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  1. The Pit spray will def keep your feet from sweating ! and Id use that refresh shit on the liners with new insoles ! Come on it will probably shave off a couple of seconds on your time at Mac !
  2. some people will spray their feet with antipersperant as in Right Guard ! keeps them from sweating and makes them smell nice lol. And they make spray for sneakers, think its called refresh ! that will help the boots recover from where they are now !
  3. Im seeing more day tickets than ever before, day tickets are obviously the people going off the trail and or doing yardsales on easy link ! the kid that went off on Paulies was like well there wasnt a slow sign !!! LOL Go back to Loon !
  4. But !!! I could have sworn I saw a rockin Firepit at Cannon blasting out tunes ! maybe I was dreaming !
  5. Ive only been to BrettonWoods and Cannon Brettonwoods has the lodge open an hour early from what I can see, bathrooms downstairs and the food court is open before the lifts spin. Ive seen people booting up inside in the morning, bringing boot bag back to car after dressing. Foodcourt is grab and go. Parking lot seems to be anything goes for tailgaiting / grilling Cannon bathrooms and lodge opens 30 minutes early, havent gone up into the peabody though at all. New porta potties outside peabody and notchview lodges ! fun times !! Parking lots seem to be busy and
  6. Cannon was nice Yesterday ! Certainly not a mid week crowd though ! Saw more day tickets than pass holders. Lines werent horrible but not ski on like you would expect on a Wednesday ! Probably siting out for the next week ! will re evaluate for next weekend !!
  7. Friday - Cannon or BW ! Which ever has the best trail report !! lol Saturday - Cannon Sunday - May XC down south in Mass !
  8. Some pics of the natural trails ! not bad considering last week was only one trail !
  9. Not a Bad first day for me ! 10 Runs....Ill take it ! Beer to Run ratio was abnormal though....0-10 !!
  10. same for me ! any direct links for the mobil app ?
  11. Try a cleaner / Polish Meguires sells a good one. And turtle wax sells a color based wax that will hide scratches for a short while
  12. Hope its not canceled !!! You know if it does get canceled well be guaranteed and epic snow fall winter all through the state ! Back up plan is Snow shoeing and Just ordered XC gear !
  13. Also good for those stickers people apply to your skis that are unwanted !! Ive been applying a spray wax on my skis top sheets for years....lol
  14. Surprised you haven't added Bramble cast !!!
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