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  1. Two of the wife's toepieces and one of her 12-DIN heels failed with 45 days on them, tops. Now replaced with SPX. She has some high-mileage 15s that are still testing within norms, though one has been shop-set to higher indicator setting.
  2. With how many days on them...and was the forward pressure properly set (not just a bro tweak)? I wouldn't expect that binding to go much over 50-60 days and stay accurate to what's displayed in teh setting window. EDIT: Does this mean @Weatherman should be updating his quiver list shortly?
  3. Wax those skis!

    can you do a graph with 850hPa heights as well as temps?
  4. Swix EVO Pro Edger

    Does your file guide go to 6degrees+ ? If yes, put a pansar file in it for that sidewall.
  5. Quiver theory

    The Monster 88 is a decent ski in those conditions but I prefer something even stiffer such as (narrow choice) the old (2008ish) Atomic SX12 or (wider choice) Mad Russian MR95 or (even wider choice) Zag's H112 or (wider yet) Volkl One. Of those 5 the M88 is best on real hardpack, the SX12 and MR95 tied for 2nd. This is important to me because sloppy spring conditions have been known to freeze up, hard. Yes, even while I'm still skiing If you're looking to grab something used on the cheap for those conditions, Volkl's Kenja/Kendo deserves a mention.
  6. Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL UVO

    That one, no. I know a few folks who did the Flo HDS pouches, which very definitely DO do something. Whether that something is something you want is a different story FWIW this season herself's go-to hardpack ski will be the V-Werks Code UVO .
  7. Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL UVO

    A few years back they used to offer just the UVOs for mounting to any ski.
  8. Quiver theory

    At last count between the two of us we have 44 pairs - time to get a panel truck!
  9. Enjoy the warmth

    On the upside, hurricanes are staying offshore.
  10. Quiver theory

  11. The hang up is in the top curve of the goggle against the helmet and in the very thick lateral edges (almost like pillows) of the helmet that make small-sized goggle outriggers drift all over the place. To pick a completely non-random example, a Briko S3 is too curved up top - even if jammed against the front edge of the helmet the frame of the goggle can't stay closer than about 12-15mm. And the outriggers on that goggle frame are so short in comparison to the lateral (pillow) edges of the helmet that they are completely ineffective. No mating at the top edge + outriggers that can't tension the goggle strap properly -> goggle that drifts on face. Sure you can make the strap tighter but that just makes the goggle drift faster. (Which is a shame, I really like Briko lenses on overcast days) EDIT: You can see similar thick fat padding under the lateral edges in this pic of the (pre-FIS) 2013 Redster helmet- that part hasn't changed much. A goggle strap without proper outriggers on the frame has all the hold of Saran Wrap when stretched over those.
  12. I am all for equal venues - but that is because I want to see ALL women race on the Hahnenkamm, not one woman race the mens' course at Sestriere.
  13. I think it could be a really powerful feature if it is used _consistently_ on an individual basis.
  14. Currently use the Revel 3 - which is compatible with the helmet but the lenses leave a lot to be desired. There is a lot of ghosting, particularly annoying if in a shady spot looking out at sunny areas (e.g. glades) and immediately apparent in a lodge looking out. The contrast is not really wonderful in dim light. About the only place these lenses do OK is full bright sun with no shade - but I don't spend enough time spring skiing Utah bowls to own goggles just for that. These were not cheap, but as you can tell I was quite underwhelmed with their performance. When the lenses got scratched I was (almost) glad as I have an excuse to replace them. Now, the replacement _must_ be compatible with an Atomic FIS race helmet, size XL, this is not negotiable. Is there something out there that fits, with a better lens? I see POC has an NXT material lens that is supposed to have improved clarity - I am prepared to upgrade to NXT level lenses. Does anyone know? Data Point: I know Stan and Dan in North Conway used to carry these helmets so some of you with extra large noggins that don't fit into Briko or Boeri or Shred or POC or Uvex may have bought one. *fingers crossed*
  15. If there is an existing thread that lists on-mountain brand rep demo days, I would appreciate being directed to it, thanks.

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