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  1. Beautiful day at Cannon the day after a giant 20"+ dump
  2. I know this is a grainy photo and it’s a few weeks old (pre-Coronavirus), but this should conclusively prove that the lone groomer legend on Cannon is no myth!
  3. Fairly cold throughout the day. The sun peaked out around 9am and looked like it was going to clear up. Then by 10 it was dumping. Turned into about 3-4 inches of really fluffy snow, which was desperately needed. The storm this week clearly was mostly rain to start. I don't think the base was too badly damaged except for the fact that its now a glacier. Upper Mountain seemed to be less impacted and the glades up there were still fine but the sides and woods on the lower mountain were pretty rough. I normally ride through anything but had no choice but to bail
  4. Pretty cool to see these old pictures of the original lift. Wonder if this thing went any faster than the current one.
  5. Pretty amazing day. Picked up about 8" since the previous afternoon. We expected major crowds so we showed up at 7:45 to catch the 8:15 tram. There was nobody there. Even by the time the tram loaded it was only about half full. Bumped into@thesnowway in line for the tram and shared a few laps. At the summit it was eerily quiet. We lapped the cannonball chair with almost no other skiers. Turns out that the lower mountain lifts had a delayed opening. So only those who caught the first tram were up top for awhile. Video report below. Sorry for crappy editing, I only have my phone available t
  6. I've got some Cannon vouchers left. A couple of full vouchers, and a couple of $25 tix. Cannon is only going to be open full time until Monday 4/15 and then maybe again for Easter Weekend. Hit me up if interested. Not really enough time to mail them now so would probably require a pick-up in Lincoln or meet-up at Cannon.
  7. Tale of 2 different days. Cannon 4/6/2019: 35-45 degrees. 1-3" of snow overnight. Ceiling at about mid-mountain. Showed up first thing in the AM very skeptical about conditions for the day. I was fully ready for a one-and-done. Met @ABV and @fcksummer at the Zoomer bar (turns out @Smellytele was parked right behind us also). We grabbed opening bell on the Zoomer chair while the groomers were still working there way down the Front Five. Following our usual routine we took a warm up lap on Gary's. The first turn was tentative with no sense of how firm or soft it would be. I
  8. Not much info - https://www.wmur.com/article/skier-dies-on-cannon-mountain-1/26767385
  9. Free the trees. Picture dump from 3/4
  10. Well got surprised by morning snow. Skiing was pretty good today. Parked at the zoomer chair and skied the front five that were in great carving shape. Hit lake view glade which was in pretty good shape. Also hit Echo which was not as good. more bare spots, rocks and roots. Whiskey towne had great coverage but hadn't been skied enough and had a crust on top. Then went to the top and all the groomers were skiing great with the best being Vista way. Profile had great snow on the edges. Skied global warming glade which was in great condition. Went over to Mittersill after lunch at the truck. The
  11. Have a buddy who knows somebody on the inside at Cannon. Not supposed to spread this too much so dont share it anywhere else please Thoughts?
  12. Cold and dry yesterday. I decided to write off trees and ungroomed, brought only the frontside skis, and ran the groomed all day. Groomers were scratchy but still edgeable. An upside to a hard refreeze after rain is that the groomers can't develop ice moguls - it all just stays flat ice! [emoji38] I did one lap on middle Hard which was in better shape than I expected. It wouldn't surprise me if surfaces in the woods were in decent shape. Upper Hard, groomed. IDK if this is rare but it was my first time:
  13. Met an old ski buddy that I haven't seen in 20 years at the tram and got first tram. The wind was hollowing up through the notch in the parking lot. Got to the top and the wind was coming over the top of the mountain. Hit upper Cannon first. the top 100 feet was windblown ice but after that it skied okay. Skied off the cannonball all except Profile which did not look very pleasant and the glades. Everything except Skylight skied well mostly on the edge. Vista Way was the best out of them. Then headed down to the front the edge of zoomer was fine. Gary's was in okay shape. Polly's skied the bes
  14. Had a great 4 days of skiing at Cannon while staying at Mittersill. Sat 1/19 just took 4 runs at Mittersill side by myself. Conditions were good before the storm. Skied ridgeline/Skyline/Dragons drop, Barron's and Liftline twice. Then did over 10k of X-country skiing at Bretton Woods with the wife. Sun 1/20 - Powder and snowed all day. Started on the t-bar at mittersill with my 15 yo son as double was on hold. Then older son and wife met up with us and we all made our way to front 5 for a few runs then the cannonball opened (split with the wife as she didn't want to go to the top) an
  15. Partial wind holds in the morning combined with holiday crowds made for some of the longest lines I've ever seen at Cannon. Although now that I've seen some pics of the insane lines at other resorts, Cannon still was "relatively" uncrowded. By late morning the whole mountain was open and the crowds thinned out. The snowfall continued to increase throughout the day. It was easy to find untracked lines on trail and in the woods. I only pulled the camera out a few times... Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  16. Let the pictures do the talking Sent from my XT1650 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  17. Great day once I got there with 2 of my sons and 1 of their friends. The drive was slow above exit 23. Started skiing around 9:20. Snow came down all day. Started at the top and got fresh on Profile. Hit vista way next and that was great as well. Skied upper Cannon and also lost boy glade and go green which both skied very well. Taft was in great shape in the morning as well. From Taft hit Hard scrabble which had some obstacles under the snow but mostly was fine. Back up the detachable skied the old lift line to skirt over to the front five. The snow on the front five was a little sticky in t
  18. I have 2 vouchers that expire on 12/31. First come takes 'em. I have them in Lincoln, NH so available for pick-up tonight, tomorrow AM, or at Cannon 12/31 (can't promise what time I'll be there). Hate to see them go to waste.
  19. Ski Haus from Salem, NH and Burlington, MA is hosting a demo day at Cannon this Thursday, March 22, 2019. Tickets are $20 in advance or $30 that day. They'll have 2019 demo skis from: Atomic, Blizzard, Black Crows, Elan, K2, Nordica, DPS, Rossignol, Volkl, and Armada
  20. Great day at Cannon yesterday. Got there with my 14 year old son at 8:30 and it was -12 Could rally the wife or my other 2 teenage sons. I needed to use my Toys for tots vouchers (actually ended up giving 2 away to a woman and her family). Started out on the front five. The steeper ones (Paulies, Avalanche, Zoomer) were a little scratchy in spots. Gary, Rocket and banshee glade were nice. Made our way to the top and while very cold everything up there skied great. Vista way started out a little interesting but skiers left had fresh blow in. Wicked haard glades was a lot of fun. After lunch spe
  21. Good early season hardpack day at Cannon. Deadheadskier, Cannonballer, ABV, PuckIt and nice to meet and share turns with you LSRocket skied all open trails today. No lift lines, guns blasting upper mtn, good coverage. Canned food drive meant $27 Tix which was a nice value for the amt of available terrain. Colder than expected. And no sun made for a typical early season cannon day. The Snowmaking improvements they have done in the last 2 yrs are pretty remarkable. Cannon now has one of the best systems in NH and it shows. Snow is dry and deep I'd say trails of the day were Gary's and
  22. Getting a little late in the evening for a full trip report. But I thought this pic was funny and kinda tells the story. Zoomer opened today, but it shouldn't have. I was the first person on the chair for the season... and also the second person. Gary's and Rocket were open and were nothing but deadly frozen snowmaking whales. I was the only idiot to ski them. The rest of the mountain was fast windblown corduroy. I only had a few hours available before work, and that's all my face could have taken anyway on the hurricane force lift rides. Also funny in this pic is my
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