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  1. Lots of crazy challenges in the world today. I'm very, very thankful to be able to be talking about, and enjoying a mutual passion with lots of fantastic people from all over the map. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It has all the upsides of family, food, and companionship without the downsides of commercialization. And of course it kicks off the best time of year! Hope everyone enjoys every minute with their family and friends tomorrow, then makes the most of a long ski weekend. Cheers!
  2. Cannon Lover's Thread

    And you get weekends early and late season! I did it a couple years when I had more flexibility, it was great.
  3. Thanksgiving Weekend roll-call

    Friday: Cannon. Saturday: Cannon. Sunday: Cannon. Will branch out later, right now just wanna log some laps!
  4. Ryan's Beer Thread

    That sounds like a blast. I have a family commitment that day, but I might just bail.
  5. November 2017 weather discussion

    ^this is what we need in terms of weather reporting, interpretation, and education. So tired of armchair weather-posers who learn enough lingo to be pretentious and condescending, but don't have any more of a clue than the rest of us. I'm with @flyingyeti, I'd like to learn how to read and understand the micro-scale indicators that are way more important for local, 'surprise' events. We're obviously all watching the big events anyway, and the mainstream forecasters are getting decent enough for that stuff. But knowing when to pick a random day in NoVT is where it's at. Thanks for this lesson. Looking forward to more.
  6. Canadian Options?

    Not sure how the Eastern CAN resorts are doing, but I've been watching Kicking Horse every day. They've already got over 130 inches this season!!!
  7. MimersG's Stupid Decision Thread

    Amazing! What do you have for pushing the whales?
  8. Off season fitness

    Interesting comments on quad vs back. My early season 'ski' days are mostly felt in the quads. My early season snowboarding days are mostly felt in my smile muscles. Skiing is definitely much more physically taxing than boarding.
  9. Introduce yourself

    I stand corrected. I just looked it up and you're right it's "he will come". Wait. What was the question again?
  10. Introduce yourself

    Seen it a million times. It's "they will come".
  11. Introduce yourself

    I thought it was meant it in biblical sense, not a sexist one.
  12. Max Pass Thread - 2017 / 2018

    I would absolutely do it. If I were free tomorrow I would be there for sure. Keep in mind that it will be pretty crowded.
  13. Ski-Town Lunches / Dinners

    That was always my go-to also, High school was a blast!
  14. Attitash 17-18 Season Thread

    You guys are making me want to try it again. I used to ski there quite a bit when I was a beginner and lower intermediate in the mid-late 80's. When I got even slightly more advanced I started to find it really boring. That was almost 30 years ago. Maybe it's changed. I know I have!

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