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  1. Wow Very Nice Opening Day !! Glad you were able to go get it !!! Sure beats East Coast opening days !!
  2. ABV

    F'ing Millennials

    Think you got more than a concussion one year but lets not go there !
  3. ABV

    F'ing Millennials

    Same Conditions.......Vista /Bypapss/Extension to Avalanche...First one to Zoomer Bar wins !!!
  4. ABV

    Passholder Appreciation

    Cannon's was Good ! Burger on the Deck with a beer ! Hard to beat and we were in and out if I remember correctly ! BW does one in the Spring but it was up stairs and sort of a cluster F but it was a decent lunch not just a Burger !!
  5. Upper Cannon to Mittersill......okay !
  6. where does that stream bed come from that we cross at the bottom of Kinsman ?
  7. ABV

    Bretton Woods

    Only kidding ! We had some disgruntled attendees last year who didnt appreciate the intense polling involved.......not to mention the snowboarders !!
  8. ABV

    F'ing Millennials

    My desk is getting raised on Friday, cant wait for it to be done ! Sick of sitting all Fn day !
  9. ABV

    Bretton Woods

    Hopefully ! It was fun !! Can we request some cross country gear 🤪😱
  10. ABV


    OUCH is Right !! My Fn Neck is sore just looking at that !! Its Nice to be Young !!
  11. ABV

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Yes Good Brew ! Its made an appearance at the Zoomer Bar in the past....thanks to FckSummer !
  12. ABV

    Fabiolous Escape 2

    That was pretty cool ! but they should have had thovex as one of the police instead of the people they had acting stupid and dorky on skis.....that would have made it more interesting !
  13. ABV

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Schillings is Awesome !!
  14. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    We need a plug in for untappd to track skiing or Ski tracks/Trace to track beer !

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