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  1. 39 minutes ago, SkiingInABlueDream said:

    What I'm saying is that any 4wd system that uses a transfer case shouldn't be driven on dry pavement. The reason is the transfer case isn't a differential; it can't handle speed differences between the front and rear axles. I'm assuming the Wrangler would have a transfer case 4wd system and the Subaru will have some AWD system that IS dry pavement friendly. This is an important difference. A transfer case system would be fine on slippery/snow covered roads, but I wouldnt assume roads would remain snowy for an entire day trip. If you find dry pavement you have to remember to switch the system out of 4wd mode.

    With a Subaru you don't have to think about any of that stuff.

    Yeah, so Jeep offers three different 4x4 systems. It depends how that specific vehicle was optioned. An open question. For example, my Silverado has a transfer case system that can also operate in automatic mode. So I have 2-High, Auto, 4-High, 4-Low. And the rear differential is automatic locking too, not just limited slip. But that auto locking rear diff is not standard either. Really depends on how much you are willing to spend.

  2. 1 hour ago, SkiingInABlueDream said:


    Unless the Wrangler doesn't have a transfer case 4wd system anymore, or, the Subaru does have that (and pigs fly now emoji1.png), I disagree about there being not much difference between those vehicles' drivetrains.


    For on-pavement use? The details are not important. Sure the locking diff is important off the pavement, but you're not going to notice driving on highways.

  3. On 2/8/2019 at 2:58 PM, Flying Yeti said:

    It was directed to the post below yours lol


    I completely agree. I'd assume for attracting first timers/newbies, they would be more likely to make their way back and try another time than go and have a miserable experience.

    This is a really important point. You don't want to scare away first-timers with a bad experience. I'm not sure it's part of their thought process, but it should be.

  4. On 2/11/2019 at 3:14 PM, SkiingInABlueDream said:


    If the Jeep is the kind of 4wd system that's not designed for full time road use (which on further thought it probably is) then I completely agree with this.


    If you're staying on pavement there is not much difference in the drivelines. Ground clearance on both is respectable. The suspension makes a much more pleasant ride on the Crosstrek. Both are slow and loud inside so equal demerits. Slow and loud really are the best adjectives for the Crosstrek.

  5. Just opened up my ski bag after my trips. Noticed scratches on the bases from where sand somehow get in there. Need to be more careful securing the skis with straps.

    This was my first time flying Swiss Air on a trip. They were very lenient on the baggage policy. If you objected to the charge, they gave up. Hauled all sorts of crap with me.

  6. On 2/10/2019 at 11:58 AM, GrewUpSkiingWachusett said:

    Is @Weatherman still on vacation? Where is he when we need him 😅! Hopefully we will have a better picture of what the storm looks like tomorrow. 

    I just got back last night. I'm still working through my backlog. I know I owe a trip report.

    This weekend looks like nice weather. I'll be heading up on Friday, probably as soon as I am caught up with everything.

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  7. 1 hour ago, StraightSkis said:

    I haven't been to Attitash/Bear Peak for a few years. The routine used to be Wildcat Saturday then Attitash/Bear Peak on Sunday. Once they labeled Illusion a blue square I didn't want to be there anymore, and in my opinion led to the decline (or at least decline in my mind) of the mountain. 

    Now you get beginners on Illusion who don't belong there, experts end up on the easier trails doing high speed flybys past other beginners, all leading to a scraped off chaos. The skier social contract is broken there. 

    Friends with little kids just learning to ski ask me "Attitash or Wildcat". I tell them WIldcat because the beginner area is mostly separated from the main mountain. On the Attitash side you have absolute beginners on the same trail as experts. I don't think anyone is happy in that situation. 

    I'm happier at Wildat, so I guess that's just my 2 cents. 

    This is sound advice. I send beginners to Wildcat too. They try to advertise Attitash as the family mountain, but for my money the opposite is true.

  8. looks like a popular spot

    It’s a touristy area. In winter. On a Tuesday evening at 6pm. This place is a circus on a weekend around 9pm in summer. I come here because it is one of the more authentic German restaurants in a city that is surprisingly lacking in them.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, SkiingInABlueDream said:

    Huh, I don't remember any snow on Saturday.emoji848.png I was there pretty much all day. Though I did take a couple breaks, mid morning and then mid afternoon. The carving skis definitely made the day. Rossi Pursuit 800's, I give them emoji106.pngemoji106.png

    Having a fresh shop tune was key this weekend. A clean base edge and flat base are really important for gripping this frozen granular.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Smellytele said:

    Lower body: long underwear (I have at least 3 different thicknesses to choose from) then I wear a pair of fleece pants - they are brushed on the inside smooth on the outside that I can wear after skiing without getting too many strange looks. Also have a thicker pair of fleece pants I wear on really cold days. Then I have uninsulated ski pants. I like the versatility of uninsulated shell pants and jackets.

    Upper body: non cotton t-shirt, Long sleeve poly type shirt (same as pants as I have multiple thickness options). Then I wear either a fleece jacket (once again multiple options) or on real cold days a mid weight down jacket. Then finally a shell jacket.


    Nevah evah cotton even underwear is not cotton. No not silk panties either :)

    Talk to me more about fleece pants. Have never considered them. Any thin fleece pants that anyone can recommend? And what is the point of them? Ass insulation on the lift?

  11. 1 hour ago, frapcap said:

    Good call on the carving skis.

    Did you stick around during the snow? The traffic in the notch slowed down to a crawl when I went by Cannon. 

    I still don't know why you were driving during skiing hours.

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