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  1. 14 hours ago, fcksummer said:



    Keeps getting worse and really no end in site. At this rate we'll be lucky to have a season next year. 😟


    @Weathermanhope your doing alright

    I'm hanging in. To say that life is turned upside down would be understating dramatically. I stepped off my flight in Colorado a few weeks ago just as everything was going to shit. In the airport I was collecting my luggage on Saturday evening when I read the new that Vail was shutting down operations, including its HQ where I was supposed to start on Monday. I was lost. Sunday evening at 10pm I received news that I would not be starting that week as planned, but to sight tight and they would pay me in the interim. Wednesday of the next week they finally onboarded me remotely. The next morning I grabbed a laptop from the office, and that day flew back to New England where I have been working remotely for the last week.

    Yesterday I received the email to employees that you have all heard about. I've been in meetings all morning with senior leadership at Vail. I've gone through a rollercoaster of emotions.

    At first I was upset and thought that if they led with this reduced salary, I never would haven taken the job. That much is true. But I'm not convinced that the grass would be much greener where I came from. The whole world is in the shit now.

    I've been very impressed with the workplace culture at Vail Resorts. You can learn a lot about the fabric of an organization by how it responds to periods of stress. I've seen more honest, heartfelt communication from Vail than any of my previous employers. The employees here are more personal, and seem to deeply care about each other. They are a great group of people that I am happy to work with. At the leadership level, I have seen senior management shed tears today over the difficulty of these decisions and impacts to employees and their families.

    When I look at how the cuts are being made, they look well thought out. Seasonal employees were let go with only a few weeks remaining in the season and were paid for at least a week of that. The hourly employees year round employees had been paid until this point, and are at least getting full health care benefits fully paid by the company for the duration of the furlough. The salary reductions are progressive to impact the most senior level the most.

    I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. I don't know how will come next. If the summer season is cancelled, it is likely there will need to be further cuts made. But all of us are in it together.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Cannonballer said:

    This one is under the radar since it hasn't been officially listed yet.  But I don't feel bad sharing it since it was an error on Loon's own page (they have the page setup on an old link but aren't prepared to actually sell it yet).  https://www.loonmtn.com/season-passes/access-pass

    Essentially the same price as the Loon/SR/SL pass but year round at Loon only.  You lose the other 2 mtns, but you gain MTB and other Loon offerings. 

    • Unlimited skiing and riding, with no blackout dates
    • 12 Friend Tickets at 50% off regular window rate
    • Western Boyne Resorts: 50% Off Lift Ticket Window Rates at western Boyne Resorts (Brighton, Big Sky, The Summit, Cypress, Boyne Mtn., The Highlands)
    • First Tracks: Load the Lincoln Express Quad at 7:30 a.m. on Sundays when South Peak is open.
    • Free Blue Tune: One Blue Tune at Loon Mountain Sports (valid anytime)
    • Retail Discount: 20% discount at Loon Mountain Sports shops
    • Food & Beverage Card: 20% food and beverage discount
    • Private Lesson Discount: 20% off private lessons of 3 or more hours
    • Unlimited use of snowshoe & cross-country ski trails
    • Snowshoe & cross-country ski rentals: 20% off
    • Zipline: 20% off
    • Snow Tubing sessions: 20% off
    • Indoor climbing wall: daily use
    • Ice Skating: daily use of rink with rentals included
    • Spring, Summer, and Fall
    • Daily access to Gondola Skyride, zipline, Aerial Forest Adventure Park, Loon Peak Disc Golf course, glacial caves, climbing wall, and bungee trampoline
    • Downhill Mountain Biking trail access (upon opening)
    • Bike Rentals: 20% off standard bike rental
    • Food & Beverage Card: 20% food and beverage discount
    • Retail Discount: 20% discount at Loon Mountain Sports shops
    • All activities subject to height, weight and other restrictions.

    2020/21 Monthly Subscription

    • Adult (19-64): $103/month
    • Youth (6-18): $83/month
    • Senior (65-79): $93/month


    I've been wondering how long it would take one of the big companies to go to the subscription model. Now I know.

  3. 10 minutes ago, xwhaler said:

    I wonder if Vail will let you upgrade your pass at the current price differential.
    Example: I buy the Northeast Pass but later decide I want to go out West and upgrade to Epic Local. Would Vail take the additional $130 and issue me a new pass?

    Peaks (and others) have done this so there is precedent for such a thing
    This may provide the best of all worlds...get into the pass you know you will use with the option of buying into a more $$ option later if you choose to go out west

    May be something they won;t actively promote however!


    Did you try picking up a phone?

  4. 1 hour ago, SkiBearded! said:

    Ripping snow above 2000’ feet at most resorts. Upslope in the northern greens should last through tomorrow. Maine will also clean up. Whites and central greens up high will do well.

    Maybe a repeat next week!

    Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports

    Next week better be a nice repeat. It'll be my last weekend of skiing in New England before I leave.

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  5. It's time for the official announcement: I need to step down from managing this site. I've accepted a new full-time job with Vail Resorts, and continued operation of this site would be a conflict of interest. I'll be moving to Colorado in a couple weeks, so now is the time to make the transfer.

    @fcksummer has volunteered to take over. He has my gratitude for ensuring the continued success of this site. Let's all thank him for stepping up.

    Thank you all for the years of dedicated traffic, and if you're in Colorado, hit me up.

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  6. I got to Wildcat at 9:38am, and the lot was long since full. Traffic was backed up 6 past the AMC center. I drove around it and headed straight to C Lot. I ended up parking on a snowbank near the garage. When I saw the GM in the lodge, he immediately asked me "Where did you park?" I told him and his reply was "fair enough". It's every man for himself on a day like this.

    I know that Stowe also filled all their parking, but that happens regularly there. I can only think of a few times that this has ever happened at Wildcat. And never by 9am. It was unreal. Fortunately the lift capacity is relatively large compared to the parking. There was never more that a couple minutes wait on the Tomcat, and probably 5 minutes on the quad.

    How was everywhere else? Like beyond the Epic resorts? I am wondering if this is the new normal under the Vail regime.

  7. On 12/18/2019 at 5:56 PM, Steve said:

    As a Sugarloaf Ambassador, I will be skiing there this weekend.  Despite the recent rain, I know they got several inches of snow, have good snowmaking weather and a bit more falling tonight. This weekend the temps & weather will be excellent so I’m looking forward to it despite early season limited terrain. 
    Take a look at their webcams if you’re on the fence. https://www.sugarloaf.com/conditions-and-cams

    Do what exactly are the responsibilities as an Ambassador? Are those the people who greet you when you arrive?

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