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  1. That's really cool. Big accomplishment at Leominster considering how many trails there are. How does that work in trailforks? I haven't seen it for areas I usually ride. Does someone have to develop that challenge?
  2. It will be interesting to see how it really plays out. There are plenty of things about their recent and currently stated plans that are inconsistent and/or very far from reality. I'm just very happy to have some really well built trails in the area.
  3. Well, the new 8-pack won't service the MTB terrain. The MTB is served by the Seven Brothers chair. But you're on point, they are going to replace 7 Brothers with a HSQ (probably the current Kanc) when the install the 8-pack. And that will make a big difference in access to the MTB terrain.
  4. Big extended weekend of riding for me. Logged some big climbs in Lincoln, got 2 phenomenal days at Kingdom Trails, hit up Loon's new DH trails, and did a trail clearing day on my local trails. Trying to pack it all in before some of these trails get shutdown for the winter.
  5. Finally got a chance to heck out Loon's new lift-served DH trails this weekend. This was my first time doing any lift-served so I can't really give a comparison to other places. But I can say that it was an absolute blast! They really only have 3 trails so far and they are all considered to be on the beginner side. 1) Mainline is rated as a straight up beginner trail. It has wide sweeping turns and nice rollers. 2) Bandit is rated as a beginner with some technical features. This really only consists of a few rocky sections thrown in and much tighter banked turns than Mainline. 3) Steampunk is a blue trail with 'technical features'. This means it has a few more rocky sections, some jumpable features off to the sides, a few gapable rollers, and deep tight banked turns. None of the trails have any mandatory drops or major challenges. This sets them up perfectly to just bomb! The trails are incredibly well built, with berms at just right the pitch, angles, and traction to fly through. Loon itself was completely mobbed with people for their Oktoberfest party. The parking lot was as full as any Saturday during the ski season. But there was almost nobody on the bike trials. I never waited in line to get on the lift. And I only caught up to 2 or 3 groups on the trails. All of which were quick to let me pass with a smile. I imagine it will eventually turn into the standard Loon shitshow once it gets built out. For now though it's really sweet. I only wish they were open for a few more weeks. Only stopped once for pics....
  6. It's amazing how long Dave McGrath kept TFT going. It was one of the most useful pages and forums ever. Not a lot of fluff. It's really a Shane to lose it. Hopefully even if it doesn't carry on there will be an archive of it available.
  7. This quick clip is pretty wild.... https://www.theinertia.com/mountain/mountain-biker-gapped-a-bear-in-whistler/ But it reminded me of how many wildlife near misses I've had lately. I've been running around so busy lately that I forgot half of them and didn't add them all up. - In early August I aborted a ride in Franconia because of all the bear activity. There were steaming piles of fresh bear poop and big fresh bear prints in the mud on the trail. - In late August we nearly hit a bear on the highway in Franconia on a way to a ride. It jumped over the guard rail just ahead of us. - The next night we came within a few yards of hitting a moose in the road in Bethlehem on the way back from another ride. - In early September I was going WAY too fast on the Franconia bike path at dusk. I didn't see the bear in the path until I was almost on it. Luckily it bolted off the path in time that we didn't collide. - Last week in MA I was again going way too fast on my local trails. I came within inches of smashing into a deer on the trail on a downhill corner. This time I was the one who reacted faster. If I hadn't braked hard I would have hit it. It didn't bound off until I was within touching distance. Oh yeah, and I've also run over a snake and two squirrels on my mountain bike this summer. WTF, how does that even happen? It's fun to see all these animals but really hoping for no serious incidents!
  8. Planned to, but ended up skipping it for rides in North Conway and Kingdom Trails on Sat & Sun I was in Lincoln for the weekend though and it appeared that they got a decent turnout. Lots of riders at the coffee shop in the morning and lots of bikes on cars across town. I drove by Loon late afternoon Saturday and there were a good amount of cars in the lot.
  9. Oh man, that really sucks! Whoever told you that Chile is "safe by South American standards" was probably talking about violent crime and should have definitely mentioned the theft issue. When I've spent time working in Chile the most common question from locals/ friends/co-workers is "did you get robbed yet?". Very unlikely to get assualted, almost guaranteed to be stolen from.
  10. Since you're bailing on skiing early and have a car, consider heading out to Valparaiso. Really fun and interesting city, with much more character than Santiago. Only ~1:30 from Santiago.
  11. You're skiing. Which non of the rest of us can say.
  12. Think of a greasy one-star restraunt. Now imagine that the restraunt kicks their only keg (bud light).
  13. Oh man that stinks! Sounds like you are making the most of it though. I was there a few years ago at basically the same time of year (slightly earlier). It looked like this.
  14. Just added to Ikon:. Access to all of Matterhorn ski paradise, including Zermatt in Switzerland (Rothorn, Gornergrat and Schwarzsee-Matterhorn glacier paradise), plus Cervinia-Valtournenche in Italy.
  15. Hit up Green Woodlands again. So much fun!

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