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Found 18 results

  1. People are not going to be happy given things like "The Light" is listed. On K's trail report...
  2. Early season 2 for 1's - Killington http://buy.killington.com/2for1ski/default.aspx?sourceid=skimag For some reason it isn't allowing me to use my email address as it said I already used it but I have this year yet. I deleted my cookies but still won't let me. Hopefully they have reset their database yet for this year and it will work soon.
  3. Smellytele


  4. thebigo


    Killington sucked $39 out of me for the second Saturday in a row. Coverage is where wildcat was a month ago. Tell your mother you will see her this summer and go skiing tomorrow.
  5. Someone gave me 2 vouchers for Killington, but I’m just not going to use them... anyone?
  6. If you're in the market for a new helmet, this could be a good deal for you: "January is National Safety Awareness month and Pico Sports is celebrating. Purchase a helmet from now through January 21 at Pico Sports, Killington Sports or killingtonsports.com and get a FREE Killington lift ticket to use anytime between January 22 and the end of the season. Stop into Pico Sports for more info, and check out the new Pico logo gear while you're there." source: http://www.picomountain.com/site/mountain/conditions/dor
  7. Have four days off this week but only two Ski days availabie. Killington or Okemo? What say you?
  8. MarzNC

    Killington Test Fest

    Demo area at base of Superstar trail. Must purchase a lift ticket.
  9. MarzNC

    Killington Test Fest

    Free demos at base of Superstar trail. Must purchase lift ticket.
  10. Puck it

    Day One for me at Kton

    Good coverage on Rime and Reason. Quite a crowd to start at K-1 corral. Lines were only 7 minutes at opening and then dropped quickly. Bumps formed under the chair after GN. 10 runs and went to stairway to heaven and free lunch.
  11. Sunday River next weekend Sent from my SM-T820 using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  12. I think the signup email usually comes out on Sept 1st or so. Need to get my early/late season 2fer1's. If any sees it please let us know.
  13. The Killington early season BOGO offer is live.
  14. The start for next year's races are being moved up the hill to slightly lengthen the course. And as expected, they are updating the snowmaking system for better production in marginal temperatures. http://www.skiracing.com/stories/killington-world-cup-plans-for-improvements
  15. My son and I went to opening day at Killington Bike Park. Had a fun day, but the riding was a little less than perfect. With all the rain, the trails were pretty spongy if not down right muddy. The bottom of one berm on Blue Magic was an actual bog. Required a lot more pedaling than normal. They only have Snowshed open for now. According to the bike shop, Ramshead should be open next week. This is one reason I got a pass to Killington rather than Highland The line never got much longer than that all day. Saw lots of skiers on Superstar Muddy bikes and riders
  16. SkiBearded!

    Killington May 19th

    Great morning at Killington yesterday! Area around the base was pretty muddy, but walking and carrying skis wasn't too bad. Conditions were decent after it got skied up a bit. There was some ice between the troughs but other wise it skied pretty well. Crowds were pretty limited, we never had to wait more than a couple chairs. Time was limited for us so we were only able to ski until 12:30. But it was totally worth the drive in every way. 8 straight months of skiing! Trail of the day was Superstar! Several cougars were sighted as well as a yeti!
  17. Flying Yeti

    Killington 4/28

    78* and a bluebird afternoon at Killington. Skyehawk still has a decent patch along the side. Skyelark is getting thin and had some bumps starting to form. Lapped Superstar about 9 times, amazing soft snow, perfect bumps. Sidewall area closest to the lift has some awesome pitch for carving along the side. Met up with the MadRussian and tried some new models, great things coming from his garage, I mean factory. BEWARE, saw a thread on Killingtonzone this morning discussing increased troopers/townies on Killington Access Rd, Rt. 4. Skyehawk
  18. Jully

    Sugarbush 4/21

    Was supposed to visit family in Burlington this past weekend. Plans changed for them at the last minute but I still had taken the day off work and went to Sugarbush instead on Friday. When I pulled into the lot I was one of maybe 12 cars. The mountain opened at 10, and I was there at about 10:30. There was actually more open than I expected. Heaven's Gate was open with Organgrinder, Ripcord, Spillsville, and Jester. I went up there to start the day and it started to lightly rain. Some expressed concern about Downspout connecting to HG but it was actually in great shape. Organgrinder had excellent coverage, wide bumps, few bare spots. Ripcord was decent until the final pitch which I avoided due to a 10' section of bare grass on the run out back to the lift. Spillsville had nice tight bumps but had some bare spots down lower. Murphy's Glade was also open off Super Bravo which I hit. Lower OG and Jester were also open, but I didn't get the chance to do those. Valley House terrain had excellent coverage. Steins and Spring Fling especially. The run out is also doing surprisingly well. Photos: Ripcord from HG chair Phenomenal visibility at the top of Organgrinder. Spillsville A decimated Mall from the VH lift.

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