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  1. Well, I had big intentions of keeping this thread going all year. Instead I'm jumping from shoulder season to shoulder season (my last post was in May). In the coming weeks I'll try to do some recap and trail descriptions form a great summer of riding at places like Bethlehem Trails Association, Coos, Green Woodlands, PRKR, West Barnstable, Pine Hills, Loon, Massasoit, Wampatuck, Lincoln RI, and others. For now...summer is over. I had to break out the lights this morning just so I could get a ride in. I hit my local 'workout' trails at Carolina Hill, Marshfield. 6am was completely dark and 44 degrees. Even though I know these trails inside and out I had to keep the lights on until almost 7am to be able to see well. This is a network that drains really well, so despite all the rain this summer the trails are in good shape with only a few mud spots. And fall has barely started on the South Shore so leaves aren't an issue yet. In another few weeks the dark, leaves, and cold are going to make weekday rides pretty rough.
  2. Wait, that can't be right. The highest price I see on their page is $110/day. Maybe you had more than one ticket in the cart or something?
  3. It depends on the hike, but mostly no. On any hike of real length or elevation the last thing I want is more weight in my pack. On shorter hikes (<~6 miles) I might bring one for the summit. For strolls in the woods I might sip a couple while on the trail.
  4. Some great shoulder-season stoke. Really creative filming.
  5. Great few days of riding. Fri: Duxbury, Sat: Carolina Hill, Sun: Foxborough. For late April/Early May the trails are in amazing shape. First time at Foxborough today I got the tour from a few buddies. Nothing extreme, just a good mix of singletrack with rocky tech sections.
  6. Currently no trails on that side, but that's where they are expanding. By 2022 that will be the base for MTB. If you catch a bad case of kancamagus your gonna want to do right the heavy antibiotics and hard booze.
  7. I was just reading that update. They bounced around a lot in their description, but as far as I can tell the order of events looks something like this: - Summer 2021: Keep running MTB off Seven Brothers. Tear down Kanc quad and build Kanc 8. - Winter 2021/22: Be up and running with Kanc 8. Still have Seven Brothers. - Summer 2022: Move MTB to Kanc 8. Tear down Seven Brothers. Install Kanc 4 at Seven Brothers location. Is that how you understand it?
  8. I mentioned my latest repair saga when I started this thread but I didn't get into it. Here goes... Early November 2020: I was riding West Barnstable Conservation Area (AKA Trail of Tears) when my rear hub exploded. It was a long slog out with no pedal-power. Fortunately it was mostly downhill. I dropped my bike off at well-known shop on my way home and basically said "do what you gotta do". (side note: I won't mention the shop by name in this saga. They had some big fails in this story but they did everything they could to make it right. They are well liked and I'm not here to bash them). The shop didn't get back to me for over 2 weeks. It was Thanksgiving time by then so I didn't want to bug them. When I finally called to check they said they'd been trying to find a new hub but due to all the supply chain issues they were struggling (this is a real thing!!). The best option if I wanted to ride this bike in the next 6 months was to by a new wheel. I agreed and asked them to get me one. New wheel meant new cassette, meant new chain. I few more weeks later they had it all in and I picked up the bike with new wheel/cassette/chain with a price tag of $350. As excited as I was to have my bike back, it was now ski season and I was trying to get some early turns. So my bike sat there. When I finally had a day worthy of riding I found that the tire on the new rim was flat. I mean really flat. Tubeless tires take on a whole new level of flat when they've been sitting for a couple of weeks and all the sealant is sticking to itself inside the tire. I pumped it up and heard leaking everywhere. By now my ride was opportunity was gone. I added sealant, pumped it up, and had sealant coming out through the base of the valve stem. I pulled the tire off, re-taped the stem, refilled with sealant, put the tire back on, and pumped it up. I still had some air coming around the stem and I also had air and sealant coming out most of the spokes!!! Anyone who has dealt with dismounting and remounting tubeless tires knows that it's not something you want to do over and over. So this crap wheel needed to go back to the shop. Unfortunately I was still trying to ski and the shop was on winter hours, so it took a while to get it there. When they finally got to it they agreed that the wheel was a piece of garbage. They were super apologetic about selling me crap and promised to make it right. Making it right meant starting the wheel search all over again. This time the only thing we could find that was compatible and available was a Stan's Carbon wheel for ~$800. And that was going to take awhile to get. I sucked it up and said yes. They fully credited me for the crap wheel, gave me a discount on the Stan's, and did all the labor for free. Still, now I'm in for close to a grand and 3 months without my bike. I finally got it back in rideable condition in early February 2021. On my first ride there was a TON of noise coming from the drive train when under load. I assumed the age of the older derailleur was being exposed by everything else being new in the rear end. So I replace that ($150). Took a couple of hours to do that. Next ride, same noise. I figured it has to be in the front end of the drive train (everything else is new). Broke down the whole bike, ultra-cleaned the cranks, chainring, pedals, pivots, etc and put it all back together. Same F-ing noise! Gotta be the bottom bracket. Ordered a new bottom bracket ($50) and a BB pressfit tool ($80). Waited a few days for all of that. I spent a few hours tearing down the bike again, including the BB, and rebuilding it. SAME NOISE! The only thing left is that that the old front chainring must be having trouble meshing with new chain and new everything else. A new chainring is <$100. But for now I'm letting it go. I'm just riding it and living with noise. Maybe it will all wear in together. Or more likely it will drive me nuts and I'll break down and buy the parts. Stay tuned on that. What's your saga??
