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  1. Hey! Really great to see you back at Cannon today! Hopefully catch you again soon.
  2. Cannon 2/16 Crowds: Yes, there were holiday crowds but actually less than MLK Sunday, and even less than the Sat after MLK. Crowds were felt more on the slopes then in the lines. Lines weren't terrible, but Joey-ville on the trails. Temp: it was about 20-25 degrees warmer than yesterday but felt about 10 degrees colder. The sun and lack of wind on Saturday made the single-digit temps comfortable. Today was cloudy, windy and raw. Conditions: still good stuff everywhere. Getting skied off in usual places mid-day. Goods in the woods.
  3. It was crazy sunny. Sugarbush this morning and Cannon this afternoon.
  4. It's an interesting spin on a very common offering. I've been to dozens of fee-based, well maintained ski areas that have no lift service. I've been to them all over the US and Canada. They've all been called "Nordic Centers". Some are very flat, some have some decent pitch. So I guess what this place is offering is a Nordic Center that is steeper than typical.
  5. Yup! Gonna be f'ing cold, but still snowing now so it should be primo in the morning.
  6. Pretty excellent at Sugarbush (2/13). Picked up an inch of wet to start the day. Which seemed a little disappointing at first, but carved really well. Summit was colder and fluffier. Visibility was tough but powder was available on sides and in woods. Snow started coming down steadily around noon and a few inches piled up. Castlerock was phenomenal. Deep stuff available everywhere. Steins and others on that side were also soft and great. More tomorrow.
  7. Yup, we were making the same comment. Maybe that's a hint that they'll be changing their closing policy?? (hahahahhaha) On Saturday they had whales the size farmouses on UC. Probably kept it closed for that I guess. We started down it but quickly dropped into 'upper Lost Boys' or whatever they will eventually name it. It skied very well!
  8. Cannon f'd around with lift openings all day today. I'm a little too exhausted to explain the details. Basically they were completely unprepared for a storm that they had been hyping for days. Then they ran guns all day where/when they shouldn't have. That created dangerous conditions for non-regulars and ridiculous lines for everyone. With all that said, the conditions were some of the best this season (low bar) and we had a blast poaching trails.
  9. Whelp Cannon fucked up a free lunch again. Almost all chairs are closed with no explanation. Zoomer is open and the line stretches to Loon.
  10. Good, comprehensive article/interview about the situation https://m.pinkbike.com/news/interview-abby-long-executive-director-of-the-kingdom-trail-association.html?utm_source=facebook.com&amp%3Butm_medium=referral&amp%3Butm_campaign=fb-like&fbclid=IwAR1lAu9vtQ9z2WMgBCXnCff2RdOwv-5MMkOqbIDrX1dzi1-0R0xCnYreME8
  11. Wish I could offer a live update from slopes. All I can say is raining in Lincoln, NH at 9:30am 2/7. No precip overnight. Started raining around 7:30am.
  12. Further update from Loon today. Shortly after I reported at 11am the freezing mist intensified. Goggle icing was pretty brutal. I took a break at noon hoping it would quit with the freezing precip. Even changing to wetter would have been better (hate to say that). Everyone started coming inside to scrape or unfreeze goggles. I ended up bailing to deal with a work crisis.
  13. Previous discussions about how to make this site survive identified Social Media as a competing draw. SM benefits from frequent updates and real-time info. How about trying a thread where this community reports in real-time from wherever they are? That might provide valuable info to everyone about specific conditions. Here's a start..... Loon 11am 2/6/20: 23 degrees, no wind, slightly spitting some mixed stuff at the moment. Approx 3" by opening then mostly stopped snowing. This is the type of conditions Loon does best with. They groom the ever-loving crap out of everything. So the stuff they groomed early has a nice base with fresh on top. And the stuff they groomed late is all mixed in to make for soft corduroy. So far I've only hit South Peak. There are no lines but there is a steady flow of skiers. Probably an average about 10 skiers per 5 chairs (quad). Anyone else out somewhere today?
  14. I was thinking that the way this season is going, it'll probably change to rain.
  15. Anybody on this site happen to be a meteorologist? AKA an @Weatherman ?? Could use a little professional insight right about now. Most of the blabber is coming from unqualified, non-professionals brambling about models they don't understand.
  16. We had a random little exchange about Neil Peart when he died a couple of weeks ago. He was 1000% my all-time drum God. Now we lose Andy Gill (Gang of Four). He was very high on my influencial guitar gods list. Not everyone will know his stuff. But Chilly Peppers basically lifted many of his rifs. And even more recent musicians are influenced by him to the point of near copycats. https://amp.theguardian.com/music/2020/feb/01/andy-gill-influential-guitarist-with-gang-of-four-dies-aged-64
  17. Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please! Seriously. And soon. Please!
  18. Not really much of a story to tell, more just an update for people who are thinking about the weekend. Northern Vermont got the backend snow the past few days, NH didn't. It's all man-made and groomers here at Cannon. Within that reality it's not actually that bad. They have done a good job blowing snow the past few weeks. Last week they were just pouring it on everywhere. This week they are being strategic about the places that need it most. Today was refreshingly sunny. The next two days look like they might be the same but even warmer. I get bored pretty quickly on groomers, but some sun and mild temps can hold my interest for a while. Some pics from today. The guns strategically blazing, Parkway getting some tilling before shaping (?), and a rare view across the Notch.
  19. Yup, that sounds about right. On the other hand if we had this same weather in 1991 the mountain would be 100% brown and closed. There have actually been some significant improvements since then. Doesn't change your experience though. I couldn't even bring myself to try to go on Sunday.
  20. Jan 27 and finally got my first ride of the year in. A slow 6miles to get the legs moving again. Figured it was time to start the 2020 thread. SE Mass was in great shape today. No snow or ice, only a couple of slightly wet spots. Temp was 45. It felt almost like a fall day. Very motivational!
  21. I just looked up that post. Given that it was posed as a nonsequiter question with no other context or support, I would rate it as less than a zero in terms of reliable information. Not sure the Red Sox are going to still be in Boston next year...??
  22. Saturday didn't get bad until the afternoon. Even then it was manageable. Sunday was a shitshow, all parking lots full and they stopped selling tickets at ~5k. Monday was a ghost town.
  23. Best day of the season so far Edit: More accurately: best conditions of the season. Crowds were a negative.
  24. There's a lot to unpack in the whole project. Lots of pros and cons. Hoping to give this more thought and weigh in productively. But a gut reaction on thier ditching of the South Peak expansion plans: I really wonder if that whole plan was a bait & switch to sell units at RiverWalk. Over the past couple years RiverWalk has hyped those plans way more than Loon has. I've been watching it closely since it would have created an easy walk-to lift from my house. But I've always been skeptical of its reality.

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