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  1. ABV

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Yes Good Brew ! Its made an appearance at the Zoomer Bar in the past....thanks to FckSummer !
  2. ABV

    Fabiolous Escape 2

    That was pretty cool ! but they should have had thovex as one of the police instead of the people they had acting stupid and dorky on skis.....that would have made it more interesting !
  3. ABV

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Schillings is Awesome !!
  4. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    We need a plug in for untappd to track skiing or Ski tracks/Trace to track beer !
  5. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    Through ski tracks 715,357 Vert for 43 days 693 miles Only started trace mid season..... Need to track DIPA next season........Beer Tracks
  6. ABV

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    You should get the Untappd app, this will help you find where it is ! Also Vinal Square Beer House N Chelmsford is close to you they usually have some really good Beer
  7. I totally get it, best to go out with a good memory ! Just bought new skis .....they may or may not come out of the car !
  8. Exactly !! Should be pretty good !
  9. Who's in for this weekend and where ? Im heading to Wildcat on Saturday, seems like the better of the 2 days.
  10. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    I will definitely do that ! Burke was really fun !
  11. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    I think you wanted to Forget at least 2 of those days !
  12. ABV

    2018 Season Stats

    Right now Im at 42 Days, season high for me as a day tripper. Didn't do many overnight trips. 9 days at Killington, some were pretty epic after/ during storms of early March.....8 and 9th ! 27 Days at Cannon, some REALLY good but some sucked Big time.....Closing weekend will be hard to forget for a long long time ! 2 days at Bretton Woods for the NMS meet up and Demo day.....Good Times ! and 1 day each at Loon,Magic,Burke and Wildcat.With loon being the outlier all the other Single days were pretty Awesome. Highlights of my Season would be without a doubt Gunsight at Cannon !! Thanks to Cannonballer and FCKSummer for bringing me along for that Epic day. Magic and Burke were really great in their own ways, definitely want to get back there again next year. Wildcat Last weekend was probably the Best non powder day EVER ! The conditions were simply amazing ! Meeting the Wildcat regulars and other NMSers was pretty Awesome too. Not sure if Im done just yet, I feel another Wildcat day coming this weekend and possibly get back to Killington if the weather cooperates !
  13. ABV

    Spring Gathering 2018

    Amazing day, nice to ski with everyone ! Wildcat knows how to party !! Live band in the parking lot....how can you compete with this !!! Saw a lot of Cannon regulars there and quiet a few missing Thank you Weatherman for hosting us that night, good food,Beer and Friends.....Great way to end the season if it does actually end for me !
  14. Seriously considering next Saturday, place was absolutely amazing yesterday !
  15. ABV

    Spring Gathering 2018

    Change of plans for me, just skiing on Saturday. Not doing the overnight or dinner now.

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