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  1. Set of 4 Michelin Ice X snow tires. one season on them, roughly 5000 miles on them. These were on a Rav4 asking $350 or Best Reasonable offer ! Pics on request !
  2. These are back up for sale, $350 or Best Reasonable offer !
  3. Best post Ive seen in a looong time !!! LOL ! Can sometimes suck....hahaha so freakin true !! BW as a back up plan is Good Idea !!!
  4. It looks good, Id Try it for sure !
  5. Probably the best beer I’ve ever had ! Love Treehouse !!
  6. My daughter surprised me for Father’s Day, hit up Treehouse for me. Damn I like that stuff !!
  7. Its pricey but looks like it would be secure so it may be worth it for me.......may need to sell some skis for this one ! Soul 7s could be the next to go !!
  8. Thanks ! Yeah thats very nice
  9. Just bought a new truck, looking at options for Bed Liners and Tonneau covers...some of the prices are freakin INSANE !! So for Bed Liners, Im not using it as a work truck ...more of a play truck than anything really. Not a fan of Linex or the drop in liners but really like the looks and versatility of the BedRug. Anyone have any experience with these ? And Tonneau covers, my last truck I had the Extang Full Tilt and loved it was leaning towards that or the tri fold one just about he same price 450ish Thoughts ??
  10. Its above my threshold for pain....tough call.You have a short drive no ? thats my biggest investment to do it !
  11. Cat is open this weekend !! You should be good to go ! wish I could make it up there !!
  12. Hey I can get you a good deal on a Rav 4, slightly blemished carfax but other than that she's good !!
  13. Sap ?? Im shocked !! how on earth did sap get on there...please explain !!

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