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  1. I need to retire. With the holiday break I was able to ride 7 out of 10 days. 3 states, 6 different trail systems, 65 miles. Now it's back to the grind and I'll be lucky to get out at all in the next 2 weeks.
  2. Rode Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA today. A ton of fun, but far more technical than I was expecting. Unfortunately one of out group took a good spill onto some rocks and had to ride out with a broken nose! The place is a lot to bite off. 6.5 miles felt like a lot more. There are some trail builders doing some serious work in there.
  3. Nice! Seems like a lot of bears this year. I've seen 6-7 in the past month in NH.
  4. Had to do some fishing for work last week. We were targeting little white perch (~6"). Instead we landed a couple of monsters! First time I've even been fishing and caught something ~600x bigger than I hoped.
  5. Highly recommend! We flew Delta to Reno (with stop in SLC). We had Delta miles so it was an easy decision and we did not look at other options. So can't tell you if that's necessarily the best or not. Rented a car because it was actually cheaper and more convenient than most of the shuttle options. It also gave us the freedom to go to the lake and Truckee in the evenings. We were there in May so the roads were fine. Mid-winter might require chains? There was some signage to that effect. We stayed in an Airbnb right in Squaw Village, walk to lifts. Pretty much all of it is exactly how I'd do it again.
  6. Finally got up to Kingdom Trails for the first time of the season on Saturday. The weather was about as perfect as it gets: 55-65 degrees, light breeze, no humidity, not a cloud in the sky. The trails were almost as perfect. They still have a couple of trails closed for wet conditions (only about 5%) which is pretty impressive considering the winter and spring they had. It's a good testament to how well managed the place is that they keep people off trails rather than letting them get trashed. We typically ride KT on Sunday mornings, so being there midday on Saturday was a different world in terms of crowds. Tons of people in the parking lots and in town. But we never felt crowded on the trails. We did about 14 miles with a lot of climbing and felt great! We were pretty worked over the next morning, but really couldn't get enough. So we headed back over for a shorter ride on Sunday morning. Also have been wanting to check out some of the more northerly trail sections. Trails like Coronary and Coronary Bypass are more of the same great flowy, bermed single track descents and nice switchbacky climbs Did another ride on my local trails Monday morning. I was really missing all of that expert trail building and maintenance!
  7. Sounds sweet. And not a soul in those pics!
  8. I don't have any better advice than what you got above (or what you've already said). But I do have a lightly used rear shock. Fox Float EVOL RE:AKTIV. 2016 or 2017 I think. $125 (or make me an offer or trade). Can't promise it fits your Stumpy, you'd have to look into that.
  9. We'll connect up next season for sure! (We did actually ski together once. It was opening day at wildcat about 4-5 years ago. You, me, deadheadskier, and bradJ took some laps together). For next season I went with Cannon pass as usual. And also Ikon Base-pass. Ikon has already been worthwhile as we hit Squaw for 3 days last week.
  10. 'Elevate for Strava'. It's an extension (Chrome and Firefox) that pulls in Strava data and adds a ton of additional analysis and features. https://thomaschampagne.github.io/elevate/#/landing
  11. Got a few rides in this week so far. With the consistent rain I expected the bugs to be intolerable, but they haven't been bad at all. It's the pollen that's been the issue. Just clouds of it in the air...and in your lungs and eyes.
  12. Out in Tahoe right now. All the most expensive local brews on tap and in cans right now are "New England Style IPAs". My how times have changed! It wasn't long ago that "West Coast IPAs" dominated the premiere markets. Putting aside my subjectivity, I think this is the right move. I definitely prefer the NE IPAs.
  13. With the weather this spring it's been tough to get consistent rides in. Every time out feels like starting over and I've been getting frustrated. But then I just went back and compared this year to last. Now I'm feeling a lot better how the spring went. In 2018 I only had one, 4 mile ride under my belt by May 7th. This year I'm at about a dozen rides and 80 miles. Really looking forward to the meat of the season now.
  14. Nice! I have to get back there. Last time I was there was April 30, 2010. It was a freak 2 foot snowstorm at Cannon the night before. We skinned up in the blazing sun, drank a few beers, took a slushy run down, drank some more beers, then headed over to Franklin. We didn't have much left in the tank by then so I can't say I experienced the place. I'm looking forward to getting in there this season for some legit riding.
  15. I have some used snowboards if he wants to diversify. This is a coffee table I did a few years ago.
  16. That entire article was douche level 12!! But this one was especially clueless. There is freaking dirt everywhere in snow! And I have never gone through a season without at least 2 major grease-from-lift-tower incidents.
  17. I wash my gear as little as possible. That usually means once at the end of the season. All of my gear that I count on to be waterproof/breathable is Gore-Tex or other membranes. I've never had good success with any coatings or repellents. As mentioned above, Gore-Tex (membranes) actually like to be washed so that the pores aren't clogged with dirt. So I follow Gore-tex washing instructions which are pretty basic. Gear that uses coatings will definitely suffer from washing. Don't count on it to perform well after a few washings.
