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  1. Well it looks like you really had a good season ! Pics are awesome as usual !
  2. Yes forgot to mention Race league was Awesome and the Food didnt Suck either !!!
  3. Id say I had a 6 /10 !! Had a few great days early season days at BW, some powder days there but reality probably 6 inches or less !! Couple of spring Days in a row highlight my Cannon days and one really nice Spring day at Waterville ! Yesterday was a nice surprise, didn't think Loon would have that much snow left after the past few weeks at Cannon. Really missed not have the K Express pass this year !
  4. ABV

    Loon 4/15

    Got to loon for opening, decent temps and almost sunny ! Picked up my New NEP Bronze Pass and Heading to the Gondi ! Hit everything that was open, really decent coverage considering the winter we had. Conditions were great, not too much brown to go around ! Sun didnt last long but didnt start to rain till just after noon, slight sprinkle and next run it had stopped. Not a bad first day back to Loon !
  5. Yes Seems like they really did well this year ! Will have to go next Season for sure !
  6. Saturday at Cannon was pretty Hot ! Not sure of the temp but damn I was completely Dehydrated by the end of the day !
  7. Mac ARL Tues Waterville: Friday Cannon: Saturday
  8. Tuesday -Mac ! Friday - BW ! Sat - Cannon !
  9. He's never happy !!! Just fucking shoot me now if I was ever that miserable !! Zero personal skills and cant interact with the public !!
  10. Id take that on a weekend anyday ,usually you cant see the next chair on the cannonball never mind being able to look back at the lift shack from that point !
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