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  • Volkl Racetiger Speedwall SL UVO

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    • Model year: 2017 Gender: Unisex MSRP: 1125.00 MAP: 0.00 Radius: 12.7 Waist: 68 Sidecut: 123-68-104 Integrated binding?: Yes Core material: wood Laminate layers: 2 Lengths: 150,155,160,165,170 Weight: 3170 Construction type: Sidewall Camber profile: Full camber Skill level: Advanced, Expert

    The Volkl Racetiger is just about the highest-end slalom ski that a recreational skier can buy. These are beefy race skis, so don't be expecting a light ski or something you can take off-piste. This ski is meant to lay tight arcs in bullet proof ice. Don't expect to take it out for a leisurely cruise. This ski expects athletic form and skilled carving technique.

    The tip has Volkl UVO (Ultimate Vibration Object) that supposedly dampens vibrations for a quieter ski. Gimmick or real? We're not sure, but we have our doubts. One thing is for sure about the UVO device, it makes tuning the skis a pain. You need to be very careful passing them through a stone grinder, or the "device" will get caught in the way.


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    I ski this as my beer league ski. The tight radius allows me to catch up with the gates if I get sloppy and fall behind. It's also a great ski to take out on a bullet proof day where tight turns on narrow, winding trails can be in order. A great carver for old-school New England trails.

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