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  1. I just looked up that post. Given that it was posed as a nonsequiter question with no other context or support, I would rate it as less than a zero in terms of reliable information. Not sure the Red Sox are going to still be in Boston next year...??
  2. Saturday didn't get bad until the afternoon. Even then it was manageable. Sunday was a shitshow, all parking lots full and they stopped selling tickets at ~5k. Monday was a ghost town.
  3. Best day of the season so far Edit: More accurately: best conditions of the season. Crowds were a negative.
  4. There's a lot to unpack in the whole project. Lots of pros and cons. Hoping to give this more thought and weigh in productively. But a gut reaction on thier ditching of the South Peak expansion plans: I really wonder if that whole plan was a bait & switch to sell units at RiverWalk. Over the past couple years RiverWalk has hyped those plans way more than Loon has. I've been watching it closely since it would have created an easy walk-to lift from my house. But I've always been skeptical of its reality.
  5. This seems like a good example of the opposite of the question.
  6. I don't have a computer handy and not sure how these GoPro links work. Hopefully this shows up. Quick conditions update from today...
  7. I've been listening to that! I actually learned of his passing when they played 'The Necromancer' last Tuesday
  8. Around 6-8" so far today. Total game-changer! It's fairly dense so it should get things back in play fast.
  9. Thurs: Cannon (Loon backup for wind) Fri: Cannon (Loon back up for temp) Sat: Cannon Sun: Cannon or XC depending on crowd situation Mon: Cannon or Sunday River
  10. Does look interesting, even though downgraded a bit now. More importantly, don't think that your Avatar change went unnoticed. Very nice. Rush pretty much ruled my world in Junior high. I've been reliving all of that the past few days.
  11. As promised, I'm reporting back on how things are looking post-meltdown. The bad news: All natural snow is gone. Here are pics of Zoomer base area, Zoomer trail, and Parkway. The snow that is there is only a dusting from yesterday. The good news: The man-made trails held up. The base depth of those trails varies from 1/2" to about a foot. The groomers were skiing fairly well on loose granular. Although there were also plenty of death cookies and glacial ice. They are also cranking out snow strategically in all the important spots. Recover could be quick if we really get the snow that is forecasted.
  12. Will definitely report back here. They have gotten absurd! On Sunday they posted something along the lines of "the good news is that cold temps will come back quickly this afternoon and we can fire up the snow making". On Monday they posted something like "Our forecasts didn't show cold temps for today so were going to have to close." HUH??? Yes, it is sad. I can't give first-hand for Sunday so take my comments with a grain of salt. But this system really seemed to be driving from the South, which as you mention is a Cannon-killer. I did here that it was just pouring in the notch, and the report seems to confirm that. And yeah the 7am trail report looked good....but then they didn't open most of that, so who knows. Glass is 1/4 full. Leaving room for snow or booze.
  13. @StraightSkis You really missed an opportunity by not naming this thread "Bill on Teles Excellent Adventure". I went through something similar around 2003. I had skied my whole life and ended up being a little bored. So I switched to snowboarding in 1995 and was all in. After a few years I started to miss skiing but I didn't have any gear left. I figured this was a good opportunity to pick up tele. It also had the advantage of being a great backcountry option. I picked up tele pretty quickly to an advanced intermediate level. I could get down anything but often fell on bad habits and so got tired easily. I tele'd about 30% of the time for a few years, while always still grabbing the snowboard when I wanted to go hard. I did a fair amount of BC on teles in those years but I was always nervous about my skills for the down compared to my alpine ski and snowboard skills. So I eventually sold off my tele gear. These days at resorts I'm snowboard 80%, Alpine ski 20%. My XC ski setup is burly enough for making turns in low-angle BC powder, and I have a splitboard and AT setup for anything steeper. While I eventually ditched the teles I will say that it was probably the most skill-building thing I ever did. It improved my alpine skiing by a LOT and it even helped my snowboarding. Bottom line is that you'll really enjoy the challenge and you'll learn a ton! Kinda making me want to look for a tele setup again....

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