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  1. On 7/29/2019 at 5:25 PM, Sal Cubeta said:

    Can I exclude the airfare and Paris connection, just include transfers, lift ticket and hotel with meal package?  Make my own air?


    Yes. A 7-night ground-only option is available for $1,850. That does not include lift tickets, as there is little to no discount in doing so. Plus tickets in Europe are relatively cheap.


  2. 2 hours ago, deadheadskier said:

    All valid concerns and ones I share for Wildcat. Wildcat is very liberal with rope dropping and extremely lenient with rope ducking. That used to be the case at Stowe back in the day. It already started changing long before Vail got involved, but I'm told these days they've gotten really tight with both.

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    Dude, if ski patrol actually enforces things at Wildcat I will flip my shit. They epitomize the boundary to boundary policy. I can't even imagine what happens if they seriously enforce no access to the brook. Incomprehensible.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Jully said:

    We've been saying this for awhile now though. The WMSP hasn't looked like a good deal, maybe ever, but especially since Peaks. It held up through MAX and I bet it will hold up through Epic now too.

    I feel like people are going to spend about the same amount of money on a season pass. The niche that buys Jay/Burke and the WMSP aren't really swayed by cheaper or similarly priced "better" offerings. That is my guess at least. They are going to ski Jay, or they are going to ski WV/BW/Cannon. $1000 is "reasonable" thinking about just the history of that pass and those mountains; what is happening elsewhere in the industry, even next door, doesn't appear to matter.

    I don't know that the fundamentals of the WMSP really change. The net result for the NH skier is a $70 price increased ($630 to $700), and added benefit of Sunapee. The Super Pass still offers a better variety in the White Mountains. The other part that could alter the value is if Vail actually fixes Attitash. Imagine Attitash with a functional high speed lift and roofs that don't leak.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, Infinite Dreams said:

    "Vail Resorts' annual ongoing capital expenditures are expected to increase by $10 million to support the addition of the Peak Resorts ski areas. After closing of the transaction, Vail Resorts plans to invest approximately $15 millionover the next two years in one-time capital spending to elevate the guest experience at these resorts." 

    I hope they have a nest egg for lifts too

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    It's going to take a lot of money to bring up Peak Resorts properties to the Vail Experience. Lodge renovations all around. I'd have to assume a new Attitash Summit Triple.

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  5. On 6/16/2019 at 9:36 AM, deadheadskier said:

    Even if Peak was in financial position to do so, I don't see Burke as a good target for them because of the hotel. Lodging operations are not their area of expertise.

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    I'd go one step further. They don't want to run hotels. They dumped the one at Attitash for this very reason. Corporate management is used to running tiny hills in the midwest.

  6. A fire destroyed part of the mountain ops building at Mt Snow on Tuesday night.


    "It looks like it started in the carpentry shop," Erik Barnes, general manager of the resort, said at the scene just before 11 p.m. "But we don't have any definitive answers yet."

    At the time, West Dover Fire Chief Rich Werner said it was "way too early" to know the cause. Firefighters were still putting out hot spots inside the building, which is in the parking lot at the base area.

    Barnes said no one was inside when the fire started. He did not know how it came to be reported.

    "We lost the carpentry shop, snowmaking controls, electrical, plumbing, offices," he said. "Vehicle maintenance also is going to be affected."


  7. On 4/30/2019 at 8:26 PM, thebigo said:

    Yes, closing day - was supposed to rain but only a few sprinkles. Daughter loved the woods behind the sunnyside cabin, lapped them all afternoon. 

    Done well scooping up late season vouchers last couple of years, combined with a kid that is still free, it has allowed us to hit a bunch of different places. She loves the variety, has me rethinking pass combination going forward, especially as she ages out of the $60 peak pass and free k tickets.

    Always wondered how people get the vouchers?

    Often times we buy them. Ski clubs especially do bulk ticket buys.

  8. There are some lessons here. I have a bluebird day jacket, and a powder day jacket. Only use the good gear when you need it. And I always have a spare new garment in the duffel bag in the truck to break out  for powder days when it is needed.

    I wash with the unicorn jizz every month or so. No, it never gets it back to where it was. But yet it does clean it. The biggest threat to the jacket is the action of the washing machine itself. Agitators suck. As does the spin cycle on the high-efficiency machines. Your best bet is the high-efficiency machine with an outerwear (low speed spin) for exactly this purpose.

    Wash in waterproofing helps, but only goes so far.

  9. I regret that I have to share this and only found out after renewing my pass. I would have thought twice. Hat tip to @deadheadskier for sharing. From the VT Digger:


    The Sackler family, facing a multitude of lawsuits for fueling the nation’s opioid epidemic, has purchased majority ownership in Mount Snow’s parent company, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

    The Sacklers obtained 54% voting power in Peak Resorts last November through a public company called CAP 1 LLC, SEC documents show. The Deerfield Valley News first reported the Sacklers taking effective control of Mount Snow.


  10. The season started as well as I could ever hope. Wildcat top-to-bottom nearly 100% skiable on October 27. And they stayed open for the season (at least weekends) from that point forward. Jay Peak was stellar in mid-December for my annual trip. There was crazy deep snow in St Anton for my trip. Whistler was a mixed bag (as it often is), but I'll take it. The Mount Washington Valley had about as much snow as I have ever seen there. 100% open lasted until the end.

    What was the season missing? There were no real day trip mid-week powder days at Crotched or Ragged. At this late April warm spell is bad. Sad!

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  11. Quote

    So here's the thing. I guess we're not technically 100% open anymore. It's not a lack of coverage issue, far from it, but since we're building our pond today for tomorrow's pond skim, we had to close a few trails. I don't think we've ever had the issue where we had to force ourselves to lose our 100% open status this late in the season to build the pond. 


  12. Happy Monday!

    So far today Wildcat has reported 5" and counting. 46 of 48 trails open. This Saturday is setting up to be a classic spring day with plenty of snow on the ground.

    So let's update the roll call so I can be prepare with the appropriate amount of food and beer. Who is planning to attend this weekend?

    For those who would like to spend the weekend, several of us will be staying at the Makusue Ski Club in North Conway. We'll largely have the house to ourselves and there is plenty of room. Lodging is $25/night. I can send you details if you're coming. Food and beer is on me.

    Friday evening:

    - arrival meet and greet
    - extensive keg quality testing


    - Tailgate in C Lot at Wildcat
    - Grill will be lit around noon
    - roughly 4-5pm, we'll move shop back to the ski club
    - more grilling and keg quality testing to follow throughout the night


    - wake up and more skiing

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