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  1. Saturday at Cannon till noon, talk about a Buzz kill !! Sunday......TBD
  2. ABV

    Cover photo submissions

    It came off of Facebook, users name is SnowSports USA.They have a lot of Cannon shots so Im assuming they are locals !!
  3. ABV

    Cover photo submissions

    This is all I got from the Cannonball just after 3pm
  4. ABV

    Cover photo submissions

    Not my pic but it’s cool
  5. Yeah yeah I know I was a bit sceptical the first time down, but you were right.....Awesome all 3 times ! Don't think Ive ever done it 3 times in one day !
  6. Looks like Cannon Friday and Saturday. Sunday may stay home..... maybe !
  7. ABV

    Icelantic Oracle 88 skis

    Im in.....daughter is College student ! she could use a new pair of skis !!
  8. ABV

    Roll call 11/22-25

    Friday = Cannon opening day, Saturday = Cannon or the Cat ! TBD
  9. ABV


    Actually 2 so far !
  10. Saturday Ill be at WildCat !
  11. ABV

    Kids Ski Jackets- LL Bean vs. Spyder?

    I did not know this ! Its on my way home ! easy to hit it during the week but no way on the weekends !!
  12. ABV

    Tires - what are you rolling on??

    My wifes Rav didnt have snow tires last year, she only has a 2 mile drive to work so she didnt care. She ended up going out in a storm with my daughters car and was floored at how well the car handled ! She cares now ! and has dedicated snows....finally convinced her ! now I can steel her car if needed !! win / win

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