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  1. Wonder if Mark is in trouble now...😉 https://www.westernmassnews.com/news/jiminy-peak-mountain-resort-apologizes-after-employee-notice-sparks-outrage/article_ef90ec1e-1ccc-11e9-9d76-1fdaaa46ddb0.html
  2. Ended up being fine today. Unfortunately it was too cold for anything to soften up but trails had plenty of cover. Between a race and discounted kid's tickets it was pretty busy, but they only ran the Rocket and the double. Lines at the Rocket were a few minutes at most. Could have used some line/group management at the Rocket, seemed like a bit of a free for all, especially after lunch.
  3. Have tickets for Sunday...how are things holding up?
  4. Went to Berkshire East yesterday for the first time. Trails were in great shape considering the recent weather and there were little to no lift lines the whole time we were there. Definitely will be making more trips there in the future.
  5. Heading on a family vacation to Dublin and London in the next month. Any suggestions on must-see items in either place would be appreciated. Also, with a family of 4, how would be the best way to handle phones and data plans?
  6. Unfortunately for cars the amount is provided by the charity...and if the charity sells the car it has to be what they got for it, not the fair market value. Interested in how to go as well. Looking at either trading in or selling my daughter's car sometime this year.

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