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  1. Cannonballer

    Ski widths

    As usual the headline and the story are out of sync. But it's still an Ok read. Headline: "Skinny skis are back" https://www.rei.com/blog/snowsports/skinny-skis-are-back Actual story: “I feel like the industry has found the sweet spot, which is somewhere in the 85mm–105mm underfoot range,” I agree with that as the sweet spot. I don't consider that to be skinny.
  2. Cannonballer

    Roll Call February 22-24

    Coming off 9 days straight at Loon and Cannon. Friday is a "day off" to go to work. Planning on Cannon Saturday and Sunday. Conditions are pretty great in northern NH right now. Little refreshers every few days have helped keep things fun and in good shape. I'd think any place in the Whites should be a ton of fun this weekend.
  3. Cannonballer

    February - General Weather Thread

    Nice! Will attempt a Cannon report too, but basically the same story... questionable start leading into amazing day.
  4. Cannonballer

    NELSAP Skiing

    I have a couple of NELSAP favorites. President's week is often a prime time for them. Promise some reports if we hit them.
  5. Cannonballer

    New Quad at Cannon?

    Yup, good point, different wind scenarios that effect the operation of the tram vs Cannonball. And often good reasons to run one vs the other.
  6. Cannonballer

    2019 car thread

    So, in summary, what I said previously..... "If it's short-ish drive in deep-ish snow I'd take the Jeep and keep it in 4WD. If it's a longer highway drive I'd take the Subie. "
  7. Cannonballer

    February - General Weather Thread

    Screaming wind in Lincoln right now. Couple inches so far. Hard to tell exactly how much with the drifting.
  8. Cannonballer

    New Quad at Cannon?

    Not quite that bad, but close. Current tram schedule is Friday through Monday.
  9. Cannonballer

    New Quad at Cannon?

    You mean like the current tram schedule?
  10. Cannonballer

    February - General Weather Thread

    Forecast holding steady. Looking like 6-10" through the northern Whites. Possible mxd prcp South and West. Winds a potential issue everywhere. Who's hitting it and where? I'm planning Cannon with a back up of Loon for winds.
  11. Cannonballer

    Planning to not open

    Fair enough, consider your category changed. But seriously is there ever really a situation (in any aspect of life) where 99% certainly exists? And if so, where it gets treated differently than 100%? What exactly is your standard for "borderline"? 95%, 80%, 50%? . In this example Wildcat and Cannon and Jay all had pretty equal probabilities of being able to operate. Certainly none were at 99% confidence. They each made different calls and each had different outcomes. One chose not to try and may or not have been right about it, one chose to try and it turned out well, one chose to try and failed. Nothing inherently right or wrong about the decision making. Just an interesting question about how one plays the odds for themselves and their customers.
  12. Cannonballer

    Planning to not open

    Yes, I said that in my post.
  13. Cannonballer

    February - General Weather Thread

    Sleet mostly only to the south. Whites all looking pretty good * WHAT...Heavy snow possible, with mixed precipitation possiblesouth of the White Mountains. Total snow accumulations of 6 to10 inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze possible.* WHERE...Portions of central, northern and southern NewHampshire. ----- * WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 8 to12 inches possible.* WHERE...Portions of south central, west central and westernMaine.
  14. Cannonballer

    Planning to not open

    Some recaps on this question, response, and outcomes from last weekend's example.... @ABV, @Jully, @Infinite Dreams, and @thesnowway all said that they prefer having a mountain make preemptive call to close in advance. It saves you from making the drive and generally wasting your time. @fcksummer, @GrewUpSkiingWachusett, and @cdskier advocated for honest reporting that warns people about high winds and likely closures, but without taking it so far as to actually cancel in advance just in case conditions are better than forecasted. @MassNerd actually experienced the issue by driving all the way to Jay only to find that they were closed. In hindsight he likes Wildcat's method of calling it early What actually happened this past weekend? A sampling: - Cannon didn't preemptively close even though pretty much everyone thought they'd be shutdown. That ended up being the right call because they mostly were able to open (Cannonball and Tram were on windhold). - Wildcat did preemptively close. The decision was a little easier for them because they directed people to down the road to Attitash. Hard to say if this was the right call or not. Attitash had early windholds themselves that lead to long lift lines (from handling 2 resorts worth of skiers with limited lifts open). But Attitash did get their lifts running late morning and announced that the wind had died down much earlier than expected. So maybe Wildcat could have opened too? - Jay went out on a limb saying that they expected to open the lower mountain....but they didn't. - Other mountains (like Sugarbush and Loon) had the typical delayed openings and partial closures that any skier should expect on a windy day. Based on all of that I'm in the camp that prefers very honest reporting about potential and likely closures, but without going so far as to shut down in advance.
  15. Cannonballer

    2019 car thread

    If it's short-ish drive in deep-ish snow I'd take the Jeep and keep it in 4WD. If it's a longer highway drive I'd take the Subie.

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