A lot of people I know go to Stan and Dan's in North Conway. But I've also heard a few people with not so great experiences. I plan to tackle this question in the near future for my wife who has tricky feet. I'm a pretty easy foot to fit so I've had luck just going to the shop early in the season and trying out absolutely everything until I find the best fit. I had my custom footbeds done at Stan and Dan's. My wife got hers at Summit Ski in Framingham, MA. We were both happy. I've heard that the absolute best guy for full blown custom ski orthotics is Adam at Sport Thoma in Lincoln.
  10. Most of what i saw was actual sailing above the mountains. You take off going down a slope and then use the updrafts to bring you up. People would land in a meadow in he valley. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  11. This. The BW-only pass is nearly as much as the Super Pass. I figure they are the ones that push up the price.
  12. Ditto. If it were the same price, I'd even consider getting both the Peaks Pass and White Mountain Super Pass. I ski both sets of mountains enough to make it worthwhile But the market has diverged sharply from the Super Pass pricing.
  13. My offer stands if you prefer a free Wildcat lift ticket for Sunday.
  14. I'd only take the pages for which I have gotten permissions from the authors. And I send them to my own servers. My thought it to create a little script that takes an HTML snippet. The script will walk through all the image tags, download the image from EpicSki, push it to my Amazon S3 bucket, replace the image source URL in the HTML snippet, and dump the new HTML.
  15. Hmm. Two more weeks? I need to do some soul searching to see if it worth the effort to write the scraper. It might be doable in that period of time.
  16. As many as need to do so without fouling the plane?
  17. LOL. I have a set of those too. The bindings on my powder skis are toast. I'm in the market for replacement boards. My typo needs to be fixed,
  18. Has anyone tried renting for a season? Is that a reasonable approach to learn what I want to buy? Experticity is a vendor for pro deals. I qualified both as an EpicSki ambassador and because of my job as a "consumer electronics" manufacturer.
  19. Ever show on Experticity / Promotive? There are a few bike manufacturers on there. Lapierre, Raleigh, and BH for example. I don't know anything about the brands, but discounts are 30-50% off MSRP.
  20. Let me know what you find. I'm just about starting from scratch but need a summer activity to give me some regular exercise.
  21. Define reasonably cheap and good components. I understand the mountain biking gear makes ski gear look cheap. But at least you're not buying lift tickets? Oh wait... downhill.
  22. I'm more amazed that the anchors weren't quick enough to laugh and turn it into a comedy routine. This could have been spun for fun.
  23. Oh, sell signs to a out-of-bounds ski section. That is not condoning it or anything.
  24. It is no secret that I need a summer sport. One to be passionate about. I enjoy kayaking, but I just don't have the craving to do it every day like I do with skiing. I know several diehard skiers who are equally if not more passionate about mountain biking. How do you get started? We could use a guide for beginners. It would make a great article to build out. Start with suggestions of lessons or how to learn, include a guide to beginner, intermediate, and advanced gear you will need. A gear buyers guide would be great. I don't know enough about the sport to even list the questions I would need to ask.
  25. Wait. This is Loon? Unbelievable. I expect that posh stuff in Vermont, but have been proud of it being missing in the Granite State.

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