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  1. thebigo

    Snowmaking Window

    Crotched got started today. They are blowing under the lights tonight for some reason?
  2. thebigo

    Snowmaking Window

    Earliest possible Thanksgiving this year.
  3. For all on the fence, turned to snow about ten minutes ago in bartlett and it is hammering
  4. Rented a condo in bartlett for the weekend several weeks back, kids have a four day weekend. Will be at the Cat Saturday, Sunday and hopefully Monday if they decide to open - many people with the day off and weather looks good.
  5. thebigo

    Opening Day 2018

    How rough was the download wait? Have limited time tomorrow, plan to be in line for first chair and ski with sneakers in backpack boot bag for walk down. They hassle anyone for walking down? You recommend rock skis for tomorrow?
  6. Not really a holiday but many if not most schools in NH are closed. Which means many parents home with the kids that would rather be at wildcat.
  7. Probably killington on Saturday, let me know if anyone wants to split a 2 for 1 Meanwhile - wildcat this morning, praying they get open for the holiday next Friday 10/26
  8. thebigo

    Attitash chair sale

    When they finally add an hsq on the attitash side it may make more sense to put it on the double line than the triple. Install would be less disruptive to summer business, better dispersal of crowds at the top and you could still lap pt, Tim's and idiots.
  9. About ten years ago I was skiing with a dude in Tahoe - meadows to be specific. At the end of the day I asked him if he wanted to take one more run, told me he was done. Then proceeded to tell me about his son who took one more run as a teenager at Camelback, went off the trail and ended up paralyzed from the waist down. I think about that story every single time I am on hill and am especially careful with my daughter. I agree the advice was not properly conveyed. Unfortunately my days are often time limited due to family activities and I like to go home sore and exhausted. Personally I find if I push through the first wave of tiredness/soreness I tend to get a second wind and do some of my best skiing. The kind of skiing where your legs go where they need to and you feel like you're floating. But it only lasts a few runs and I would never recommend pushing it after your muscles start to tighten up.
  10. "I am not an instructor" is the message to take from this post. There is some really bad (and some ok) advice here. Please elaborate, not being confrontational, just curious? After all, we are here to learn.
  11. There should be no spare room in your boots, your feet should not be able to move. Constantly remind yourself to get your weight forward and your hands up. It may sound simple but keep your eyes focused on where you want to ski not things you are trying to avoid. It is a good idea to scout a line when stopped but never look at trees while in motion. Most importantly ski as much as possible. Good gear, rest, fitness help but are not even remotely close to actually skiing. At the end of the day when you are exhausted, ski the biggest most erratic bump line for your last run, you may find that your body takes over and leaves your mind out of it. If not, you've lost nothing and burned a few more calories to cover that extra beer. Just some thoughts I have compiled over the decades, I am not an instructor, indeed I have not taken a lesson since grade school.
  12. thebigo

    2018 Season Stats

    Regrettably it appears time to summarize the season: 57 days for me. In order of frequency, days were spread between: Crotched, Wildcat, Killington, Attitash, Waterville, Sunday River, Cannon, Okemo, McIntyre and Bretton Woods. Daughter, who turned five midseason, got in 43 days. Highlights were late season at Killington, waking up slopeside during the big March dump and progressing the kid from being a pain in the ass to someone who is genuinely fun to ski with. I also came to accept the drive to both wildcat and killington, and after much deliberation purchased another peak pass for next year along with a seasonal program for my daughter. We will also add killington spring passes for april vacation and may weekends - 75 days may be in reach based on the alarming quantity of school vacation days.
  13. thebigo


    Was around fifth chair, top of ss lasted about half an hour - middle was where lynx was a month ago
  14. thebigo


    Planning first chair Saturday, have to head home before noon If anyone else is going to be there, let me know, grab a beer

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