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  1. I somehow doubt he's even breaking even...
  2. Yes they use it. Machski pointed out a scenario last year where it was used and had a problem and took hours to evac... There are times that the Forerunner is on wind hold but they can still run the double. It definitely shouldn't just be ignored as a "redundant" lift. It becomes quite an important lift when Forerunner is down for any reason. It could also potentially help ease crowding on Forerunner as it does serve a lot of the same terrain. (However being a slow, old double, many people don't use it even if it is running).
  3. I'm surprised people actually buy passes to Windham. Over $1300 for an adult pass is insane for a single resort in the Catskills with probably the least interesting terrain in the Cats. And unless things have changed since I was last there, they always drew a good crowd on weekends. So it isn't like you can say you're paying a premium to avoid crowds.
  4. Agreed. We'll all be watching closely to see what they do for sure. I can easily see them neglecting the east coast resorts from a capital expenditure perspective. How they handle the Attitash Summit chair will be a big indicator of how much they really care about their eastern properties.
  5. It certainly puts pressure on the independent mountains. There's only so low they can go though in order to remain profitable. Very difficult to compete head to head on pass prices with the likes of Epic since their prices are artificially low simply due to the volume of pass sales they can generate. Not sure what the answer is. It will be interesting to watch what happens though over the next few years.
  6. I live here and still agree with this!
  7. Thought it might have been you but couldn't remember for sure.
  8. For bed liner I just went with the factory spray-on liner. Fine for my purposes. For a cover, I went with this one: https://bakindustries.com/revolver-x2. I've had it 2 years now and like it a lot. Someone here I think it was turned me on to this cover. It isn't cheap, but I like it. My dealer also has since sold a number of them to other people with new trucks as the sales-person liked it so much when I had it put on my truck that he now recommends it to people that ask about covers.
  9. This is what I do as well. My jacket is a 3-in-1 interchange, so I can also skip washing the shell if I don't think it needs it (or alternatively wash the inner layer an extra time if it starts to get a little sweaty/stinky).
  10. In looking at the Mt Mansfield stake data, it has dropped about 2' in the past week and is now 16" below where it was this point last year. Still well above average, but definitely dropping pretty fast recently.
  11. I'm certainly not defending them by any means, but to be honest, they've been getting your money for several years already. You just didn't know it until now. And you're 100% right that any boycott will hurt the local communities and staff at the mountains far more than it will hurt the Sacklers. A lot of people saying they will boycott are completely missing that point.
  12. There's a lot of things people would have to boycott if they knew who actually had significant ownership interests in them...
  13. I think you hit it on the head with point #2. I've been noticing that as well. I'm sitting in my office mid-week seeing great conditions and then get that damn rain/thaw/freeze several times right before the weekend when I'm able to get up there. I feel like overall I skied less powder days (even mini powder days of just a quick couple inches overnight) this year compared to other years. Luckily I did get to ski a lot mid-week in December and of course I was able to take advantage of that epic 30" powder weekend in March. Point #2 is what prevents me from rating it higher than "Above aver
  14. Scratch Smuggs from the list. They announced they're not reopening due to the forecast. MRG is reopening tomorrow though to tie their record for longest season. They'll re-evaluate after that whether they can open at some point this weekend to break the record.
  15. I doubt it will make much difference. Once the weather gets warm in the flatlands people just move on to other things and forget there is even snow still in the mountains. In cases for families with kids, often the kids start spring sports that prevent them from skiing later in the season. And then there are also some people that just don't like skiing in spring conditions.
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