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  1. "Vail Resorts' annual ongoing capital expenditures are expected to increase by $10 million to support the addition of the Peak Resorts ski areas. After closing of the transaction, Vail Resorts plans to invest approximately $15 millionover the next two years in one-time capital spending to elevate the guest experience at these resorts." 

    I hope they have a nest egg for lifts too

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  2. Out of all of the hem the Summit really needs to be prioritized to #1

    I am guessing Ikon add Windham to match Hunter. I am surprised Windham is still independent. Maybe Belleayre will join Ikon, they could use the publicity, but would probably drive less traffic to other Ikon resorts.
    I know Vail is not stingy with the new lifts, so I guess the Attitash Summit Chair and Mount Snow Sun Brook will not last much longer.
    I also suspect Lift ticket prices will rise faster.

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  3. We have good friends that drink a ton of Sam products. Not my first choice but not terrible by any stretch.
    60 Minute was a favorite for a while several years ago. Been 3-4 years now since I've had even one though.

    Haven't drank either in years, but recently had a Sam Adams Light that my new neighbor handed me.
    To think that not long ago Dogfish was winning many awards as one of the best breweries in the country
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  4. I got lift tower spooge on my coat literally the day after I read this and responded as such. Andy's post about tree bark reminded me of this one so I thought I'd share.

    That entire article was douche level 12!!   But this one was especially clueless.  There is freaking dirt everywhere in snow!  And I have never gone through a season without at least 2 major grease-from-lift-tower incidents. 

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  5. This is a copy of the conversation with the owner Michael from Freeride Systems...

    Disclaimer: i want to be proven wrong...if you can re-apply dwr to factory level, I will give you $250.00* (see below)

    I have access to bulk solvent dwr that not many if any people can get.....along with water based all of you can get...... I have not found a single one that works imo (beads up with consistency on the whole garment) in a retreatment scenario from a completely lost dwr garment. Furthermore, I have found negligible to zero results on wpb jackets and pants from scotch guards and and the like....don't work in my book on pants and jackets...boots? yeah?not really...sno seal? yes!
    Do you have proof it does? Post it up here and I will dub you king dwr and you can field future inquiries.....but i would want to see video proof with no editing.....also I would send you a jacket to retreat.... and if you can duplicate factory results or even close I will give you a check for $250.00 yep two hundred hundred fifty dollars (award offer only given once to first person who can do it), and i want to see unedited video with a visible physical clock ticking in the video before I send you the jacket to retreat, not a clock on the screen, but in the video, any ole big ben with a second hand will do...
    From blister sheenan article (Doe none of this is meant to be negative directed your way) this is purely about the article:

    I. dirt on dwr.... Where does that come from in snow? in decades of skiing i have yet to be hit once with "grease from lift tower" have you? congrats you are essentially a lottery winner. i worked lifts at vail back in the day , never hit.....i have won a scratch off tho... note i didnt say "serviced" lifts, but most here are riding lifts....

    II. oil from skin (inside jacket), sweat on jacket (inside jacket), ................dwr is on the outside of the jacket
    III. btw tree bark, regular dirt etc does not make it to the membrane, it first hits dwr coating, if this is penetrated it will adhere to the outside facing yarns of the griege (face fabric in a laminate fabric...i.e. 2L, 2.5L, 3L) if it makes it to the membrane it will be limited to one area of contact. like an arm that brushed a tree trunk....stay away from tree trunks....tree wells are no joke.....

    IV. the guy that wrote this sounds like he skis next to a wood chipper and or heavy road equipment in dusty environs....oh yeah, dont do that...dont ski next to wood chippers throwing clouds of fine particles into the air and resting in the holes of your membrane underneath the greige and dwr.....
    V. for smell....if you smell so bad that your outerwear jacket stinks you are doing something wrong...you should have layers that will catch any B.O. long before it embeds in the shell....hey...maybe you ski nakid.... pants, different, you can piss in pants, dribble in pants, shat in pants, this stuff stinks....maybe wash your pants....but dont expect dwr to magically come back with that genie in the bottle....

    VI. Do you lean up against a road worn driven car to put gear on roof? If yes, that is grime, chemicals, dirt, exhuast mutated snow that is now on your jacket. Did you need to put skis in the rocket box while wearing your $400 dwr neoshell , when a sweatshirt , old beater jacket etc would have worked if you had taken 10 seconds to put it on first? do you toss your $400 jacket into a pile of crap in your car with dog hair , tobacco residue, pet dander, beer, puke, and who knows what else? why? this is hardly caring for your gear that wants to do nothing but serve you well. would it take more than 45 seconds to remove a jacket and fold and put in a backpack , a trashbag, a treasure chest?

    VII. campfire, cig , doob smoke? thats not skiing, wear a flannel and try vaping....

    VIII. grease from snowmobile? ski jackets are not mechanics wear, put on a fart bag jumper suit and get to work....dont do it in your $400 ski jacket....stuck in the back
    country? broken sled belt, buried the sled, need to dig her out? extended stay.... wearing a pack i hope in back country...take off that $400 jacket, put on another layer....do your work....then put your jacket back on....or shouldnt you be in a brappp jacket anywayz....

    p.s. science talk , protons, neutrons, charged particles really get me giddy.....yee hi

    i also liked all the click thru shopping affiliate marketing links for chems and treatments after the article

    CONCLUSION: do what ever you want, but jackets cost me the least of about anyone and I dont wash and I dont lean over my vehicle , snowmobile, etc etc to stow gear ina parking lot....and if i am throwing my jacket around in my car , i secretly crave a new jacket and just want to try to destroy my current one....

    common sense goes a long way


    Dryer heat goes a long way to loosen up seam tape inside your jacket....loosen it real good....so there's that.....

    want loose seam tape, throw it in the dryer with some of that genie dwr treatment....and heat on high...heat is what we use to put the seam tape on, it is also what we use to take it off to replace a zipper or something...slow down and think about that for a minute....

    but dont be sending me your jackets under warranty for replacement, because I know what all of this stuff looks like from limp fabric (washed) to blistered fabric (washed) YKK two way zippers that dont work anymore mysteriously...(trying to zip without both sliders pushed all the way down to stop before zipping) ...etc.... remember i have used the same stuff i make and sell for almost a decade...

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  6. Cannon was was in amazing shape Sunday. We had a great time, didn't see anyone though!

    Sounds like another great party!  I am mostly likely out.  I'm going to have 2-3 nephews with me for the weekend.  After already shelling out for their (and my) season passes this year it will tough to swallow buying 5 day tix at Wildcat when Cannon is still open.  I'm keeping the option on the table in case things change and would love to catch everyone if possible.  

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