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  1. I regret that I have to share this and only found out after renewing my pass. I would have thought twice. Hat tip to @deadheadskier for sharing. From the VT Digger:


    The Sackler family, facing a multitude of lawsuits for fueling the nation’s opioid epidemic, has purchased majority ownership in Mount Snow’s parent company, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

    The Sacklers obtained 54% voting power in Peak Resorts last November through a public company called CAP 1 LLC, SEC documents show. The Deerfield Valley News first reported the Sacklers taking effective control of Mount Snow.


  2. The season started as well as I could ever hope. Wildcat top-to-bottom nearly 100% skiable on October 27. And they stayed open for the season (at least weekends) from that point forward. Jay Peak was stellar in mid-December for my annual trip. There was crazy deep snow in St Anton for my trip. Whistler was a mixed bag (as it often is), but I'll take it. The Mount Washington Valley had about as much snow as I have ever seen there. 100% open lasted until the end.

    What was the season missing? There were no real day trip mid-week powder days at Crotched or Ragged. At this late April warm spell is bad. Sad!

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  3. Quote

    So here's the thing. I guess we're not technically 100% open anymore. It's not a lack of coverage issue, far from it, but since we're building our pond today for tomorrow's pond skim, we had to close a few trails. I don't think we've ever had the issue where we had to force ourselves to lose our 100% open status this late in the season to build the pond. 


  4. Happy Monday!

    So far today Wildcat has reported 5" and counting. 46 of 48 trails open. This Saturday is setting up to be a classic spring day with plenty of snow on the ground.

    So let's update the roll call so I can be prepare with the appropriate amount of food and beer. Who is planning to attend this weekend?

    For those who would like to spend the weekend, several of us will be staying at the Makusue Ski Club in North Conway. We'll largely have the house to ourselves and there is plenty of room. Lodging is $25/night. I can send you details if you're coming. Food and beer is on me.

    Friday evening:

    - arrival meet and greet
    - extensive keg quality testing


    - Tailgate in C Lot at Wildcat
    - Grill will be lit around noon
    - roughly 4-5pm, we'll move shop back to the ski club
    - more grilling and keg quality testing to follow throughout the night


    - wake up and more skiing

  5. https://www.conwaydailysun.com/business/local/attitash-summit-triple-chair-repairs-not-to-be-completed-til/article_ec66abae-4a7c-11e9-aea9-ef349b04cb2f.html


    Last week’s announcement has only heightened those frustrations, according to passholder and trailside renter Ryan Russman, an attorney from Exeter who is involved in an unrelated litigation on behalf of a client at Attitash.

    In a telephone interview Tuesday, Russman said he doesn’t know what avenues passholders might take in response to the latest announcement, but he said he hopes that Peak Resorts gets the message that many Attitash consumers are not happy.

    “I am just stunned that Peak is not making the investment in the mountain. Literally the dollars they are spending are being shipped out of state to improve Hunter Mountain and Mount Snow,” Russman said, referring to resorts Peak owns in New York State and Vermont.

    He said he heard that passholders are holding a meeting this weekend to discuss their options. Russman added that nearby Bretton Woods has made substantial infrastructure investments in its lift capacity. He wishes that Attitash would do the same.

    “The deal is they are just going to repair the triple. They are going to repair it into the ground,” said Russman, who said his young family prefers skiing at Attitash because of the trailside rental lodging option, which makes it convenient for family breaks during ski days for his kids.

    “The bottom line is Attitash (in the past) has billed itself as the ‘Red Carpet Ski Area.’ Well, the red carpet is getting worn out,” he said.

    Russman and other passholders have alleged that Peak has been funneling money into other projects at other resorts at Attitash’s expense, a claim that Lowell and other Peak Resorts officials refuted.


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  6. Announcing my 2020 ski trip...

    Val d’Isere and Paris, France

    Jan. 31 - Feb. 11, 2020

    $2,820 double occupancy, $3,435 single occupancy


    • 7-nights ski-in, ski-out at Hotel Altitude in Val d'Isere
    • 3-nights at Hotel Belloy Saint-Germain, Paris
    • Airfare from Boston - Geneva (GVA) and Paris (CDG) -  Boston
    • Deluxe motor coach ground transfers
    • Transfer to Paris via TGV high speed train
    • Five evening dinners in Val d'Isere
    • Welcome reception in Val d'Isere
    • Full European breakfasts daily
    • 2-3 hour walking tour of Paris
    • Porterage in and out of hotels

    Full details and registration are online.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Infinite Dreams said:

    I sent a copy of this thread to Peaks on Instagram and all I got back was we are well aware, thanks for sharing though. The forum will not allow me to attach my screen shot though - I get this message - this community does not support attachments with this file type.

    Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app

    Try doing it from the web interface rather than the app. It is much more fully featured.

  8. It's official. Dead for the season!


    Good Afternoon,

    It is my unfortunate duty to inform you all that despite the best efforts of our lift mechanic team here at Attitash – as well as that of outside specialists – we will be unable to reopen the Summit Triple for the remainder of the 2018/2019 season.

    For some background, the work thus far has been all about trying to get access to the upper bearing in the bullwheel hub that allows the bullwheel to spin. While we have been able to access this bearing and have indeed found that it is damaged, upon further inspection we noticed an issue with some of the nosecone gearing in the upper gearbox of the lift. Further testing at Artec has shown us that these gears are not meshing properly.  Unfortunately, this prohibits us from operating the lift safely.

    We are now in the process of sourcing new gearing for the upper gearbox, but the company that originally made these gears is not only based in Switzerland and requires a four to six week lead time to produce the new gearing. With the tolerances needed for the inner workings of this lift, there is really only one company in the world capable of doing the work needed. Due to this, the resulting repair process will have to be finished over the coming summer.

    While I wish I had better news for you, I am confident that we will go into next season with a fully functioning Summit Triple. The upside of all the work we’ve done on this lift this season is that now two-thirds of the lift has been rebuilt, inspected, and/or tested in the past year, along with plenty of upcoming scheduled maintenance this summer. With all of this work, we’re confident that we will once again be able to offer reliable summit access via the Summit Triple for the 2019/2020 season.

    Now for the elephant in the room. We’ve heard your calls for a new lift to replace the Summit Triple, and while we appreciate all your feedback, this is not a project our parent company, Peak Resorts, is looking to do in the near future. While we continue to invest significant amounts of money in capital projects annually into Attitash and Wildcat, a new lift is just not in the plans for the near future. I know this is not what you all wanted to hear, but we feel that our passholders and guests all deserve an answer one way or another.

    We know this has been a frustrating process for you all, as it has been for us as well, and we would like to thank you for your patience and kind words during this process.


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