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  1. I thought I'd check in considering today's announcement. Wildcat's season was shortened in spring. Attitash was lengthened in the early season. Capacity limits will be real, but mostly on holidays and peak weekends. Expect there to be plenty of capacity to ski this winter. Expect capacity to be more contained at resorts closer to urban areas. Destination resorts, especially those popular with international visitors, will likely have ample capacity. Reservations will be done at the mountain level. Areas where tickets were previously interchangeable between multiple mountains, tha
  2. Only for very specific positions. Staffing is heading the other direction with thousands of furloughs across the company. The furloughs are expected to continue until the company is able to reopen and generate revenue.
  3. I'm hanging in. To say that life is turned upside down would be understating dramatically. I stepped off my flight in Colorado a few weeks ago just as everything was going to shit. In the airport I was collecting my luggage on Saturday evening when I read the new that Vail was shutting down operations, including its HQ where I was supposed to start on Monday. I was lost. Sunday evening at 10pm I received news that I would not be starting that week as planned, but to sight tight and they would pay me in the interim. Wednesday of the next week they finally onboarded me remotely. The next morning
  4. Will let @fcksummer address this. The short answer is that the license issue popped up after I removed my credit card for the premium tapatalk license. The longer answer is there are plans to transition to a new mobile app directly from the forum hosting company.
  5. Wildcat got the lifts running by late morning yesterday. Can confirm that conditions are the bar were quiet, but we gave it our best.
  6. I've been wondering how long it would take one of the big companies to go to the subscription model. Now I know.
  7. Thursday - Crotched ARL Friday - maybe nowhere. maybe Shawnee Peak. Saturday - Attitash for EICSL championship race Sunday - Wildcat for my final day in New England
  8. Next week better be a nice repeat. It'll be my last weekend of skiing in New England before I leave.
  9. I'll be purging my house this weekend in anticipation of the move. May sneak out to Crotched if things go well.
  10. It's time for the official announcement: I need to step down from managing this site. I've accepted a new full-time job with Vail Resorts, and continued operation of this site would be a conflict of interest. I'll be moving to Colorado in a couple weeks, so now is the time to make the transfer. @fcksummer has volunteered to take over. He has my gratitude for ensuring the continued success of this site. Let's all thank him for stepping up. Thank you all for the years of dedicated traffic, and if you're in Colorado, hit me up.
  11. I'm glad to see this is still happening and bummed I'll be gone by then. Have several beers for me!
  12. I just saw an update today saying it's planned for next season. So yeah.
  13. Thursday - Crotched ARL Saturday - Wildcat Sunday - Attitash or Wildcat Monday - Team O'Neil Winter Driving School
  14. I am doing some file migration today. I know there are ongoing disruptions, but things should be slowly coming back online as the migration completes. Sorry for the interruption.
  15. Sorry I missed the post. I was on vacation in France for the last two weeks. Just got back last night and am catching up now.
  16. I was away so I missed this post... Skied Tignes on Friday. Power went out. I had to hike 1.2 miles across a frozen lake to a running lift to get out of town. Drank the rest of the day.
  17. Thursday - Crotched race league Saturday - Attitash race Sunday - ??? open to suggestions in the MWV. Thinking about Bretton Woods
  18. What have you been smoking? And are you willing to share?
  19. How bad were crowds at Cannon this weekend? I drove by yesterday and it looked empty.
  20. But there is no terrain expansion to go with it? So basically they're just attempting to address lift lines and pack more people onto the existing trails? I know this is sorely needed. Should be interesting to see it unfold.
  21. I got to Wildcat at 9:38am, and the lot was long since full. Traffic was backed up 6 past the AMC center. I drove around it and headed straight to C Lot. I ended up parking on a snowbank near the garage. When I saw the GM in the lodge, he immediately asked me "Where did you park?" I told him and his reply was "fair enough". It's every man for himself on a day like this. I know that Stowe also filled all their parking, but that happens regularly there. I can only think of a few times that this has ever happened at Wildcat. And never by 9am. It was unreal. Fortunately the lift capacity is r
  22. And the triple is down again. The comedy continues. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports
  23. It looks like early next week could be a net gain. I am trying to remain optimistic. I brought up the powder skis.
  24. I'm not at work today... so that's a win! But I am working from the ski club. Woke up to a deck covered in glass today. Decided that did not need to be skied.
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