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  1. Some amazing footage of Cannon and the rest of NH. Great story as well. (I must have had something in my eye, I'm sure I wasn't crying at the end.).
  2. Looks like Jones is all-in on NOW's Skate Tech system. Looking at you @fcksummer! I'll be scouring for some deals this season. They ain't cheap! https://www.jonessnowboards.com/content/311-introducing-the-2021-bindings-collection?mc_cid=bced98c705&mc_eid=aea4b0d80e
  3. Been doing a ton of great riding lately. Just matched my total mileage from all of 2019 with 3.5 months still to go this year. I've hit a lot of great new(to me) spots in NH and MA, plus really dialed in a lot of trails I ride a lot. I have a 3-4 weeks of work travel and no riding starting tomorrow. So I'm hoping to catch on posting some ride reports here. What a kick-ass year for riding, hoping it carries right into the winter!
  4. This is purely a guess, but it seems likely that it's driven by their resorts being in different states. Boyne probably doesn't want to be at the whim of state policies. For example, if ME were to go into a hard lockdown that could drive an excessive amount of passholders to Loon. Could also result in complaints from passholders, locals, etc about how things play out. Or various other similar scenarios. Keeping their resorts independant allows them to adapt more specifically.
  5. Sounds like that isn't true. This just came from Loon... "Just like years before, we remain optimistic that Mother Nature will deliver deep snow and prime snowmaking temperatures allowing us to ski and ride from mid-November through mid-April, keeping our promise of 150 days of skiing and riding. Collectively, with our sister resorts, we have decided to keep New England Pass off sale. Loon, Sunday River and Sugarloaf will move forward offering pass products that allow each of us to best address the uncertainty and complications that COVID-19 presents. Loon's season pass products wil
  6. "Active American attire"? Do you mean like spandex and bike shorts?
  7. https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/franconia-notch-state-park.aspx Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  8. It's definitely worthwhile to look at the southern hemisphere ski season to see what they are doing. But at the same time we can look at our own local ski areas right now. Loon, Killington, Burke, Stowe, etc are operating lift-served MTB right now. How that works out is going to be the best indicator of what they do come winter. Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  9. Back in March my thinking was: "No way I'm buying next years pass now because who knows what will happen" By April Cannon (and most others) had pushed off their early-purchase incentives until June-ish. At that point my thinking was: "Well that's good, maybe I'll buy in June. We'll see how things develop." At the beginning of June my thinking was: "No way I'm committing to season pass at this point. I'd rather wait until to November to see what shakes out. If things look good I'll buy it then even though I will have lost the early-purchase incentives. But most likely I'm not gett
  10. I doubt that it will be so extreme around here that mountains won't sell season passes. The bigger question is: will the season be so messed up that it's not worth having a season pass? If trams and gondolas aren't running, if lfts are operated at reduced capacity, if lodges and bars are closed, etc. Plus there is bound to be trickle-down impacts. Like if season pass sales are slow and resorts don't know what business is going to look like, are they really going to go all-out with snowmaking? Add that all up and the season may be so whacked that you might not even want to shell out f
  11. Interesting twist from Loon/Boyne. Lots of people are concerned about the extent of operations next season. There's been a lot of grey area in what will count as a "season". Loon has come out with an explicit definition and garuntee.... "We commit to being open for at least 150 days of skiing this winter. If for any reason our season is shortened, you’ll be given a credit toward a season pass for the following winter. Additionally, we’re giving you the option to roll over the value of your 2020/21 pass toward a 2021/22 pass through December 10, 2020." Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk
  12. Looks like some killer weather, terrain and scenery for a ride!! I'm jealous since we've had a pretty coldm, wet, windy spring here in the Northeast. Bugs are gonna love it when it finally warms up! You got a nice bike there for exploring too. I've never seen a Zesty in person, but they have been pretty well liked, especially the frames.
  13. Tried a low-tide beach ride on the fatty yesterday. Conditions are still too much 'winter beach' with mostly rocks. In summer it's a good 10 mile ride on hardpack sand. Yesterday I struggled to do 2.5.
  14. Good Cannon clips from February. Funny side note to it though. The first ~30sec or so is in Kinsman. @thesnowway and I had to blow past them in there because they were standing around. To be fair, they got much better footage than we did (we got the fresher tracks.)
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