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  1. It is usually 9:00 late season but Leo will let you load when patrol gives him the thumbs up. Often 10 - 15 mins before official opening. Nothing better than first chair to lynx.
  2. Quad started loading around 2:00 and felt as fast as ever. It was odd to ski frozen corduroy on upper lynx under a mid afternoon april sun.
  3. Quad is down for repair, word is it has been running slow all week but plenty of fun to be had off the triples. Quick refuel break then back at it, from this morning:
  4. How about the roof in the bear lodge? The water pouring through this weekend was comical.
  5. Attitash Saturday, havent been all year and daughter wants to mix it up, pico Sunday for the same reason. After sunday it is the cat or k for us.
  6. Already bought our peak passes but looking at ikon base, may have been a viable option to pair with ragged. Sunday river day trips in Oct and Nov, sugarloaf on vets weekend, sugarbush for april vacation, midweek snow days at loon, k in may and kids race program at ragged for roughly the same price as peaks plus k spring. Ikon also gives the option of steamboat during april vacation.
  7. Do you get any sense of apprehension regarding the longterm viability of peaks among your contacts? Are they waiting for peaks to go under or be solvent?
  8. As someone who once ran afoul of the law and had to hire russman, I would not want him working against me. Dude is a fighter with a serious aversion to losing. In other news, I called the grand yesterday and not a single vacancy this weekend.
  9. Best day of the year thus far at the crotch. Everything skiable, rotd was enchanted - soft turns over a solid base, perfect flow. Will post a bunch of pictures after putting kid to bed. Re upthread, bunch of surveyors tape in west ledges, possible the years of hard living have gotten to me but dont think it was there last time. Need that storm sunday to verify, another foot and Monday afternoon will change the season.
  10. I have wrapped myself around the axle more times than I care to admit attempting to patch together an alternate but in the end there is nothing remotely close to the value offered by peaks for our family. We will surpass 50 days this weekend on a total pass cost of less than $600 for my daughter and me. Dont ski attitash so dont care about the chair. My singular complaint is Wildcat's habit of staying open midweek for mass april vacation and closing for nh week. Forced me to buy a k spring pass this year, not bad because the kid is still free at k but will be expensive next year. My dream is for wildcat to build a glacier on lower catapult, let it bump up and run the triple daily through may 1, then weekends until the snow is gone.
  11. For those interested k has released their spring pass, price up $20 over last year. Will likely purchase to cover April vacation. Wish wildcat would make an effort to open nh week, last two years they were open mass vacation week and closed nh vacation week. https://www.killington.com/plan-your-trip/tickets-passes/norbeaster-spring-pass
  12. Dont see a season thread, so will post this here. Crotch held up well today, only people there were the program kids and their parents. Good news, the agitators are still running, bad news brown is showing in the typical spots - moon walk and satellite. News of the day is per a source in the mountain's employ that I would classify as mostly reliable, the mountain has abandoned their long run negotiations with the landowner on the Jupiter side. They instead are in the process of acquiring the land around the ledges and plan to begin construction on a true green trail winding around the ledges this summer. I have hiked back there and cannot imagine how this will work but if true it is a game changer for the hill.

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