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  1. yup jumped up in price this morning ! With the Express Pass it was $45, not really terrible considering ! Good day for sure.....beats cleaning the house !
  2. Friday ! Opening day @ Cannon ! and possibly Sunday !
  3. November 2017 weather discussion

    Just what we need, fake Weather ! !!
  4. Ryan's Beer Thread

    We have that one nailed down, Zoomer Bar never lets us down......even when we take it on the road !
  5. Think it comes down to form, leaning to far forward would do it more than sitting in the back seat........to me anyways ! For back problems ! I water skied for years, slalom would literally make me cripple ! Couldnt walk but could ski pretty darn good ! Gave up Slalom and went to Barefoot, Body position was Key to glide on your feet ! Hard to explain, back was straight....shoulders back and knees at a 45 like in chair position. All the pull was from the shoulders, as long as you didnt break position you were golden !
  6. 1st Annual Demo Day


    good question ! Id be interested in demoing a few skis !
  7. Ryan's Beer Thread

    Nice haul you have there ! I like the Over the Handlebars, wish theyd drop space juice for that in regular distrobution ! And Tribute is one of my Favorites.....good for breakfast I might add !!
  8. Introduce yourself

    Well Finals are way more important than AZ or here for that matter ! Good for you to tune it out and focus !
  9. Introduce yourself

    Just fooling around, havent been to AZ in a long time So I really cant comment !
  10. Introduce yourself

    All of a Sudden ....Lol ok ! Alpine what ?
  11. November 2017 weather discussion

    Id Roll the dice ! Still a weekend away and still a possibility of at least one decent day......Id go !
  12. Day One for me at Kton

    no kidding ! Not even a Beer pic or of lunch ! What the hell
  13. Site design feedback

    Same here ! Nice improvements Sent from my iPhone using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  14. Opening Day 2017

    Since 2000 it has been primarily K and SR. Bretton Woods many of the years too. Do you really think K would delay its public opening because of blowing for the WC? Yes Thats what I'm thinking but you seem to know whats going on and I dont ! Just guessing its gonna be a stretch for them to SS ready for the WC with the lack of cold
  15. Opening Day 2017

    Wonder how many of those early November openings were K only or Wildcat ? Im thinking K will be focusing on one thing

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