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  1. ABV

    Ski widths

    Id agree also, Im right in that spot with a 97 and 106 that are my most frequently used skis !
  2. Friday - Cannon or Wildcat Saturday -Cannon Sunday not sure....weather dependent !
  3. ABV

    Planning to not open

    Yes, I said that in my post. Yeah sorry guess I missed the All day part , I assumed since some were able to open a little later in the morning they would have too ....Opps my bad !
  4. ABV

    Planning to not open

    The Tram and Cannonball never opened on Saturday, so no summit access all day. just mentioning that
  5. ABV

    Planning to not open

    ^^^^ this !
  6. ABV

    Planning to not open

    Sure they’ll try is all about $$$ Either way it’s gonna be a glacier until it snows again !
  7. ABV

    Planning to not open

    All of the above basically, having options based on weather, conditions and or grooming. Just having different terrain, learning new mountains.
  8. ABV

    Planning to not open

    I like the advanced notice and the ability to hit another mountain on the peaks pass. Not only will they be less effected by wind but the grooming will be better as well so it’s a win for me. Obviously not for everyone
  9. ABV

    Roll Call Feb 1-3

    Friday wildcat Saturday wildcat Sunday Attitash
  10. Really depends on where you riding, open trails and lakes yeah you may not generate heat but if your in tight trails climbing up steeps and your working. not to mention if someone gets stuck and you have to dig out a sled....youll be soaked in a heartbeat ! So yeah no cotton at all, your sweat should be able to breath out of your clothes away from your body.
  11. ABV

    Attitash 1/28

    Ive only skied there 2 times this year on my Peaks pass, only negative as you mentioned is the lift. The trails are pretty good with a decent mix of steep groomers. They groom and make snow as good as anyone and can recover from the crap weather of last week pretty fast. I honestly think they are a great addition to the peaks pass for when the cat is on wind holds, they seem to be more protected. I liked it and will be going back for sure, they had some really good Hot Cocoa on Spillway Saturday !!
  12. Im sure youll be fine ! it skied Great on Saturday considering the weather on last Thursday ! They recover well !!
  13. ABV

    Cannon 1/27

    yup that looks interesting ! but have seen it worse !!

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