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  1. It's not skinny until you drop below 60mm waist
  2. I have a bike that's set up with 56 x 11 and just thinking about one 62x11 is OOOOOF.
  3. As of this moment, when I use informal language, I'm intentionally referring to all ISO 9523 boots as "Grip Walk" I am deliberately not using "WTR" until the WTR/WTR+ nomenclature and cross compatibility/adjustment/AFD height mess is a little further behind us. Sweet Almighty, that's a sticky one, for example WTR bindings that are not compatible with Grip Walk are still being sold (and are quite likely to be run into by someone shopping for deals). EDIT: Good idea investing in boots first, sorry to be the ointment fly of compatibility caution here.
  4. Don't forget that the default for older bindings will be ISO 5355 soles. We don't know what boots he's getting and, depending on the choices he makes in the boot shop, he could wind up with Gripwalk. Yes, I know conceptually he ought to be able to change sole blocks back to 5355, but it's somewhat of a PITA and he may not be sold on doing that if Gripwalk is bigged up during boot sale/fitting. Ski choice? Older Kendos should fit; newer RTMs (not the old ones with the zero camber middle), Dynastar PowerTracks or Chams, Fischer Ranger....
  5. They're not short - they're just in (one of the available) sexy girlfriend size(s).
  6. So...anyone reading this thread bought a RazorTune instead?
  7. It's also the time of year to get the garlic bulbs in... hmmm....lawn or pizza, lawn or pesto, lawn or aioli...
  8. If you buy that truck, you will be one of *the* top candidates for hybrid tires I know of. A) They work better than P-metric all seasons in snow B) No seasonal changeover C) Use them on gravel roads all year - including C&O towpath approach roads, including the Timberline condo approach road, including River Rd near White's Ferry, including Laurel Mountain/Highlands access roads, including Vermont gravel roads, and very much including Chesapeake Bay/Eastern shore kayak launch access.
  9. You can clearly see her pedaling back up to the car and then backing off in the previous record video
  10. Actually, she is pedaling hard, every time she pulls away from the vehicle she has to go all out so as to not drop out of the pocket. It's only if she succeeds in surfing the back wave that she can relax as she pulls forward to the vehicle. IMO, just as difficult as surfing a monster wave with a jetski tow-in, except with gears and more salt. On a related note, one of my long-term pet project ideas has been to build a real-life Breaking Away bike. You know that scene where he pulls around the truck at 60mph? That. Basically I want an hour record track bike with a giant c
  11. You're not doing desk right. You're probably missing the whisky bottle and the toy cannon.
  12. Nice, that looks like it's going to be a very interesting ski.
  13. Any progress pics of the 107s? I really kinda liked that shape. I have to say I was incredibly tired by the time we pulled the MR95s out of the cassette, possibly too tired to fully appreciate how well everything came out. When I say 'everything', I mean all the ten or more little details you have to arrange just so before moving forward one step. And there are a LOT of steps.
  14. Oooh, that's a can of worms, that is. Especially given civil forfeiture.
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