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  1. cdskier

    Planning to not open

    I like this method. Sugarbush often warns of potential impacts to lifts in their report if there are high winds in the forecast. I was honestly pleasantly surprised on Saturday. Mt Ellen was essentially completely shut down with nearly all lifts closed due to wind on Saturday. However Lincoln Peak only had Heaven's Gate on hold in the morning and even that came off hold later in the day. Super Bravo had virtually no wind at all from 8AM-9AM although then things shifted a bit and it got a little windy (but not enough to close the lift). I think warning people of a possibility of closures ahead of time is right. Deciding ahead of time to close is a bit risky as forecasts are not always accurate, although I guess ultimately that needs to be up to individual mountains as they know their weather and lift systems the best.
  2. These are the ones I use mainly: https://www.campmor.com/c/white-sierra-baz-az-pant-29----mens I have a more expensive pair from Marmot too, but I notice virtually no difference and ended up buying a few more of this cheap White Sierra brand one. I like that I can wear them as actual pants after skiing too when I take off my ski pants.
  3. For lower body most of the time I just have a pair of fleece pants and my insulated ski pants. I'll add a Patagonia long underwear base layer only on really cold days. Last year was the first year I started doing that. Upper body I wear either a lightweight or midweight base layer (Marmot or Patagonia are the brands I use) and then I have a Columbia 3-in-1 Ski jacket. When it is really cold (<10-15 or so) I'll add a zip up fleece. In the spring I can take the jacket apart to have a lighter jacket. For socks I'm a huge fan of the Darn Tough ultra-light ski socks.
  4. cdskier

    Roll Call Jan 25-27

    Can't speak to whether Jay is a better option. Maybe, maybe not. On the bright side, it does look like SB has maybe 2-3" of fresh so far at the summit and still snowing. Although by the time you get down to mid-mountain it looks like much less than that on the webcam. At least it is snowing all the way down to the base finally. Should help a bit no matter what.
  5. cdskier

    Roll Call Jan 25-27

    That depends...are you paying to ski? I'd personally think twice if I was paying (or using any form of pre-paid ticket such as a Quad pack or Ski VT ticket). I have a pass so I don't mind risking marginal conditions personally and plan to be there. I think how well Sugarbush skis all depends on whether we get anything on the backend. Even 2 inches of snow would help groom into the surface and make it somewhat decent at least on the groomers. At the moment at least for Saturday I think it is going to be a "stick to the groomers" day as I expect natural terrain to be quite "technical" without new snow on it.
  6. cdskier

    MLK weekend snow?

    That's probably around the time I was on Lower FIS on Saturday. I saw a family of 4 and maybe 1 or two other people while I was on it. As for this weekend...looks like I'm skipping as I have work on Monday and getting home on Sunday would be a nightmare from the looks of things at the moment.
  7. I read that earlier today. Hard to say for sure whether it is justified without knowing more about what he did. It could very well be justified and I don't have a problem with a resort banning someone that acts inappropriately. If it is justified, the ONLY thing I have an issue with is Vail not giving him a refund for the pass he purchased THIS year. If they knew he was banned and yet still let him purchase a pass that he would never be able to use, they should refund the money.
  8. cdskier

    MLK weekend snow?

    There were no lines at Mt Ellen on Saturday on any lift! Half the time I was riding chairs alone. And actually any time I looked at the webcams Lincoln Peak didn't look bad other than Gatehouse and Castlerock, but neither of those should be a surprise. Super Bravo and Heaven's Gate both appeared to have little lines for a Saturday any time I checked the cams.
  9. cdskier

    The Sugarbush Thread

    The access trails need about another foot or so of snow to fill in the water bars so the lift is accessible via snowmobile for lift maintenance and ski patrol teams. As of a few years ago it now runs every day and not just weekends as long as snowpack is sufficient to allow snowmobile access AND as long as the temp along the entire line is above a certain number (maybe 5 or 10 degrees...can't remember exactly). In case of an evac, they don't want people stranded on a lift that isn't easy/quick to access for an evac in extremely cold temps.
  10. cdskier

    RFID question

    Clearly you don't know my brother...he would never spend $50 on F&B. But as someone else said, you need to draw a line somewhere. Just because one person "might" provide a net gain in revenue, doesn't mean everyone that "borrowed" a pass would do that. Overall you'd have to believe people doing this would result in a net loss to the mountain. Plus it sets a bad precedent. If we make it "ok" to borrow a pass, then more and more people start to do it. Where does it stop?
  11. cdskier

    RFID question

    Call me crazy, but I don't quite understand why people would consider letting someone else borrow their pass anyway. If I paid for a pass, I'm not going to risk losing it by letting someone else use mine. As a passholder, I believe anyone on the mountain should have paid to be there like I did.
  12. cdskier

    RFID question

    Does anyone know first-hand if this actually happened? I know Sugarbush made several mentions of it. But their mentions sounded like well-calculated, early season, (fake) cautionary tales designed to scare potential abusers. They sounded like they were written over the summer at a marketing meeting with a planned press release during the opening week(s). If it was fake, why not go the extra mile and say they pressed charges (or at least say they thought about pressing charges)? In the Sugarbush thread, Los did say he was "caught" too because him and his son have the same name and had their passes swapped. So they're definitely checking and questioning people if something doesn't seem right.
  13. cdskier

    2017/18 lift ticket prices

    In 2014 it was 12 days (season pass was around 1100 for a full adult pass purchased at the early rates and weekend tickets were $89 at the window). Back then an "adult" pass was for anyone between 30 and 70 years old I think. Now the full adult pass has dropped to a bit under $900 (including tax) but they've also added additional passes for other age ranges (a pass for people in their 30s is ~600 including tax). So the break even point for a "full" adult is 8 days. My 30s pass break even is 6.
  14. cdskier

    2017/18 lift ticket prices

    Yes, but they're really pushing people to buy online. Even if you buy online from the parking lot you save 10% over the window prices. Buy earlier and you save even more (although even there prices are still pretty crazy...buy tickets for a weekend day in January right now it will cost anywhere between 89 and 97 depending on the day...which is actually a bit below last year's window prices). And these prices really also are designed to drive people to season pass products as well. 6 days of skiing now "pays" for my pass. In general, it would be interesting to know how many people actually even pay full price window tickets. If you have a smart phone, there's no reason to buy at the window when you can save 10% even the day of by buying from your smart phone online.

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