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  1. Great write-up! Hoping for some snow in SoVT. Looks possible.....
  2. Wow! Awesome! I need to get over there one of these days.
  3. We received about 4" of rain from this in CT. Really strong wind as well. Many schools were cancelled yesterday and a handful today as well. Thankfully, our power stayed on the entire time. Looks like SoVT had about 3.5" of rain according to my weather station. About 1/3 of that fell yesterday morning. Wind wasn't as bad, but I do know there was some flooding up there according to some updates I saw FB posted by the Brattleboro Reformer.
  4. Good update! Hoping things cool off after this upcoming weekend.
  5. Yes, strange foliage. Last weekend in VT, there were a lot of leaves down. This weekend, less leaves. Amazing how the warmer temps effect things.
  6. It's been pretty dry lately. My lawn is showing it. According to my weather station in CT, just 1.6" of rain over the last month. And the majority of that was in early September. VT did better with just under 3.5". But some of that was very brief, but very heavy downpours.
  7. On one hand, it's cool to see updates from people you can't physically see often. We had some friends who watched the eclipse out in Idaho and posted a really neat video. Then two posts down, someone managed to politicize the eclipse. I tend to hide the political posts. I feel social media is the reason everyone seems so divided. It's easy to hurl insults into a keyboard and then just walk away. We're seeing the erosion of civil debates. Now, it's just "Shut up, you are wrong..." Not to get off track...I don't watch the news much; just in the morning for the traffic and weather.
  8. Curious if most respondents to the survey use the dealer vs. independent shops.
  9. I have those same Reefs and wore them this weekend. Very hand this time of year.
  10. Nice job! And thanks for sharing the pics. Skiing in June...so cool.
  11. Finished up just before Easter. I went through the usual "I can't believe it's over!" period. But now that I'm outside doing yard work on the weekends, I've been able to shift gears. Not a bad season overall. The rain and thaw cycles were a bit much. But the season ended really strong; with a foot of snow the second to last weekend and a bluebird day the last day of the season. More good days vs meh days.
  12. Bring it to the local CarMax and see what they'll offer. May be less than what you can sell it for on your own. But you're not dealing with the people on Craigs.
  13. I think the popularity stems from their uniqueness. It's more convertible than a convertible. Plus, Jeep has a pretty good brand reputation these days. Personally, I'd love one as a third car. Right now, the third vehicle is the 2003 Grand Cherokee we opted to keep after we upgraded. Figured it was worth more to us vs on trade-in. We'll bring it up to the weekend house for the non snowy months and zip around up there on the weekends; hauling the bikes, canoe, project materials. I've got a thing right now for the Lexus SC400. I think that would be a really fun project car. But I don't have the room...or the time.
  14. I thought it had to do with the end of the season....now I see what happened!

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