  9. That actually sounds pretty amazing. These days there are so many Youtube tutorials, and tech is changing so fast, that I'm not sure a course would hold up as well as in the past. But still, focusing some time on a course would force the learning. My shop stays half ski/board half bike all winter because I try to ride year round. I have a couple of good stands and you are 100% right about how important that is! It solves everything from keeping your work at hand level (cassettes etc) to orienting your bike the right way (brake bleeds etc).
  10. I though it might be useful to create a place for sharing questions, experiences, and tips on bike wrenching. Or maybe it's just a place to commiserate about busted knuckles, ruined rides, and empty wallets. There are obviously lots of bike-specific forums that are great resources for this, but they tend to get overrun pretty quickly by bike snobs and other trolls. Since we all are in the same general area and more-or-less know each other through ski conversations this might be a friendlier place to share experiences. With that said... Bike repair and maintenance has always been a love/hate thing for me. I got into mountain biking in the early 90s (in my 20s). I was a broke college kid living in a small apartment. I didn't really have skills or space to do a lot of maintenance and I definitely didn't have the money to constantly buy parts. I used to get really frustrated that repairs and maintenance took more time than actual riding! It was one of the things that made me drift away from riding for a bunch of years. Now I'm in my 'second life' of riding. Getting back into it I made a conscious decision to embrace bike maintenance. I invested in all the right tools and I make time to keep everything constantly dialed in. I still learn as I go, but I actually enjoy it now. This post is getting too long. I'll get into my latest repair saga later...
  11. Totally agree! I'm sure that this was a struggle for a lot of people, especially beginners and families. But for us it was great. I spent exactly zero dollars for on-mountain F&B this season! Both Cannon and Loon had way more parking lot festivities than normal. The vibe around that was excellent. I hope this sticks for the future.
  12. How was your 2020/2021 season compared to past seasons and compared to expectations? Ignoring all the Covid factors, I'd give this season 4 stars out of 10. We didn't get an early start, we got several major meltdowns, we didn't get any spectacular big dumps, we had below average snowfall, and we had average to early closings. I might have rated it even lower except we had 3 great weeks of spring skiing that we don't always get (at Cannon anyway). Covid added a whole bunch of minuses and pluses. Covid restrictions had my expectations for the season really, really low. But locally we managed to do alright and overall the season far exceeded my expectations. Our season ran smoother than expected and obviously it ran longer than last year. On the minus side there were travel restrictions, longer lift lines, reduced lift capacity, closed lodges, and general hassles. When I balance all the covid pluses and minuses it's kind of a wash for me. My rating stays at 4 out of 10. It's an added bummer that Covid crushed a potentially awesome late-season last year, while this year didn't get the snowfall for a great late-season. Who's in charge of scheduling global pandemics and weather? Can't they do better at aligning??
  13. Vail. Weak snowmaking effort got exposed by a low-snowfall year.
  14. Fuck yeah! It's great to clear that money hurdle for our host. Now let's work on the content hurdle! That's the big one if we want to swear for years to come!
  15. That's funny, we were both there on that day in 2010. What a day!
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