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  1. Surprised you haven't added Bramble cast !!!
  2. I think your fine hiking but getting into anything else would require reservations. As in echo lake and the flume gorge.
  3. Superpass again for me this season, from Cannon with the Pass Assurance ! Hopefully we dont need the stinkin Assurance !!!!
  4. Great Pics Jim ! You have me ready to move out west for sure ! Looks so Beautiful !!
  5. Lotta tracks on Profile ! and it looks loaded ! Damn !
  6. If you like Billy Bob Thornton , Goliath on Amazon is pretty interesting too !
  7. Thanks ! Just started watching Bosch last night ! [emoji106]
  8. Great report ! Pictures are beautiful. Wow wish I was there right now.
  9. Treehouse kills everything they do ! Juice Machine is Awesome Would love to find fiddlehead in cans !
  10. I think a lot of the don’t come are ski areas worried about emergency response if someone gets hurt. Hospitals can’t take ya as there already at overload.
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