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  1. I think you hit it on the head with point #2. I've been noticing that as well. I'm sitting in my office mid-week seeing great conditions and then get that damn rain/thaw/freeze several times right before the weekend when I'm able to get up there. I feel like overall I skied less powder days (even mini powder days of just a quick couple inches overnight) this year compared to other years. Luckily I did get to ski a lot mid-week in December and of course I was able to take advantage of that epic 30" powder weekend in March. Point #2 is what prevents me from rating it higher than "Above average". On the plus side we weren't back to square one in late Feb like we were the prior couple seasons and I was able to ski glades far earlier and more consistently than other years (even after some of the freeze/thaws they still held up surprisingly well). However outside of that one big dump, March and April were somewhat disappointing compared to the past couple seasons (granted we really needed them the past couple seasons to avoid those seasons being a loss). Last year Castlerock made it to April 22 thanks to all the late season snow. This year it was done as of this past weekend even with the deep snow-pack we've had. I think that may also highlight the difference in snowpack between the upper and lower mountain however. Upper mountain still certainly seems deeper than normal meanwhile at the base it seems either close to normal or maybe even slightly below normal. Even this year in the spring it seems we're getting somewhat screwed many weekends either with rain and/or low clouds. Anyone that had a lot of flexibility absolutely could have rated this season as one of the best ever though and I could completely understand that. Some points further north may have also fared even better to allow that rating too (my personal rating is based primarily off the Sugarbush area). If I had to assign a grade, I'd probably put it in the B+ or maybe A- category. Eliminate those multiple late week thaw/freeze events though and it would have been at least an A if not A+.
  2. Scratch Smuggs from the list. They announced they're not reopening due to the forecast. MRG is reopening tomorrow though to tie their record for longest season. They'll re-evaluate after that whether they can open at some point this weekend to break the record.
  3. I doubt it will make much difference. Once the weather gets warm in the flatlands people just move on to other things and forget there is even snow still in the mountains. In cases for families with kids, often the kids start spring sports that prevent them from skiing later in the season. And then there are also some people that just don't like skiing in spring conditions.
  4. HG opened a bit before lunch (just after 11:30). This pic was taken at 11:46: Yea...those were definitely the worst lines I can ever remember seeing. ME being nearly completely on windhold makes a bit difference. The skiing itself was excellent though. Just had to think carefully about which run to take as you weren't going to get a lot of them in with those crowds.
  5. At Sugarbush NW wind seems to strongly impact Mount Ellen as only the terrain park lift there opened on Saturday (so GMX, North Ridge, Summit, and Inverness were all stuck on windhold). At Lincoln Peak the day started with only Valley House and Castlerock clear of holds first thing, although Gate House and Super Bravo both came off wind hold somewhere around 9am. Heaven's Gate came off hold just before noon. North Lynx remained on hold all day.
  6. I only have a SB pass and no skins...but also will be with an Ikon passholder who has never been to SB. Really would be nice to be able to show him how awesome SB is.
  7. SB both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully lifts are running Saturday.
  8. I haven't been to K in a while, but am happy to see Powdr investing in them with all these improvements. The snowmaking improvements at Pico are huge as well and I'm definitely a fan of that. Need to get back there one day.
  9. Sounds like the NRT replacement with a new LP Quad is now official and planned to be complete before it is needed for the normal early opening next season. https://www.killington.com/the-mountain/mountain-info/mountain-improvements
  10. There's definitely a mutual love-fest between Josh and MRG, but nothing official to my knowledge. He's just a skier that calls MRG home that also happens to have a degree in meteorology and makes a hobby out of running that blog. If he skis MRG but not SB, easy to understand why he doesn't know the wind impacts at SB. Hell, I ski SB all the time and still can't keep track of which wind direction impacts which lifts the most at SB. I really should pay more attention to that...
  11. He works for MRG. Since when? An article I read a couple years ago in VT Ski and Ride said he worked in the energy industry.
  12. Interesting to hear how bad Stowe was on Saturday. While Sugarbush wasn't great, it also wasn't anywhere near as bad as what you're describing. I skied about a dozen runs on Saturday and when I stopped it was just very chunky (and crowded). The first few runs of the day on the lower mountain were decent. After that I would describe it as very variable. Some sections of trails were smooth and nice, others were chunky, others were scraping off and showing ice. Sunday was completely different. They officially reported 1" of snow overnight, but I swear there was more than that once you got above the base. I even skied a couple lower angle bump runs and ducked into the woods for a run. All very skiable and far better than you would have expected after the thaw/freeze. And on Sunday the mountain was empty. I was a bit surprised how many people showed up on Saturday considering the expected conditions. In terms of base depth loss, it really seemed rather minimal on the mountain in most areas.
  13. May as well add a few photos. Friday: Saturday: Sunday:
  14. Even Mt Ellen was crowded on Saturday
  15. There's a pretty cool feature on google ads where if you click the little x in the corner of the ad to close it, you'll then get an option from google to see "why this ad". If you click that link, it will tell you what it based the decision to show you that ad on. You can also further control your ad settings from there to either turn of personalization or just remove certain topics from your potential interests list.

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