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  1. Yeah this last stretch has been bad. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  2. Wow, the crowd thing you encountered shocks me. I stayed in Canmore for 5 nights during the first week of April last year. It was dead, like we owned the town.
  3. My first trip there was last year, staying in Canmore. LL is great, indeed. The locals are the nicest people I’ve met on ski trips. My wife wasn’t with me but I’d be curious to take her to the hotel near the top of Sunshine Village. A couple of nights there could be a cool experience.
  4. I prefer cans and would be surprised if they shifted to bottles. The added cost is justified by the advantages.
  5. That’s what we did at Sunday River yesterday. Dense snow so bumps all day. Wildcat today was the most crowded I’ve ever seen there. But, I’m a Mon-Thur kind of guy. The lodge was bursting at the seams. Good as conditions were, the skiing experience was unpleasant to me, with congested trails. It was all bumped up immediately, which is fun with soft snow but my legs were cooked from yesterday. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  6. Wildcat at 8:50 today. The line at the ticket counter is nearly as long.
  7. HSQ ran full speed today. Conditions are rather good. Upper Wildcat skied decently, even. Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  8. Great to hear. Hitting it Monday after staying away too long.
  9. I have to say, a Solitude/Brighton trip this year changed my perspective on UT. Unfortunately, not much snow so the Solitude experience suffered but I hit Brighton for the first time and it exceeded my expectations. We skied a lot of trees for a low snow year. Also had a 9” day there so that was lucky. I appreciate the Alta/Snowbird experience but a couple of my ski buddies are snowboarders so that dampers it and I’m pretty keen to check out Snowbasin and Powder.
  10. How did you find the Cliff lodge? I’ve contemplated that place many times.
  11. Taken at Kicking Horse last season. Our gondola was stalled for 10 minutes an we watched this poor dude get in over his head. His friend down lower is talking him through it. We could hear every word they said.
  12. I did as well. It was ROTD more than once. No doubt it was a nightmare other days for the same reasons.
  13. I listened to the ep this morning. I like the new format. Right away I was thinking of simply interviewing staff from Wildcat about what it’s like to work there, how they ended up at the mountain, etc. Needs some fleshing out. The Ski Diva segment made me smile when she mentioned “Lindsey Vonn is hot” threads. Maybe not AZ but could be. She did give AZ a shout out. Sent from my iPad using Northeast Mountain Sports
  14. Yup, works better than AZ right now. iOS 11 is a pretty wild change on the iPad. Sent from my iPad using Northeast Mountain Sports

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