  18. Nice! I've always wanted to check that place out. Even more so now.
  19. Above average for me. Probably 2nd best in the past 10 years (coming in behind 2010-2011). Part off that had to do with my light work schedule. That let me take advantage of some of the best days of the season which seemed to be mostly mid-week this year. I know from reading other reports and forums that there were 2 important attributes of this season that impacted whether you got the goods or not: 1) there was a big difference from North to South. Southern areas had a crappy year, while north had above average snowpack all season. 2) mid-week snow followed by weekend rain or cold. If you couldn't get out mid-week you may not have loved the season. I wrote some of these observations on another forum earlier in the season. I'll plagiarize myself: Some of the earliest openings ever for places like Wildcat etc. Got the season off to special start. Powder for Thanksgiving weekend brought some of the biggest opening weekend crowds I can recall. Powder continued till Dec 1st. Hardpack in most places throughout December, but N.VT getting refreshers all month. Despite the lack of snow, the base held up pretty well throughout December. So when the powder days started right back up at the beginning of 2019 everything became accessible very quickly. This continued to be a trend all season. We really kept a lot of snow and just continued to pile up. Tree skiing got difficult because you were up in the untrimmed branches. Sunday of MLK weekend was one of the busiest days I have ever seen at both Cannon and Loon. Pictures from around the internet showed absolutely insane lift lines at most New England ski areas. The timing of the well-forecasted storm on Sunday meant that it was easy for people to plan to come up for the weekend. Mid through late January was excellent. Several big storms on Wednesdays. Wednesday 1/9 was incredible with >14" at most areas. Wednesday 1/30 was one of the best powder days in memory across all of Northern New England. Feb wasn't amazing but there were some decent days. March 23rd was 20"-30" across Northern NH, VT, and ME. Absolutely bonkers powder day. Followed by bluebird Sunday on 3/24. Now we've finally managed to finally get a few spring days. I expect more considering how deep the base is still.
  20. That's very cool. Forecast isn't looking favorable though.
  21. Sunday River is also weekends only now
  22. I'm sure we've all seen the news stories about this from last Thursday. I know I lot of us have been having personal conversations about it. Especially since many of have plans to be up there in the coming weeks. I haven't posted about it because the news reports have been incomplete and the social media reports have been unreliable. Finally, here is the very detailed (yet heartbreaking) full report from MWAC. https://www.mountwashingtonavalanchecenter.org/4112019-avalanche-fatality-raymond-cataract/?fbclid=IwAR1nl1DF6VtZqGBwors-8zkKXGakeDSHcsCo6E-Z68AFR3baKaVRXzBsuHA I'm just gonna say 2 things: 1) These rangers and first responders are absolutely amazing. Their unique set of calculated experience and decision-making, combined with their pure courage and humanity is pretty damn unique. I don't know how they juggle being so clinical about their discussions while obviously being so emotional about their commitment. 2) Let's not turn this into an armchair QB thread. Every single social media platform and ski forum has already done that. We're all just recreational skiers. Some with more or less BC experience. We're all happy to be enjoying some late season fun. Take the lessons learned from this report, there are a lot of them. They span from the technical aspects of BC skiing, to the mental aspects of decision making, to the emotional aspects of ultimate loss. There is lots to gain from absorbing all of that, there is little to gain from critiquing it.
  23. I've got some Cannon vouchers left. A couple of full vouchers, and a couple of $25 tix. Cannon is only going to be open full time until Monday 4/15 and then maybe again for Easter Weekend. Hit me up if interested. Not really enough time to mail them now so would probably require a pick-up in Lincoln or meet-up at Cannon.
  24. That area is off the charts gorgeous. if you have a kayak bring it and the only thing you'll be disappointed in is how little time you have to explore. The towns of Belfast and Blue Hill are both quintessentially picturesque coastal Maine. Belfast is a bit more of quaint downtown on the waterfront, Blue Hill is a more rural village on the waterfront. Both have excellent public harbors with cheap or free parking and easy launch points. Mt Desert Narrows coming out of Blue Hill Bay is an gorgeous rocky harbor full of little islands and nice boats (although that's still early season up there). A little further around the coast is Brooklin and Henrick Bay. Henrick Bay has some residences around it but is otherwise mostly undeveloped and very quiet. I think there is a kayak launch point along Rt 175. I've launched a small skiff (with advanced permission) from Atlantic Boat Works which is a little further around the point. Brooklin is also home to the world known and super amazing Wooden Boat School. If you're into traditional boat building you could see if they have any events or open-houses going on. A little further south (to break up the drive) are Rockland, Rockport, and Camden. Rockland has a lot going on. Camden is an upscale downtown waterfront and Camden Harbor has great kayaking. Keep in mind that first week of June is pretty early season in that area. Water will still be super cold. Many kayak rental spots may not be open yet, and it's possible some docks may not even be in. If this wedding invite is a date-type situation you've got a lot of options for romance in this part of Maine....just saying.
  25. That's for the non-holiday version. Unrestricted is $645 for 6 days. 🤢🤢

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