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Found 9 results

  1. Has everyone been following the issues with the Attitash triple? I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it yet. That lift even has it's on blog now. The lift broke on December 17 and is still down again as of today, January 2. https://www.attitash.com/blog/lifts/summit/
  2. Get AT it. Let's move the general mountain discussion to this thread.
  3. With Wildcat closed on Saturday, we headed to Attitash. It took them a while, but only the quad and learners lift were running on the Attitash side. Conditons weren't awful, but the lines (despite there being few people there) were long due to not being able to spread people out on the mountain. At some point I heard the Bear side opened, but I called it quits ~2pm and had a beer and some wings in the upstairs pub. Wildcat reopened on Sunday and the crowds were minimal. So much so that we were able to ski just about all day without seeing ice anywhere except on Lynx (which is normal) and the couple of long rollers on Catapult before Bobcat. Form and Fast, but better than not skiing at all. Looking forwards to them both getting more snow this week!!
  4. Pleasantly cold, empty and edgable. Its a venerable ghosttown in this joint. 2-3" late yesterday groomed into fantastic runs this am. We did some snow shoeing yesterday along the saco which was fun too. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  5. https://www.attitash.com/ph-hall-sale/ 2. You MUST be able to load/transport these chairs on your own. Chairs weigh approximately 100 lbs. 3. We will not be taking number requests, chairs are first come first served on pickup dates! 4. You MUST bring your email confirmation to pickup, on your phone or printed out. 5. Chairs are sold as is, chipped paint, without safety bars or grips. Pictured on the left. 6. The item will expire from your cart after 5 minutes. Don't delay. 7. Happy Shopping! Mine has been purchased. I'll try to pick it up next weekend. Then will come the discussion of how to mount the damn thing in my backyard. Should be a good weekend project. Does anyone know which lot at Attitash is Lot 2? I suppose there aren't so many and I could just drive around looking.
  6. Big new from Attitash. After their fight with the Grand Summit timeshare owners, Peak Resorts has given up. They've offered to sell all the commercial space and operations within for a total of $50,000. The owners association has been operating the hotel all summer by themselves. Apparently Peak Resorts came to the table as soon as the quarterly tax bill was due. Entire commercial opperations of the hotel (29 acres, conference rooms, pool, all) for $1. All contents for $50k. Before Peak Resorts lost control of hotel operations, the owners association offered them $500K annually to lease it. After condo fees, Peak Resorts would still have cleared $120k profit.
  7. There are a number of Peaks passholders on here so figured I would start a thread. Per their snow report Attitash is scheduled to open Saturday 12/9 for the season. Attitash was my home mtn for 9 yrs when we owned a condo in the valley but I haven't skied it since 2007. It's not the most compelling destination in the east by any means but I look forward to skiing there this yr with my young boys.
  8. Looking for skiers to replace racers that can’t race this season. It’s a great time for little money. $100 gets you 9 weeks of racing and 12 days of skiing. Can’t beat the deal! The program is well run and there’s plenty of Tuckerman’s on tap.
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