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Found 16 results

  1. Tale of 2 different days. Cannon 4/6/2019: 35-45 degrees. 1-3" of snow overnight. Ceiling at about mid-mountain. Showed up first thing in the AM very skeptical about conditions for the day. I was fully ready for a one-and-done. Met @ABV and @fcksummer at the Zoomer bar (turns out @Smellytele was parked right behind us also). We grabbed opening bell on the Zoomer chair while the groomers were still working there way down the Front Five. Following our usual routine we took a warm up lap on Gary's. The first turn was tentative with no sense of how firm or soft it would be. I
  2. Got on the mountain at about 9:05. The mountain was reporting 12" of snow from the get go, but it felt more like 8-10." It unfortunately started sleeting almost as soon as the mountain opened and the powder was quickly covered with a thin, but nevertheless annoying crust. What was underneath the crust was actually quite light at first though. After about an hour of sleet, it changed back to snow at 10ish and snowed pretty consistently until about noontime when the sun came out. The afternoon had some snow melt in the sun, but stayed super comfortable. The crust all but disappeared once the sun
  3. Is this the return of the frequent skier card? Looks like it.
  4. Caught this email, seemed like a solid deal. TICKETS STARTING AT: Lift tickets for every day of the 20
  5. Having a discussion with my son (who knows everything?) and was trying to figure out how I could have a slope of 28 on White Heat at Sunday River and a slope of 27 somewhere at Wildcat today. Any ideas?
  6. https://buy.sundayriver.com/ecomm/shop/calendar/6529668/en-US/?productcategoryid=1058&days=1&utm_campaign=nh&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sunriv&spMailingID=32911235&spUserID=NjQ0ODk2MDkxMzM3S0&spJobID=1220382982&spReportId=MTIyMDM4Mjk4MgS2
  7. Sunday River has tickets on sale for NH residents for Tues and Wed of NH vacation week. $49.00 Considering making a trip but am hesitant because of the possibly large crowds. Anyone been there on NH vacation week in the past that can give me an idea of crowd size?
  8. Hey y'all! I'll be up at the River this upcoming Sat-Tues. Its my first visit there and I'm wondering if you all have any recommendations for getting around the place, which peaks might be more challenging/fun/less crowded than the others, or something as simple as terrible lifts that should be avoided if they bring you to so-so terrain. I doubt trees will be open, but looks like it might snow on Sunday/Monday so maybe theres a chance if there was blow over from snow making to set a base. I'm capable of skiing just about anything, no real worries in regards to ability level for your sugg
  9. Heading to SR on Thursday for 4 days of skiing with friends. We’ve made this an annual trip for about five years but have never been on a weekend. We usually head to the Foggy Goggle after a day of skiing and the place is empty. After a few drinks, head back to our condo, swim in an outdoor pool and head out to dinner. Two questions. One, what are the crowds on like on the mountain on Sat and Sun, and 2, where should we go to experience some lively apres?
  10. A place for everyone to talk about our favorite Maine resort! I'll be up there Friday through Sunday after Thanksgiving. Anyone have any idea how the conditions are so far this season?
  11. Went to Sunday River for the first time this season. Didn't get a super early start because of the forecasted rain and rolled in around 11:00. If anyone was there earlier in the day, they sure were gone by 11! I parked in the second row at Barker and there were tons of spots open farther down. On the drive up and even when I first got in the lot it was on and off pouring, but by the time I got on the hill the rain had more or less subsided! Even got to see a nice little rainbow from cascades: Right Stuff, Punch, T2, Cascades, and Ectasy were all open off Barker/Locke. Cascades was ungroom
  12. Sunday River released a new season pass this morning. They're calling it the Kickstarter pass. It is good from opening day until December 24th. At $159 it is not a bad deal IMO (Though not a good enough deal to put in the Skiing on the Cheap Calendar/Thread). Could be especially useful for those in NH and ME who are passholders at mountains who do not open up until the first weekend in December. SR appears to really be pushing the specialized season pass product lately. Last year they had an April pass, this year the Holiday pass, and now this. They also are trying really hard to sh
  13. Why wait until 4th of July when you've got this caliber fireworks! http://www.wcvb.com/article/boom-ski-resort-shares-video-setting-off-explosives/10214542
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