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  1. Often times we buy them. Ski clubs especially do bulk ticket buys.
  2. Yes, I was the one who suggested that cover. I have one and love it. Indeed not cheap, but worth it.
  3. There are some lessons here. I have a bluebird day jacket, and a powder day jacket. Only use the good gear when you need it. And I always have a spare new garment in the duffel bag in the truck to break out for powder days when it is needed. I wash with the unicorn jizz every month or so. No, it never gets it back to where it was. But yet it does clean it. The biggest threat to the jacket is the action of the washing machine itself. Agitators suck. As does the spin cycle on the high-efficiency machines. Your best bet is the high-efficiency machine with an outerwear (low speed spin) for exactly this purpose. Wash in waterproofing helps, but only goes so far.
  4. I'm still on the fence as the whether it is worth going to Jay. Getting late to decide too.
  5. I regret that I have to share this and only found out after renewing my pass. I would have thought twice. Hat tip to @deadheadskier for sharing. From the VT Digger:
  6. I'm watching Wildcat melt out on the web cam. This hurts.
  7. The season started as well as I could ever hope. Wildcat top-to-bottom nearly 100% skiable on October 27. And they stayed open for the season (at least weekends) from that point forward. Jay Peak was stellar in mid-December for my annual trip. There was crazy deep snow in St Anton for my trip. Whistler was a mixed bag (as it often is), but I'll take it. The Mount Washington Valley had about as much snow as I have ever seen there. 100% open lasted until the end. What was the season missing? There were no real day trip mid-week powder days at Crotched or Ragged. At this late April warm spell is bad. Sad!
  8. Did I mention in this thread... Moat Scottie's will be on tap at the house.
  9. We'll make sure to have a helmet available for your stay at the bar.
  10. Short fuse question: what do we want for keg beer for this weekend? I tried ordering a Tucks 50 Cent IPA. No dice.
  11. Happy Monday! So far today Wildcat has reported 5" and counting. 46 of 48 trails open. This Saturday is setting up to be a classic spring day with plenty of snow on the ground. So let's update the roll call so I can be prepare with the appropriate amount of food and beer. Who is planning to attend this weekend? For those who would like to spend the weekend, several of us will be staying at the Makusue Ski Club in North Conway. We'll largely have the house to ourselves and there is plenty of room. Lodging is $25/night. I can send you details if you're coming. Food and beer is on me. Friday evening: - arrival meet and greet - extensive keg quality testing Saturday: - Tailgate in C Lot at Wildcat - Grill will be lit around noon - roughly 4-5pm, we'll move shop back to the ski club - more grilling and keg quality testing to follow throughout the night Sunday: - wake up and more skiing
  12. I skied Whistler on Monday. Vail Resorts provided free lift tickets, lunch, ski guides, zip lining, and snowmobile rides to MTS attendees. They put on a good show.
  13. I saw a presentation by Vail Resorts last week. They were pleased to announce an Epic Day pass - 6 flexible days of skiing, $550.
  14. I met with a Peak Resorts corporate level person last week. He confirmed that there are no plans to replace the triple. And was unaware of the shirt.

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