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  1. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Ski season fully done and MTB trails all dried out. Been hitting it hard this week. 2 rides per day all week (early AM + after work). ~5 miles each. There's a couple of great areas in SE Mass that are only a few minutes from my house. My favorite right now is Carolina Hill. 756 acres with a great mix of tight-soft-single-track, rocky descents/ascents, and 2 wide fire roads. Everything is constant up and down so even a 5 mile loop is a great workout. it's easy to string pieces together into 10+ miles without a lot of repetition. Basically you can create an ever changing series of loops that add up to whatever distances you want. Usually the South Shore in May is a brutal mosquito and tick fest, but I haven't seen many bugs at all so far. Can't explain it but I like it! Trail pics always suck, but here's one anyway.
  2. Cannonballer

    2018 Season Stats

    Dang, I've got to improve my stamina. I've got 5 days more than you but ~150k vert less.
  3. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Finally put my ass in the saddle for the first time in a couple of months. Rode most of the way up South Peak at Loon (a typical route I do). Fortunately I was too lazy to switch out the fat tires for the 29ers first....
  4. Last Friday I had to take the day off to take care of some business at the DMV. I used that as an excuse to spend some time hiking in the Whites with my dog. My first tactical decision was to hit the Twin Mountain DMV. It's never crowded and you're already in the mountains when you walk out the door. I walked in as soon as they opened at 8am, my business was complete by 8:08, and we were ready to hike. My plan was to hike Middle and North Sugarloaf off of Zealand Road. That's about 4 miles with some nice climbs. My dog has always been a great hiking companion, but she's almost 12 now so I try to take it easy on her in terms of distance, heat, and steepness. Mostly I have to do this because she won't. She has no qualms about going as hard as ever. I just don't want to end up carrying her 80lbs furry ass out! We got to Zealand Road and were very surprised to find it gated off. I guess I should have checked on that first, but given the current conditions I was pretty confident it would be open. Starting from 302 was going to add about 2.5 to 3 miles onto the hike. That was a little more than I wanted to serve up for the dog. I redirected to Cherry Mountain Trail off of Rt 115. I've been wanting to do this hike for awhile. I had BC skied about half of it a few years ago and always wanted to get up to the summit. We were in the only car in the lot when we pulled in. The trail starts off with a steady, moderate, climb on very soft easy footing. It's a little boring and straight but is a nice way to get warmed up. After a while the trail gets a little more windy and interesting with some Tolkienesque trees and moss.... Shorty after that the trail gets into a steeper, rockier climb. Still great footing and not crazy steep... The summit is at 3,549' with a mix of open views and tree cover, including some nice cool shading spots to bring the breathing back under control! I was especially surprised by the views. From the summit you can see north to Willoughby Gap, VT; Southwest to Cannon, South to Bretton Woods, and West to the Mt Washington and the whole Presidential Range. We lounged on the summit for quite a while before heading back. The down was enjoyable with good footing and dry conditions. We got back to the truck and were still the only ones in the lot. We never saw a soul the entire day. I highly recommend this as an underused, quite hike. Total was ~5miles. Most of the trail guides rate it as "moderate" and I'd agree with that. It was a great way to start the non-winter hiking season.
  5. Cannonballer

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    Gonna be a tough Monday...
  6. Cannonballer

    6 Million Vert +

    ....15-hr session??? ugh
  7. Cannonballer

    6 Million Vert +

    I found him on Trace. Some pretty insane stats!! I'm impressed for sure...but I hope to never be that tied to a goal. All I can think about is all of the crappy days and the other parts of life missed in order to get this.
  8. Cannonballer

    Other Summer activities section?

    Not that I'm a golfer myself....but I don't see the new "golf" section. I do see "Water activities", thanks for that.
  9. Cannonballer

    Made a post on AZ because I had to.

    i need to do some too! Probably not gonna quit my day job and all responsibilities to do it....but I wish I could.
  10. Cannonballer

    Made a post on AZ because I had to.

    Well apparently it was just "some issues". It's nice to see such an in-depth technical explanation.
  11. Cannonballer

    River Recon

    May is one of my busiest and best times of year for work. It's also the time when my job feels more like fun than work. May is when I get out on the river to evaluate the changes from the past winter, document the returning species, and track long term ecological changes. That means a lot of time in kayaks, canoes, and waders. This week I've been out checking on this stuff: A couple of historic boathouses we restored. They took a beating over the winter. We are opening them up now to do repairs and pull out the stored boats for the summer: We had thousands of trees come down in over the winter. Many of them ended up in the river. I've already cut out most of the ones that might block fish passage. Next on the list are ones like these that block recreational boats: I know those trees aren't blocking fish passage because further upstream I found a ton of River Herring and American Eel elvers: Also some bad ass predators. Snapper and Chain Pickerel:
  12. Cannonballer

    Lettuce talk about grass

    ^^100%^^ I have a small yard. I wouldn't call it a "lawn" although there is some low stuff that I mow. Everything I do in my yard is designed to eliminate excess work while still looking good. Myrtle and ivy instead of grass in most places. Flowering trees, low maintenance wildflower beds, etc. The only thing I want to spend time working on is my vegetable garden.
  13. Cannonballer

    Other Summer activities section?

    As I said in the OP, I think that would be a poor choice of words....Although it might get a lot of extra traffic.
  14. Cannonballer

    Other Summer activities section?

    Nice! So how about this idea of a subforum?
  15. Cannonballer

    Other Summer activities section?

    Thinking about this more I recognize that these activities may not always meet the complete focus of this site. Northeast: Check. Mountain: mmmm maybe. Sports: Check. Still I think that's close enough to warrant some space.

Northeast Mountain Sports

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