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  1. They have removed any mention of May from their snow report. Given that they are facing free skiing competition, Sunday River will inherit the faithful. I look forward to enjoying this boat without having to suffer through missed skiing. Keep up the good work!
  2. I had no idea there was a drought task force. How did you get involved? And what does it do and who else participates?
  3. And hopefully the maintainer of our Cannon guide? We should take a lot at it in another week after all the EpicSki links have a chance to break.
  4. Nothing about the mobile design of the site should change with the mobile app. It may remind you that you can download the app, but even that can be configured. See @fcksummer comment on going to the first unread post. At least for me I think it already behaves that way. If this continues to be a problem, let me know and I can look into it. The mobile apps from Tapatalk should look like the AZ app, but with a modern design and functionality. I am hoping to keep it up to date with regular releases.
  5. I added mine to the list. They must have expected this.
  6. Paging @lsrocket26 for graphics. Pretty please?
  7. I don't have a strong opinion. NMS seems more logical. Anyone else have an opinion?
  8. If this whole endeavor is successful and financial self-sustaining then I'd really like to sponsor the team. Our success here will dictate what that entails.
  9. Yes, for our team. There is also a Thursday night group which seems to be more hardcore. A lot of the Wednesday night racers work at BAE in Nashua.
  10. It looks like the big drought of last year is finally over for real. The last vestiges are hanging tough in southern New Hampshire. Today's rain should get rid of them soon. I know my lawn is showing the green in force.
  11. Sporthaus next to Shawnee Peak has Liberty skis available for sure. Other than that, try calling the dealers: http://libertyskis.com/dealers/
  12. At least on the Bear Peak side their glades acreage is actually pretty good. And very few people go in them. I think it's one of the more underrated glade areas.
  13. The whole industry recognizes this phenomenon. That is why Attitash will blow mountains of snow in the park before opening up half of their trails. Management knows securing the teenage boy market brings whole families. And the opinions of teenage boys can also influence the remainder of the family.
  14. I think the masses buy gear largely based on brand perceptions. And ski movies are an obvious source of these perceptions. What else influences your opinions of a ski brand?
  15. The one day I went to Stowe the crowds were craaaazy. And the weather was junk. I can't believe Magic sold out. Those guys should really be on this forum. They should appreciate a modern site being born.
  16. According to an article in Powder Magazine, marketing and sponsoring of pro skiers adds $25-30 to the cost of a pair of skis. http://www.powder.com/stories/the-jaded-local/time-set-pro-skiers-free/#XBEeiFqwthC8TxYY.97 Wow, I never realized the costs could be so high. I love ski porn as much as anyone else, but looking at my ski rack I get a new perspective. Those skis represent a few hundred dollars that has gone to such productions.
  17. I get what you're saying. I consider that to be a frontside oriented ski for sure.
  18. http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/news/ski-season-recap-2016-2017-a-bounce-back-year-for-vermont/698526073 Business was up this year in Vermont. No surprise there considering the previous season. Ski Vermont implies that it could be record revenue for the season. This is good news for sure. I'd be interested to hear how to rest of the Northeast did. I expect it will be very much the same.
  19. If you like a slashy finesse ski, try some Libertys. I really like the weight of bamboo core. I have the Liberty Sequence (95 underfoot, directional twin tip), and those things dance through the trees and ungroomed. It's my favorite for the day after a storm when I'm going into the woods. Unfortunately for that same reason they tend to take a beating from me.
  20. Have you seen them signal that this is a possibility? This is probably all conjecture until they see what kind of damage this liquid precip and weekend warmth does.
  21. Have you shopped at Bob and Terry's before? Only time I went there was for a tune, and the results were not good. Sport Thoma has always given me a great tune.
  22. http://www.atimes.com/article/another-side-north-korea-luxury-hotel-skiing-empty-slopes/ An article on skiing in North Korea that is worth a read. It's amazing that such a place exists. Who wants to go? Would make a great gathering! At $100 per day for a ticket it's not cheap, but would totally be worth it for the experience. Getting there is the only problem.
  23. The Rossignol Experience 88 remains one of my favorite skis. There is something about the moderate flex and sidecut profile that really appeals to me. In a questionable situation, this is my weapon of choice. I also own the Head Monster 88. I find this ski to be a stiff charger. In spring conditions it can rip as it likes to bust open the piles. If things get too soft toward full mashed potatoes, I'll move to something wider like my Nordica NRGY 100 which is my go-to spring ski. Back to the Monster 88... I find it hard, flat snow oriented. If I take it into firm bumps or narrow chutes it is a bit much for me to really thrive. Perhaps that indicates I am more of a finesse and less of a power skier.
  24. Thanks for the reviews! I'm surprised that the Latigo felt nice in the ungroomed. It's a bit narrow for a backside ski. I never really understood what it's purpose in the market is. The Brahma, on the other hand, is clearly targeted right down the center of the All-Mountain East category. I thought it was a solid ski that handled the hard pack capably I bet the Kastle FX85 was nice. The FX series has a good balance to the flex, whereas the MX are really dedicated carving machines. I used to have a pair of MX78s, and those things really hauled. They were very stiff and you had to drive them or else. They really only woke up at top speed. I've heard nothing but good things about the entire Enforcer line. I went to a demo day with the new 2017-18 skis from several manufacturers. The standout of the day was the Nordica Enforcer 110. A ski that wide has no business carving as well as it did. I also tried the Nordica Enforcer 110 Pro, which was the same but even stiffer. I tried out a wide assortment of 2017-18 mid-fat skis (Volkl Kendo, Blizzard Brahma, Atomic Vantage 90, Elan Amphibio 88, Dynastar Legend), and to be honest nothing stood out to me. They were all very capable. Maybe in capable hands there really isn't much of a difference between skis in this category. I also went out looking for a new beer league ski. The reps didn't have much to offer, but the K2 Super Charger didn't suck. I never thought that K2 of all companies would produce a decent race-oriented skis. Typically the Head Supershape series would be my first instinct, or the Rossignol Hero LT.

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