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  1. Its pricey but looks like it would be secure so it may be worth it for me.......may need to sell some skis for this one ! Soul 7s could be the next to go !!
  2. Thanks ! Yeah thats very nice
  3. Just bought a new truck, looking at options for Bed Liners and Tonneau covers...some of the prices are freakin INSANE !! So for Bed Liners, Im not using it as a work truck ...more of a play truck than anything really. Not a fan of Linex or the drop in liners but really like the looks and versatility of the BedRug. Anyone have any experience with these ? And Tonneau covers, my last truck I had the Extang Full Tilt and loved it was leaning towards that or the tri fold one just about he same price 450ish Thoughts ??
  4. Its above my threshold for pain....tough call.You have a short drive no ? thats my biggest investment to do it !
  5. Cat is open this weekend !! You should be good to go ! wish I could make it up there !!
  6. Hey I can get you a good deal on a Rav 4, slightly blemished carfax but other than that she's good !!
  7. Sap ?? Im shocked !! how on earth did sap get on there...please explain !!
  8. I was able to get a few picks of Xwhaler and MrsWeatherman. What a great day. Perfect ending of the season !!!
  9. Do they open at 8:30 tomorrow or is it 9.
  10. The Answer to your question will be found at the Cat on Saturday
  11. Umm maybe assign me to a 1st floor bedroom too while your at it ! just incase !!!
  12. From the Head website 170 = 13.7 turn radius 177= 14.7 turn radius Slightly different
  13. I will be there, staying at the club would be Awesome for Saturday night !
  14. Hard to Believe an Inch or two would have saved the day......Friday was a completely different story !!
  15. Friday Cannon if there are wind issues heading to BW Saturday Cat or Cannon and same as above !
  16. Powder skis that are good for spring skiing too !Dimensions are 178 length 150mm Tip, 119mm Underfoot and 136mm tail These would be considered twin tip.Skis are in Great shape only used on Sunday Powder days ! Scratches in top sheet are only cosmetic and bases have typical scratchesfor limited use. No core shots or repairs Bindings are set for a 329 BSL and have only been mounted once. Plenty of life left in these but Im not using them as much as I should ! Looking for $300 for these !
  17. Skis are in really good shape, only used on Groomer days. Bases are almost perfect with light scratches and top sheets are in decent shapeThese are mounted with Head System bindings PRD 12s and are completely adjustable. I have them listed on Craigs list for $450 looking to get $399 for them
  18. I had no idea they had a 5 minute guarantee !!! I want my $45 back !!!
  19. I didn't take any pics but I know theres some video footage somewhere that is self incriminating so not sure it would be good to post !! We made the call in the car on the way up, once we heard upper Mountain was wind hold. Burke won with the 31+ on the morning report......glad we did it !

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