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  1. Cannonballer

    Ryan's Beer Thread

    This was an interesting one. Very good double IPA from 14th Star. Almost as good as their Tribute. But unfortunately the most memorable and notable thing about this beer is that the last sip is HORRIBLE! It caught me off guard on all four cans. Just a shot of some kind of nasty, bitter, throat-burning something. Not sure what. Settled hops? It's a 15oz beer in a 16oz can. Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  2. Cannonballer

    First Snowmaking Windows

    If they both open at the same time I give SR the 'win' anyway since they aren't just for passholders.
  3. Cannonballer

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Hats off to K!! It's not the kind of skiing I'd personally go out of my way for, but it sure does turn the stoke meter to 11!! It was 80 a week ago and now the season is legitimately here.
  4. Cannonballer

    October skiing imminent

    Snow on the Moose
  5. Cannonballer

    October skiing imminent

    Yup, snow is here! On Saturday 10/13 I was driving across the Kanc and ran into light snow. On the morning of 10/14 I could see a good coating on the summits of Moosilauke, Cannon, the Franconia Ridge, and the Presidentials. I think I got some pics but I don't have my camera with me at work. Will post them tonight if there are any good shots. Cannon posted some good pics on IG and FB.
  6. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Nice, pulled the trigger! That is a sweet ride. Yeah, the traction is just incredible. You can confidently climb anything. Your legs end up being the limiting factor. And decsending is the same thing, so much traction rolling over any terrain.
  7. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Took a cruise over to the 'East Side' of Whites to check out the new-ish trails in the Marshall Conservation area in Conway. At 11am it was 36 and snowing at the top of the Kanc!! First snow of the year for me! I would have stopped for pics but the leaf-peeper road scene was crazy. I've never seen so many people hanging out sunroofs with cameras. Got into Conway and ran straight into a parking lot of tourists. The good news was that they were all on the same conga line. Got over to a buddies house on West Side Road and climbed onto the trails out straight out his back door. Then we only saw 3 other people all day. These are great trails! Mostly built by NEMBA on Conway-owned land. They offer great climbs, great views, and phenomenal twisty bermed descents. Truly artistic trail building in places! Already dying to get back there. Capped it off with excellent BBQ over in Fryburg at 302. A must hit!
  8. Cannonballer

    First Snowmaking Windows

    Snowing at the top of the Kanc right now
  9. Cannonballer

    F'ing Millennials

    I actually posted the wrong link. This is the one I thought was hilarious.....
  10. Cannonballer

    F'ing Millennials

  11. Cannonballer

    F'ing Millennials

    You mean the Tee-ball pusher?
  12. Cannonballer

    F'ing Millennials

    no kidding right! frigg'n Reagan!
  13. Cannonballer

    F'ing Millennials

    I'm not putting that one on millennials.... A "Tee Ball" trademark was registered in the early 1970s by Robert Dayton Hobbs, the pastor of a fundamentalist Christian church he founded in Milton, Florida, and also the organizer in the late 1950s of the first organized youth baseball program in Santa Rosa County, Florida. Hobbs's "Tee Ball" trademark was still asserted by Gospel Projects, Inc., of Milton, Florida, Ronald Regan was the first U.S. president to host T-ball games on the South Lawn of the White House. In the "White House Tee Ball Initiative", U.S. president George W Bush hosted tee-ball games on the South Lawn of the White House.
  14. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    7mi in Duxbury Town Forest. Nice flowy single track, some challenging short steep climbs, one million roots.
  15. Cannonballer

    2018 MTB Log

    Great fall weekend of riding! 10.5 miles, 1,200' of elevation on Saturday at Blue Hills. Lots of huge climbs and descents. Lots of stuff way above my skill and comfort level. Felt great to push the envelope even if I had to swallow my pride and do some walking. Then more ups and downs on Sunday in Marshfield with @Puck it . 6.5 miles and 425 elevation (that feels like a lot more!!). Muggy day that felt more like summer than fall.

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