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Found 12 results

  1. They grabbed 2-3" Monday then 1-2" Wednesday night and it has really put the mountain in amazing shape. All woods except the steep confers (e.g., White Tiger, Wardrobe) are fantastic. Natural trails like Goniff, Witch, Black, Broom, and HOM are really filled in. Can absolutely rip the groomers without worry. The unmarked woods were still untouched from Monday super soft. Hopefully Sunday doesn't hit them too bad.
  2. Firm and fast but a nice family day at Magic. First ride up the Green chair for the season. They did a nice job with that and it really helps with crowd control (their was a McBrine division college race on ShowOff) Talisman was decent in the AM and dangerous in the afternoon with glare ice. East side groomers were skill building which for my kids is not a bad thing. Nice vibe as always and we had a good day Sent from my moto g(6) using Northeast Mountain Sports mobile app
  3. All the low angle stuff was incredi-balls. Got first tracks on Pixie, HOM, lower Red Line, and fresh tracks seemingly everywhere. Only about 50 people on the hill so still plenty of untouched until the afternoon. A little crusty/hard under some of the steeper terrain (Tali, Trick, HOM) but Up Your Sleeve, Medium, left side of Black Line, upper half of Broomstick, and lower section of Red Line were worth repeating (think I hit Up Your Sleeve 3-4 times). Could absolutely bomb down with no worries.
  4. Magic got about 6-7" of dense stuff then 3-4" of fluff prior to opening Thursday. Got their a little later than planned but still had the second set of tracks down Up Your Sleeve and then untouched Vertigo. Upper parts of Sorcerer, Tali, HOM, were windblown but lower 2/3s were incredible. Broomstick has plenty of coverage and is a challenging narrow bump run. IDK what they have done to it but it is not the icy death ribbon it used to be. If you stick Black Line stick to the left just watch the last set of ledges. Low angle woods (e.g., Kitten, Seance, Pixie, Disappearing) were also fantastic. Twilight had good coverage. Didn't get into Goniff but looked OK. A couple assholes skied above their ability level and scrapped Red Line to shit (IF YOU'RE GOING TO POACH DO IT RIGHT). Another 6-8" and the whole mountain is good to go. Witch was in rough shape and still plenty of gnarly waterbars that make beginner/int trails more challenging.
  5. Mountain is in incredible shape. Did some treks with Rusty and the wife this weekend. Saturday was super soft. Today was more like styrofoam. Mountain has a solid 6-8" base. Never bottomed out or saw bare ground in the tracks. Zeke will be on the couch until tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Magic in the headlines again. Great to see some positive results from all their hard work. Take a look @ the Flying Yeti doing his thing. http://www.manchesterjournal.com/stories/magic-experiences-record-start-to-ski-season,529026 Pic: me. Skier: Yeti
  7. Pictures should say it all. Untracked spots most of Saturday. Up Your Sleeve was a blast. Guns hammering Medium and Show Off all weekend. Picked up 2-3" during the afternoon Saturday which made for perfect packed powder and pillows today.
  8. Last year was a huge success for the mountain. New ownership, the philosophical change on opening trails in combination with decent snowfall led to lots of memorable days. Given the new groups massive investments and big ideas, the only direction to go is up in my book. Green Chair, snowmaking on trails like Sorcerer, Witch, and Black Line, along with a fixing up of the snowmaking pond and flow, 2017-2018 should be another amazing year.
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