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  1. So how would I move my blog content to the miscellaneous section
  2. I have gotten a tune from Andes on 302 and they did a great job. It was very reasonable for a full tune (40 if I remember correctly) and some of the best structure I've seen post tune. I will have to check out Thoma next season.
  3. I might be interested but need to see what work will be like in the winter. Right now I work 12 hours 7-730 every Wednesday. Might change you never know.
  4. Great summary of two err.. one fun resort system. I really enjoyed my visit to Park City even on a low tide season of 14/15
  5. Unfortunately we have opening day for softball on Sunday and possibly a funeral on Saturday. I want to try to go to SR or Killy on Monday... Very possibly my last day on snow until Fall ?
  6. AZ convert (prsboogie) - Peaks Pass Holder and I like long walks in the rain! Cant wait for a functioning website and eventually app. Seriously though, I love to ski, love bringing my kids with me and watching them grow on the slopes. They are fearless and a sh&t ton of fun to watch. Still hoping to ski with many new people and have them push me to get better. This is one think the kids do not help me with.
  7. No particular order Mcgrath's Moat Tuckerman's Red Fox Red Parka
  8. Kind of a shame with the recent buyout and them pulling the plug. Seems suspect! Are the ly spread too thin?
  9. until

    Its a long damn ride but we should try to get a group together for this.
  10. I hear ya! Hope this one is better, same tree just two months earlier!!
  11. I'm not sure if he would be interested but you might want to try to reach out to Wa-loaf. He may be helpful with the graphics. I second the FB/Twitter call out. It shouldn't be publicly mentioned on AZ.
  12. Thanks for taking this on. Can't wait to see where it goes!!

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