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  1. thebigo

    Crotched 2/18

    Yeah, thought it was one of the better days this year. Woods off super nova that the kids call Sputnik were run of the day, solstice was well covered but very firm underneath, t bar line also well covered but the tree across the exit needs to be removed this summer. Gave little dipper a shot but ended up removing skis and hiking out at the stone wall. Did not try the forest or ledges but there were tracks in both. Saw one brave person in kuiper, needs about three more feet of snow.
  2. thebigo

    February - General Weather Thread

    Anyone who says it is time to move on to spring in January should be ignored.
  3. thebigo

    Attitash 2018/19 thread

    Fully agree with you about the rocket. I often wonder how many people leave not only crotched but the sport when they find themselves on a bumped up moon walk sunday afternoon. Single greatest need at the crotch is a true beginner trail off the top, only option would require serious blasting and land aquisition, it will never happen.
  4. thebigo

    Attitash 2018/19 thread

    In the several hundred ski days on my peak pass over the years, the only times I have skiied attitash is when I stayed there. Have not once woken up and driven there, the formula is roughly wildcat if I have the whole day and it's not too cold, otherwise crotched. Paradoxically, we are looking to purchase a place in the mwv over the next couple of years and I keep coming back to attitash. Wildcat is my preferred mountain but it would be nice to be within walking distance for those days when you dont feel like driving. Main concern is the longterm viability of peaks and the no dogs rule at the attitash village. Would love to see some kind of expansion coupled with a lift improvement to put the place back in the game.
  5. I was told it took out one car, specifically a jeep. It was a rental from enterprise, dude got in an accident a few days prior. There was a video floating around the bar last Saturday. Last I heard snowmaking on west side of hill is down pending repair, snowmaking on valley side is functional.
  6. thebigo

    Attitash triple

    checked the snow report, trying to figure out where to ski tomorrow, how is avenger not open in the middle of january?
  7. thebigo

    Crotched 12.26

    With the exception of xmas, a couple nights the first week and a couple days at wildcat/cannon I have skied crotched everyday they have been open this year. The former GM was replaced over the summer, I have been told by someone in the know that the new gm was the architect behind carinthia. The increased snow production, recovery from last weeks rain, park build and overall grooming are noticeably improved this year. They had a machine in zero g all day yesterday, could not figure out what they were building, have let them know in the past that a mini skier cross with banked turns would be nice in there, will check it out tonight if it stops raining. The overall quantity of paper tickets is noticeably increased, was told they sold over 300 tickets yesterday morning. My observation is a high quantity of college kids and first timers. Crowding was evident on moon walk only, no wait more than a couple chairs. The line on the cafeteria side was 5+ mins, the bar has been overwhelmed many times this year - poor service, long waits, wrong orders, etc. Edit: equinox/UFO were groomed flat yesterday, it was the first day open, whales were 10' +, has not really been an opportunity for bumps to form this year
  8. Sitting at wildcat bar enjoying absolutely perfect day, cannot believe it is all going to shit tomorrow After 7 days in a row, taking tomorrow off, then may ski crotch on Saturday, definitely crotch on sunday for daughters program
  9. thebigo

    Snowmaking Window

    Crotched got started today. They are blowing under the lights tonight for some reason?
  10. thebigo

    Snowmaking Window

    Earliest possible Thanksgiving this year.
  11. For all on the fence, turned to snow about ten minutes ago in bartlett and it is hammering
  12. Rented a condo in bartlett for the weekend several weeks back, kids have a four day weekend. Will be at the Cat Saturday, Sunday and hopefully Monday if they decide to open - many people with the day off and weather looks good.
  13. thebigo

    Opening Day 2018

    How rough was the download wait? Have limited time tomorrow, plan to be in line for first chair and ski with sneakers in backpack boot bag for walk down. They hassle anyone for walking down? You recommend rock skis for tomorrow?
  14. Not really a holiday but many if not most schools in NH are closed. Which means many parents home with the kids that would rather be at wildcat.
  15. Probably killington on Saturday, let me know if anyone wants to split a 2 for 1 Meanwhile - wildcat this morning, praying they get open for the holiday next Friday 10/26

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