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  1. Yes. A 7-night ground-only option is available for $1,850. That does not include lift tickets, as there is little to no discount in doing so. Plus tickets in Europe are relatively cheap. https://www.aceskiandboardclub.org/trips/val-disere-and-paris-france/
  2. Dude, if ski patrol actually enforces things at Wildcat I will flip my shit. They epitomize the boundary to boundary policy. I can't even imagine what happens if they seriously enforce no access to the brook. Incomprehensible.
  3. I don't know that the fundamentals of the WMSP really change. The net result for the NH skier is a $70 price increased ($630 to $700), and added benefit of Sunapee. The Super Pass still offers a better variety in the White Mountains. The other part that could alter the value is if Vail actually fixes Attitash. Imagine Attitash with a functional high speed lift and roofs that don't leak.
  4. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with this. Everything changes. Attitash definitely changes for the better. I'm not so sure about Wildcat. I can't imagine what the Cat is like under Vail administration.
  5. It was a bit warm, but was a blast. You guys should do it next year.
  6. It's going to take a lot of money to bring up Peak Resorts properties to the Vail Experience. Lodge renovations all around. I'd have to assume a new Attitash Summit Triple.
  7. I'd go one step further. They don't want to run hotels. They dumped the one at Attitash for this very reason. Corporate management is used to running tiny hills in the midwest.
  8. I have really mixed emotions. It'd be better for me personally, but they'd just run it into the ground like they did Attitash.
  9. A fire destroyed part of the mountain ops building at Mt Snow on Tuesday night.
  10. Stenger was officially fired -- and one of four people charged criminally. I'm surprised that it took so long to get criminal charges filed.
  11. That porn stache really is growing in!
  12. Did anyone make it out last weekend? I'm curious how it held up.
  13. I just tried Tuckerman's new summer seasonal brew -- a pilsner. Quite tasty.
  14. Often times we buy them. Ski clubs especially do bulk ticket buys.
  15. Yes, I was the one who suggested that cover. I have one and love it. Indeed not cheap, but worth it.

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