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  1. I rode Loon's XC ski network today. I ride this a lot in the summer as a good workout even though it's pretty boring. I usually stay off of it in the winter because they charge for trail access and there is very limited parking. This winter they aren't charging and they generally don't plan to maintain it, but it's not off limits. So I went over to see what kind of shape it was in. With the snow and other precip coming tonight I figure that riding may be off the table for a few days at least. As it turns out, they did in fact groom the main loop into a nice wide double track. Quite a f
  2. Just a little follow up. Today is the first day in weeks that Cannon doesn't have any snowmaking turned on. Today they are also hyping the fact that it's the first time they have seen the summit in awhile. Coincidence?
  3. To be clear about what I said... Yes there is the usual "falling snow" in front of the guns. They can make one hell of an impressive line-up of whales. But in addition to that the air around the whole mountain turns into weird fog that I can only describe as 'blurry'. Really hard to describe and even harder to photograph.
  4. This is something different. There is no "falling snow" to ice your goggles. It's all fog. Like a blurry air that you can't see through but doesn't have any particles. And it fills the Notch. I've been skiing Cannon for 35 years. I know all about the cap clouds, notch effect, Cannon cloud, all the aspects of weather in Franconia Notch. This is a completely new thing that began with the new guns. I don't claim to understand the physics behind it. But it's very obvious that it's happening. There were many days last year that guns came on = instant fog, guns turned off = almost instant
  5. Did JD approve your new tagline? "Cannon: HUNDREDS of drunk college students on the mountain every day"!
  6. 100% agree with the comments above. It's been a couple of years of this, so they've had plenty of time and experience to understand this and address it.
  7. Welcome to it, you'll love it! I ran ~5-6 psi front and back on that groomed trail. It felt just right. I rode today on a trail that wasn't groomed and only packed out by snowshoes. So it was rougher and softer. I ran 4psi for that and liked it. It's pretty hard to run less than that. I definitely recommend getting a good low pressure gauge that reads less than 15psi. Normal gauges don't have enough accuracy at the low end help you make those fine adjustments that make a big difference.
  8. Hit PRKR again today. Conditions are too good to pass up. 6 miles today, which normally seems like nothing on a bike but felt like a lot in the snow.
  9. So 2020 was a crazy year in the MTB world. All of those people cooped up due to Covid decided to buy bikes and get out there. Bike prices skyrocketed, parts were hard to come by, shops were only taking 'existing clients', and the trails were packed. It's going to be interesting to see what happens next. Will it continue on the same trajectory or will there suddenly be a flood of slightly used bikes for sale? I got out for my first ride of the year on 1/8/2021. We started the morning snowboarding at Cannon with @Puck it. After a bunch of uninspiring groomer runs in the low viz of Cannon's
  10. Closing out this 2020 thread. I ended up with around 540 miles of MTB. That was short of my goals but more than I've gotten in the past few years. It didn't help that I obliterated my rear hub on November 21st which took my primary bike out of commission for a few weeks then the snow started. And then I annihilated the rear hub of my fat bike on November 29th which put that bike in the shop for a month. So basically December was lost. Both bikes are like new now. Looking forward to 2021. I'll start that thread now.
  11. I hit Loon from 10-11. We didn't get that 1". But we also had clear skies and perfect viz. Fair trade-off I guess. It was actually pretty crowded!
  12. Unfortunately I was right about this... https://nypost.com/2021/01/05/hunter-mountain-ski-resort-closes-to-guests-due-to-covid-19/amp/
  13. I like that you specifically called out the fact that "and is a a pain on skis". I read between your lines with the universal knowledge that Cannon hates snowboarders, so I can only imagine what we'd be dealing with! It was a mess on Sunday too. That's why all our laps were: ride Zoomer -> ride Peabody to get a bit of goods in Banshee. Repeat over and over. It's a ridiculous 1600' of lifts to get 400' of quality snow. (Yosemite Sam was down at the base Sunday pounding his chest about all his hard work.)
  14. Couple of pics to add to your report. This includes an employee working on a top ramp. This would seem unremarkable to non-skiers, but in 35+ years of skiing Cannon this is maybe the 3rd time I've actually seen this.
  15. Thursday: Cannon Friday: Drunk Tank. Cannon is closed, and Loon just pulled the plug based on the weather. Weekend: Who knows. Hoping for a miracle (not on ice).
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