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  1. Meh

    2018 new car thread

    If you buy that truck, you will be one of *the* top candidates for hybrid tires I know of. A) They work better than P-metric all seasons in snow B) No seasonal changeover C) Use them on gravel roads all year - including C&O towpath approach roads, including the Timberline condo approach road, including River Rd near White's Ferry, including Laurel Mountain/Highlands access roads, including Vermont gravel roads, and very much including Chesapeake Bay/Eastern shore kayak launch access.
  2. Meh

    Stupid World Record

    You can clearly see her pedaling back up to the car and then backing off in the previous record video
  3. Meh

    Stupid World Record

    Actually, she is pedaling hard, every time she pulls away from the vehicle she has to go all out so as to not drop out of the pocket. It's only if she succeeds in surfing the back wave that she can relax as she pulls forward to the vehicle. IMO, just as difficult as surfing a monster wave with a jetski tow-in, except with gears and more salt. On a related note, one of my long-term pet project ideas has been to build a real-life Breaking Away bike. You know that scene where he pulls around the truck at 60mph? That. Basically I want an hour record track bike with a giant chainwheel and street-capable brakes. Sure each ride will be less than 3-4 miles but who cares.
  4. Meh

    F'ing Millennials

    You're not doing desk right. You're probably missing the whisky bottle and the toy cannon.
  5. Nice, that looks like it's going to be a very interesting ski.
  6. Any progress pics of the 107s? I really kinda liked that shape. I have to say I was incredibly tired by the time we pulled the MR95s out of the cassette, possibly too tired to fully appreciate how well everything came out. When I say 'everything', I mean all the ten or more little details you have to arrange just so before moving forward one step. And there are a LOT of steps.
  7. Meh

    NH is the hole the NE pot doughnut

    Oooh, that's a can of worms, that is. Especially given civil forfeiture.
  8. Meh

    The car thread

    Am I the only one who looks at all this infotainment dev work and gets a flashback to airline seats? 50lbs of electronic gear per airline seat was supposed to be the customer driven idea - and it meant deferring safety measures like self-extinguishing tanks - and now it is 50lbs of completely surpassed, obsolete money waste per seat per airplane.
  9. Meh

    The car thread

    I disagree with this interpretation. Combinations of two or three corporate factors can produce the scattering effect way before one considers individual drivers. First factor: Defunct brands. Two of the GM brands have no new vehicles (Saturn and Pontiac) so we're sampling only well-maintained units that have survived to be counted. Second factor: Luxury groupings. GM brands group luxury vehicles - and we see that GM's luxury brands GMC and Cadillac have remarkably similar long term operational costs. The short term ownership difference between the two is Third factor: Car / truck product mix. We absolutely should not be comparing average operational costs of Chevrolets with averages of GMC when pretty much all of GM's CAFE leaders are grouped under Chevrolet. And that's just the top 3 skewing factors I can think of.
  10. Meh

    Lettuce talk about grass

    Hey now, 'weed' is totally belittling the Herculean efforts of all those hoity-toity English lawn-and-manor painters for the bored rich when they trained us to value the image of green open flatness next to houses, the unceasing drive of the Polish/German/Baltic state denizens traipsing their forests looking for weedless green clumps to clone, the education credentials of the actual cloners over at Scott/ Monsanto, and the screaming backaches of the fertilizer/weed killer processors and loaders. Hmm. Come to think of it, I'm OK with that. That said, all of you having post-winter issues with lawns - have any of you played with seeding winter rye in the fall?
  11. Meh

    Lettuce talk about grass

    How shaded is that area? Do you get at least 2-3 hours full sun/day? I'm not a big believer in grass - if I had ^that lot and wanted less work I would creeping wintergreen and bishop's weed the living daylights out of it. Slap a yew in the window box. Something Artemisia in the side-fence box, probably pontica and absinthium just for the absinthe interest; a bronze fennel or two for the Painted Lady butterflies, and -if- there is room AND sunlight, a variegated elderberry of the black lace variety. Two weekends and it's all done but the pruning. Now I realize that's not your yard, so ... how important is grass anyway?
  12. Telegolf FTW.
  13. You didn't tag me 😛 Yep, I was there for the layup - and wasted a lot of your time making mistakes. And asking silly questions. 🤐
  14. Meh

    Help choosing model

    Oh, go Jackie Chan for sure. Just make sure they get the custom sizing right, I think you're somewhere in the 188.95071 cm range?
  15. MR 102 - (clownish tips, two tone inlay top) OK, this is different. I immediately called this ski the 'crud skate'. I say immediately but it really took 3 turns. When I clicked into the ski, and just glided along the snow, it felt like a brother to the MR87. I actually forgot how big a ski I was on - so I was surprised when I had to think about making my hips go wider than I had been doing all morning. But, with just that tiny correction - holy cr@p. The edges have every bit as much authority as those on the MR87. And in between - boof! Why yes, that was a slough pile. Teehee! Boof! If you want to make pretty turns, don't look at this ski. If you want to just silly grin as you surf and slash on broken snow - yep, this is it. @MadRussian thinks this ski makes chop feel like powder. I disagree. I think this ski makes chop feel like an amusement park. I would be OK with this ski on hardpack, so long as I wasn't expected to impress any instructors. I have no idea how this ski would work in deep powder or where the balance point would be. But dust on crust? Yes sure. Slough piles with scrape in between? Yes please. Breakable crust? Oh my, sure. Wheeee!

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