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  1. First (legit) ride in over 5 weeks. Mass is slowly thawing out and drying out. My local trails tend to be ahead of the curve on both of those counts since they are close to the coast and very sandy. Still a little bit of snow and ice, but not much mud. I stayed off the north facing hills which I knew would be too icy, and stayed off the few mud-prone valleys. This was about the worst section we got into on a 6 mile ride.
  2. Edit: fixing dates in this post. Title should also say 3/15 I was going to post something in the Cannon thread, but I'm curious how it is everywhere else too. Friday 3/15 Cannon was fully closed due to wind. It was also warm (high 40s), raining, and foggy. I thought things would be bad but not terrible. On Saturday 3/16 we showed up for first chair. Upper mountain was on delay because they were still grooming. Lower mountain had lost ~2’ of base (I don't think I'm exaggerating). Conditions were rough! The temp was dropping all morning so things weren't improving. Took a lot of breaks, drank a lot of beer, left early. Tried some XC skiing off the Kanc in the afternoon. Trails that were perfect yesterday were impossible today. We took a big hit here. What did everyone else see?
  3. Everything that @xwhaler and @Jully just posted is really insightful and cuts to the heart of Attitash's problems. I 100% agree with all of it. One thing neither of them said (probably because they both felt it was obvious) is the location and distance to get there. So I'll state the obvious just to add it to the conversation. A potential customer has to drive past all of the other competing mountains to get there! If Attitash had all of its existing issues but was quicker to get to than Waterville, Loon, Cannon, Bretton Woods, and Cranmore it might steal away some of the market. The only place (slightly) farther is Wildcat, but they aren't really in competition. From the 93 side especially it's crazy to drive all the way past the others for what Attitash offers. From the Rt 16 side they do a little better. But that cuts the potential market down by a lot.
  4. This is surprising considering the coverage they have! But they are leaving the door open: "If conditions and weather support extending the season for an additional weekend, that decision will be made in April so check back here or follow our emails or social media for updates. If we do extend the season, Ski Mania would move to Sunday, April 28."
  5. After watching this I'm still calling that kid at fault and I still take most of the credit for avoiding it being a bad crash. But I will cut him a little more slack. Didn't realize he was a goofy rider. So we were back to back. At the time I thought he was riding regular and had a much clearer view of the situation.
  6. Yeah, that's possible. Not going to worry about. But if my account starts making crazy(er) posts...it wasn't me!
  7. Is anyone else experiencing this? Every few weeks I get an email from NMS that says "We have detected 3 failed log in attempts to your account from *******, Massachusetts, 02***." Yet, I know I haven't personally had any failed attempts. The town identified is the next one over from me. So it's possible that it identifies location from my approx IP. Or it's possible that someone is trying to hack my account. If anyone else is randomly getting the same messages then I won't worry about it too much and will just assume a glitch in the system. If nobody else is experiencing this I'll assume someone wants to be me!
  8. Hadn't really noticed it at first glance, but yeah that's really bad! They have plenty of thier own beautiful scenery to choose from.
  9. The crux of the problem with a Tenney pass is that it's for "...every day that Tenney is open....". Which isn't a lot of days, and those days are unpredictable. They open very late in the season, they aren't open seven days a week, they are closed frequently when you'd expect them to be open, etc. Unless you live right there you're probably much safer with day passes.
  10. Follow up. Behind the scenes. In some ways this is actually more impressive than the final product....
  11. Yikes, I would think a woodstove would take a lot of extra lube! But if you prefer it, knock yourself out.
  12. I have 2 of those same ones. They work well. I use as designed for warming up boots in the morning. But I flip them upside down and put them in the boots at the end of the day for drying. Otherwise I feel like moisture and smell get trapped in the upside-down boots. I have plans to build 2 different DIY versions. One is a rack next to the heat ducts in my basement that will just a warmer/dryer without air flow. The 2nd is a portable rack that fits over forced hot air vents for quick drying when we have a lot of lots of people at our house and need to dry a lot fast.
  13. Wouldn't do both or stay at the club. Was thinking more that if Cannon extends to the following weekend then the 13th won't be their closing weekend so would be happy to be over at WC.
  14. Purchased 19/20 Ikon-Base pass. A few of the resorts on that pass offer spring skiing for this season. Already booked Squaw trip for mid-May! I've skied a lot out west, but never in CA.
  15. On the fence for 4/13. Will depend on Cannon's closing schedule. Will make every effort though, it was a great time last year!
  16. Yup. There have been a few incidents at Cannon this year where netting might have helped. A few weeks ago there was a crash at "the usual place". This is a trail intersection where people frequently stop to meet. There has been a long history of people flying off the trail here. The incident a few weeks ago was so bad that they had to extract the kid from the woods with ropes because he/she was so far off the trail. Considering this is a well known crash point it sure wouldn't hurt to have a net.
  17. That is one hell of a fall. Unfortunately I've seen too many people do nearly the same thing coming in too hot at the bottom of Profile.
  18. Worst fear [emoji20] I was at Sunday River today. Drove by Cannon at 7am and 3:30pm. The entire north country was blazing bluebird and warm-ish. Hard to believe it was related to conditions at all.
  19. My apologies to people who read multiple ski forums, I'm just gonna paste my same comments here that I've said elsewhere since there is a lot of good conversation going on about this..... The problem and decision-making is bigger than just this one lift. Peaks' ownership offers options, but it also creates problems. This season Wildcat has been very quick to preemptively shut down for the day due to cold, wind, etc. It's fair decision making, but it's pretty obvious that they are quick(er) to make that call because they can offer a product nearby at Attitash. Likewise, Attitash can make excuses for it's summit lift not running since they can offer a summit option up the road at Wildcat. BUT....you can't have it both ways. They need to solve Attitash or get more aggressive with Wildcat operations. Customers in MWV are very forgiving but they won't tolerate getting bounced around forever.
  20. Something that makes you stoked to go fast, or something that makes you not care if you die?
  21. Probably Attitash's biggest trainwreck this year. Other resorts have done worse in the past.

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