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  1. Would appear that AZ is dead, be good to get some of the members over here, sucks to lose the accumulated content.
  2. Best I can determine epic is the only major pass that does not offer new purchasers to ski free in the spring. Does not make any sense, no place is busy in late march, april or may. Would think they would want any f/b/lodging dollars they could get. Also give people an incentive to buy early - hold onto their money longer, keep their money if there is a life event in the summer. All a part of getting used to our new overlords I guess.
  3. If I remember you bought in the spring, does vail do the buy in march and ski free this spring deal? I called today, $450 for my family to switch. Not worth it for a few days at sunapee but thinking about breck next april vacation week.
  4. Circa early 90s I remember a seeing a map showing a number of additional lifts. This was before bear but showed more terrain than was eventually developed. It was a topo map, not a trail map that I believe was hanging on the wall in the lodge, I was about 10 years old so it is possible my memory is less than perfect. Edit - more info https://www.newenglandskihistory.com/skiareaexpansions/NewHampshire/attitash/stonybrook.php
  5. On the ocean with a cordon bleau chef emptying the trash. The reason people get pissed at attitash is unrealized potential. If they could ever extend to the true summit with an hsdq and build out the bowl between the mountains it would be in discussion for best area in nh but it has never had an owner with deep pockets or been a priority. Compare attitash and bretton woods in the mid 90s. Attitash is effectively the same place, bretton woods has probably doubled their terrain and maintains modern lifts. Further the place is a major draw in summer, I would bet summer/fall revenue is either
  6. The quad gets you to bear no problem. Tim's, idiots and upper pt are the best attitash has to offer but not worth the 20+ min lift ride. The original plan before asc went bust was to develop the terrain between the mountains, would have made attitash a very different place.
  7. I was told by a family friend who owns one of those seven figure mansions between attitash and bear that one of the contingencies of the aquisition was a functional attitash triple with a deadline in novemeber. No idea if it is true, just repeating what I was told. As for why he bought a mansion at attitash, I have no idea.
  8. What was the early price for the epic pass? Could you use it in the spring? Trying to determine whether to upgrade from peaks to epic, only $70 each for my wife and I but over $300 for my older daughter. Basically a $450 family pass to sunapee. We may go to colorado next spring but I am assuming next years pass would cover april. I was mixed on the aquisition earlier today but talked myself into it as day progressed. Living in the lakes region of nh, roughly half way between wildcat and crotched, peaks owned the majority of our ski budget. Only difference now is sunapee adds another
  9. Curious about the logistics of the squaw trip, havent been to Tahoe since my early 20s and things were very different then. Thinking about ikon base next year with the idea of taking the family west for April vacation week. Did you rent a car or take a shuttle. Hotel at squaw or in the casino at the state line? What airline did you fly? Last time my flight went through Chicago and Las Vegas on the way Reno, then through Phoenix on the return - obviously not possible with kids.
  10. Impressive amount of snow remains, the headwall was down to ice by 9:00, may have softened throughout the day but I left early, had to be home at 1:00. Day #75, a personal record. Little doubt they will make next weekend, left thinking I was done but after a few beers thinking I may have 1 - 2 left in me.
  11. Perfect day today, was in line for first chair, got in a dozen runs before responsibility called The reservoir took a hit last week but June lift served is almost a certainty in the east I will be there at least one day per weekend as long as the lift spins, always up for a beer if anyone else makes it Pictures from #74
  12. Good day today, #47 for the daughter, #73 for the old guy
  13. Killington is offering $20 tickets on Saturday to celebrate their 200th day. A good deal for anyone looking to get in one more day.
  14. Yes, closing day - was supposed to rain but only a few sprinkles. Daughter loved the woods behind the sunnyside cabin, lapped them all afternoon. Done well scooping up late season vouchers last couple of years, combined with a kid that is still free, it has allowed us to hit a bunch of different places. She loves the variety, has me rethinking pass combination going forward, especially as she ages out of the $60 peak pass and free k tickets. Always wondered how people get the vouchers?
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