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  1. Marshall Conservation land in North Conway. Some great mileage and sneezing hand built trails! Kicked my ass
  2. Poor fat bike has been feeling neglected this summer. Just took her out to stretch her legs on the beach.
  3. Just finished a ride at Green Woodlands. Wow! Everything that @2manyhobbies said about this place is spot on. The down is an absolute blast! I only wish I had some decent DH skills to really do it justice. Next time I will ride flat pedals for sure. I was a little freaked being locked in for some the high speed berms. The climbs are extensive but they are so well built that they are relatively painless. The whole time riding I was trying to figure out what the deal is with the place. So much land, time, effort, and money has gone into it, but it's free to use? I came up with a million theories about what the real agenda must be. But then I got talking to some folks in the parking lot who know the landowner. Apparently he's just a guy who made a ton of cake in tech. He bought ~20,000 acres and decided to turn it into an outdoor playground for the community. Amazing! It doesn't quite have the aesthetic charm or vibe of Kingdom Trails, but they trail quality is definitely on par and it's way less crowded. I'll be back for sure...a lot.
  4. Planning to ride Green Woodlands tomorrow. Got any other useful beta (obviously you already recommended Norris)? Best climbing routes? Best parking? Local beer? Riding with the wife, who is a very solid rider but somewhat timid. So won't be crushing the whole place. But looking forward to the exploration!
  5. That's great, I've been dying to get over there. I've been kind of confused by the difference between Green woodlands and D Acres. Are they actually the same tail system? Or are they interconnected, or completely separate?
  6. A Basin just got added onto the Ikon Pass!
  7. Here's the rest of the math. You pretty much nailed it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/angelauyeung/2019/07/22/oxycontins-sackler-family-will-get-millions-from-a-ski-resort-operators-sale/
  8. All true. But I think WMSP and single-mountain passes only manage to hold up for people who don't have a choice. I.e. they live near, or have a 2nd home near those mountains, or some other factor that keeps them there (kids in a race program, etc). But for people who have the ability to shop around and choose their locations these big multi-passes will drawn them away. Myself as an example: I have a home in Lincoln, NH and I like to ski Cannon. So I'm kinda stuck buying a pass there. But as Ikon becomes an every more appealing pass based out of Loon, and as Epic takes over the MWV with Peak, I can easily imagine a scenario where one of them wins me over. If I didn't own in Lincoln and were making the drive from MA every weekend I'd probably make the switch this year to Epic.
  9. I'm really interested to see how the rest of the non-conglomerate ski areas respond to this. Full Epic Pass = $939, Epic Local = $699. Full Ikon = $1049, Ikon Base = $749. How can places like Waterville, Cannon, BW, or Jay justify their single mountain pass prices (approx $988, $829, $999, and $849 respectively)?? The small combo passes like White Mountain Superpass (>$1,000) and Jay/Burke ($1,009) are even worse . They are going to have to either drop their pass prices significantly, join a much larger combo-pass, come up with something else innovative, or get crushed! What's it going to be?
  10. I need to retire. With the holiday break I was able to ride 7 out of 10 days. 3 states, 6 different trail systems, 65 miles. Now it's back to the grind and I'll be lucky to get out at all in the next 2 weeks.
  11. Rode Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA today. A ton of fun, but far more technical than I was expecting. Unfortunately one of out group took a good spill onto some rocks and had to ride out with a broken nose! The place is a lot to bite off. 6.5 miles felt like a lot more. There are some trail builders doing some serious work in there.
  12. Nice! Seems like a lot of bears this year. I've seen 6-7 in the past month in NH.
  13. Had to do some fishing for work last week. We were targeting little white perch (~6"). Instead we landed a couple of monsters! First time I've even been fishing and caught something ~600x bigger than I hoped.

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