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Found 4 results

  1. I just picked up the Swix EVO Pro Edger and tried it out. After two hours of work, I've managed to sharpen exactly one pair of skis and properly mess up the edge on a second. I have some feedback you might be interested in. The most important piece of advice I can give: practice on your rock skis. Seriously. This thing takes some practice and you will make mistakes. My rocks skis and I are going to have to spend some quality time with files and stones to sort out the damage I have done. My second caveat: before you use this on a pair of skis, check to see if the machine with cl
  2. I'm on the market for a combination ski and snowboard vise to that can be clamped and removed from a tuning bench. What have people tried? I'd like something durable and well built.
  3. My Nordica NRGY 100 skis have a low pocket on the bases of both skis. It is right under the heel binding, and nearly identical on both skis. It looks as if the binding screws have warped the ski core, or something weird like that. Does anyone recognize this problem? I took the skis for a tune at Proctor in Nashua, then brought them back when I saw this problem. They did an additional 16 bases with the stone grinder yet couldn't flatten it out. Their position is I am SOL and the proud owner of some rock skis. By my eye, the edge is also worn a bit. Should my next stop be another shop? Or t
  4. RaceWax.com has a new set of their own brand of roto-brushes. $129 for the full set including handle $29 each for the horse hair and nylon I have no vested interest and receive nothing for saying this, but that's a great value. I don't know how these brushes perform, but I love my Swix roto-brushes. But the comparable Swix set would cost $290. They save hours of my time and lots of sweat. If you do buy them and have not used them before, get a corded drill. Using a cordless will quickly burn out the battery. I got the Hitachi corded drill with variable speed dial on the tr
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